What’s The Best Generator for Elderly People?

Having an elder around you is a blessing as they play an important role in society. Looking after them needs a lot of dedication and attention.

Home care is always the best solution for such people as it allows them to stay comfortably and have a faster recovery during sickness.

However, if you happen to have an elder who lives alone in his home with no one to take care of them, ensure there is a constant flow of electricity.

Power outages are a threat to elderly persons as most of them rely on sensitive medical equipment like rechargeable wheelchairs, ventilators, oxygen machines, respirators, and soothers.

Such devices are essential as they can bring differences between life and death. Therefore, having a backup source of energy will ensure there is a continuous flow of power to the devices to reduce further health risks for the elderly. This article will guide you on the best generators for the elderly.

Types of generators for the elderly


The standby generator is the best option for the elderly who are unable to walk or weak, as they are permanently installed in the homes and connected to the circuits that automatically supply power through the house during a power outage. Below are some of the best standby generators:

1. Generac protector Qs

The generic protector standby generator is one of the best and most stable generators for the elderly, especially those living in hot and stormy areas.

The generator has a cooling system that enables it to stay cool always when the weather is too hot. Also, this particular generator will have an added advantage to your elderly persons and the neighbors as it is designed with soundproofs making it much quieter.

However, due to its ability to power most homes and cooling systems, the machine itself is expensive and will require regular maintenance on the cooling system. Generally, it is the best lifesaver during summer power outages.

2. Briggs &Stratton standby generator

Briggs and Stratton’s generator is another best standby generator for the elderly with small homes as it can power 12000 watts, unlike a generic generator that puts out 22kw.

The generator can make a good option for you if you have only a few necessities that require power backup for a long as it has five years warranty to cover mechanical problems and labor.

Also, It has low fuel consumption compared to other generators making it pocket friendly for any elder.

3. Generic air-cooled standby generator

The generic air-cooled generator is another recommended generator you can prefer during a power outage. This generator has a five-year warranty to cover labor, travel, and other mechanical problems.

In addition, it is designed with WIFI capability to make it easy for you to check the general status of your generator all the time.

Also, it can power your entire house quietly to provide a comfortable environment while waiting for your regular power to back on.

Portable generator

Portable generators are the most commonly used generators for temporary backups during power outages in elderly homes. However, the weight of these generators varies as some are more portable than others.

To make it easier for the heavier generators, most of them have wheels and handles to make transportation easier. Those with more than 100 pounds require at least two people for transportation.

Portable generators are designed with standard outlets at the front panel where all the appliances and other power tools are plugged in. below is an example of a portable generator for the elderly:

1. Westinghouse WGen7500

Westinghouse generator is the best portable generator for your elderly person. The generator is designed with an electric starter with a nice touch and starts fast.

Also, it has a chargeable battery full of gasoline and battery oil. However, if the battery is dead, you can use the pull start located on the top of the generator.

The battery from this generator can hold its charge for five years thus making it much more durable and dependable during power outages, unlike other generators that will require you to jump-start it daily.

2. Champion 5500 dual fuel

Champion dual is another portable generator that you can use during a power outage due to its ability to pick both propane and gasoline gas thus making it much more stable during stormy weather.

In addition, propane enables this generator to run quietly thus suitable for an elderly person as most of them require a cool environment with less noise.

The digital gauge on top of the control gauge of this particular generator plays a vital role as it will enable you to view the voltage and frequency generated and the time used thus making it easy to track the maintained schedules.


Before purchasing a generator for your elder person, always consider the size of your home and ensure that the generator is kept outside your house as it produces carbon monoxides which can kill.