What Will a 6000 Watt Generator Run?

A common question that comes up when people discuss generators.


What size of generator should I buy?


What will a 6000 watt generator run in a home?


Can it power appliances on a worksite, camping, or RVs?


What’s the best 6000 watt generator?


We’ll discuss these topics now. Let’s dive in….

What Items Will A 6000 Watt Generator Will Run?

  • Most home appliances (but probably not your whole house at once)
  • Coffee Makers
  • Refridgerator
  • Lights
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Heaters
  • Air Con’s (Up to around 5 ton AC Unit)
  • Tumble Dryer
  • Washing Machine
  • Toaster
  • Furnace
  • Computer Equipment

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Best 6000 Watt Generators

DuroMax XP5500EH

The DuroMax brand is popular in the generator niche and has a long line of quality generators across the size spectrum. The DuroMax XP5500EH is a modern, portable and very versatile unit in their lineup


The DuroMax is duel fuel in that it runs off gasoline or propane. Solid run performance with up to 9 hours of run time at 50% load.


The DuroMax XP5500EH is simply a high performing, durable, and affordable option in the 6000 Watt power class.



  • Affordable
  • Dual fuel capability allow it to run on gasoline or propane
  • Good performance- Up to 9 hours run time at 50% load
  • Enough power to charge most devices and many household appliances



  • Heavy
  • Poor customer service



Champion 6250 Watt Generator

The Champion 6250 Inverter Generator features open frame, inverter technology providing up to 6,250 watts of clean power to sensitive electronic devices, household appliances, or power tools.


Economy mode helps the Champion 6250’s run time up to 12.5 hours at 25% load for maximum fuel efficiency.


At only 121 lbs, this is one of the lightest generators in its power class and comes with a wheel kit and foldable handle included to help with portability


Dual fuel capabilities allow this generator to run on either gasoline or propane.



  • Powerful generator providing up to 5500 peak wattage
  • 3 year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support included
  • High performance- Up to 12.5 hours of run time at 25% load



  • Expensive


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Westinghouse Wgen6000

The Westinghouse WGen6000 is another solid generator option in the 6000-watt weight class. The Westinghouse brand makes quality generators and this one is no exception.


High maximum power output of 7,500 peak watts provides more than enough power to run most appliances and devices.


The safety features include low oil shutdown and rubber covered outlets. Its also CARB compliant, making it one of the more environmentally friendly gas power generators.


A bit heavy at 174 lbs, but it does come with a foam grip handle and wheel kit to help improve portability.



  • High performance- Up to 13 hours of run time at 25% load
  • Affordable
  • Limited 3 year warranty included



  • Does not provide dual fuel capability
  • Heavy (174 lbs)
  • Noisier than others



Understanding the Starting and Running Watts 

Starting Watts – Also referred to as surge watts is the power required to start an electronic. Surge watts are high initial energy that kick-starts the motor in most cases of a larger electronic appliance.


Running Watts – Referred to as continuous watts are required for an appliance to keep running after it has been turned on. After understanding the basic concept of Starting and running watts, you will need a generator that can handle both (surge and continuous watts).

Wattage Demands For 6000 Watts Generators

How to Determine Your Wattage Requirements 

Most people would love to skip this part but please don’t. It’s simple as adding your fingers together, well it’s not that easy however you get the point.


I will make this into a step by step list to ease you into the whole process of estimating how much watts you will need.


  1. Make a list of all the appliances you want to run. You can check the list of wattage estimates below or check your manual.
  2. Write down the starting and running watts into a table
  3. Add the running watt required to run the electronics on one side and the starting watts on the other.
  4. The total number of starting watts and running watts from each side will determine the size of the generator you should buy.


I hope you find it helpful. If unclear, please you can use the contact page to reach out. I will be glad to help you the best I can.

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000


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Frequently Asked Questions About what a 6000 watt generator run (FAQs)  

What Will a 6000 Watt Generator Run In a Home? 

