What Happens When A Generator Gets Wet

When a generator gets wet, it usually poses danger to the user such as electrocution to the user. This is because the generator usually produces sufficient power to cause a serious shock if it gets in contact with water.

Additionally, you risk damage to the generator since water can easily ruin the outlets and wiring of your generator.

In this article you are going to learn about various things that happen when your generator gets wet, they include

It makes it impossible for a generator to start

This can be a result of water getting into the diesel generator this can be because the filters have been clogged, this clog in the system can be so stressful since it hinders you from performing your work in time. If you can solve the problem on your own you may end up incurring extra costs by getting service from a qualified generator service provider.

This can result in the extra costs being incurred

A wet generator can be easily damaged, if you need to restore it to function again, you will have to buy parts that have been completely destroyed such as the air filters.

It can render it a scrap in the long term

When a generator gets wet, especially with salty water.it can cause severe damage if precautions are not taken on time.

If this machine is not disabled and isolated in the affected areas fast enough, the damage may be severe. It needs to be opened up in the affected areas and use hot dry air to dehumidify the interior, this task can be easily accomplished by a hairdryer.

It can cause rust to form corroding wires and impending electrical connections

The other issue with unplanned water in your generator is that it can be a build-up for rust, this situation can lead to erosion of machine parts which can result in the generator failing to operate.

Additionally, it can also block the passage channels in your generator and this is usually where a diesel fuel separator should be considered. As it saves the mess from being worse and when done correctly it can be a reversible situation.

Can provide a breeding ground for bacteria

This can easily clog filters and even settle down in fuel tanks. If you do not have a diesel water fuel separator to prevent this, much damage can be made to your generator.

 It can contaminate fuel

Diesel generators usually get contaminated easily, therefore if not well-drained water using fuel separator. This fuel separator can act as an essential element that will prevent a lot of damage that may be caused to your generator.

Water filters usually collect unwanted water in the water sump before it reaches the generator main filters.

Your generator may stop working completely

In the worst-case scenario, your generator may stop functioning completely. This can be because the damage to the parts of the machine is irreversible.

This can be when the generator was left wet for a long period of time. Therefore causing severe damage to crucial parts of the generator such as an engine.

 This will automatically cost you a lot