You can run many appliances with a 6000 watt generator. It depends on the number of appliances you want to run at the same time.


To be more specific, a generator can power Laptops, Smartphones, Electric Oven, Refrigerator/Freezer, Microwave etc. Even larger electronics can be powered, provided the power rating does not exceed the starting and running watts as I’ve mentioned above.


Will a 6000 Watt Generator Run A Space Heater? 

Yes, a space heater requires only 1,600 starting Watts to power.


If you remember earlier I mentioned the starting or running watt not exceeding 90% of its power rating. It can run a space heater, and still, have enough power for other smaller appliances easily.


Will A 6000 Watt Generator Run A Microwave? 

Yes, a 6000 Watt Generator will run a microwave.


The power needed to run a microwave is roughly 1000 running watt. It requires 0 surge watts to power the motor.


In that case, you can safely run a microwave and get a pass to charge a laptop and smartphone and even plug in a microwave, TVs, and ice maker. It can power the lights in your house as well.


Will A 6000 Watt Generator Run A Sump Pump? 

Sump pumps are categorized under the larger appliances that consume power. If it’s not important I advise you to avoid running the sump pump completely.


However, there are small sump pumps (1/3 horsepower) that require about 800 running watts and 1300 starting watts. A ½ Horsepower needs 1050 running watts and 2100 starting watts.


The starting Watts as you can see requires considerable power. You must ensure the generator starting watts exceed the running watt watts. For larger appliances like the sump pump, ensure you have a 240 V outlet on the generator.


Will A 6000 Watt Generator Run A Central Air Conditioning? 

A 6000 watt generator is not efficient to run a standard central air conditioning unit.


This is a result of the starting watts which a standard AC will require more than 90% power rating of the generator to run.


There are generators out there that require less than about 6000 watts to run central AC but I recommend you contact the manufacturers to be on the safe side.


Will A 6000 Watt Generator Require A Transfer Switch? 

Make no mistake of directly connecting your generator to the main electrical system of your house. Larger appliances utilize 200 – 240 volts which could damage appliances or fry your electric lines.


Use a transfer switch to connect your generator for safe use. A transfer switch is of paramount importance, it’s a matter of life and death if you don’t use it.


Will A 6000 Watt Run A TV? 

Yes, A 6000-watt generator will run any type of TV.


Will A 6000 Watt Generator Run An Air Compressor? 

It all depends on the Air compressor’s horsepower. A ¼ would efficiently run on a 6000 running watts generator. But if compressors are different and you must check the manual to know the running and start watt of the appliance.

But you can expect a rough estimate of wattage from the following horsepower; 

½ horsepower – Requires 980 running watts and 1600 starting watts

1 horsepower – requires 1600 running watts and 4500 starting watts.

From the above you can see that if the Air compressor is less than one horse then it can run the generator.


Will a 6000 Watt generator Run My RV?

Yes, a 6000 watt generator is good but it’s not affordable. You also have to deal with noise. If you are irked by the noise produced then you will need a quieter option in an Inverter. I believe most Rv users will opt for a quieter option that will power the basic systems they will need.


How long does a 6000 Watt Generator Last? 

The life of your generator depends on how you manage it. How well do you service it? Does it have an enclosure to protect it against harsh weather?


These are questions you need to ask yourself. If you can manage your generator well enough, then you can use it for a decade.



To recap, we’ve discuss the details on 6000 watt generators and what appliances these types of generators can run. We’ve also reviewed the best 6000 watt generators including:


Duromax XP5500EH

Westinghouse Wgen6000

Champion 6250 Watt Generator


We believe the best overall generator in this power class is the is the DuroMax XP5500EH due to its combination of affordability, solid performance, fuel versatility and relatively quiet operation.


The Champion 6250 is the best in terms of portability, and the Westinghouse WGen6000 provides the most power output.



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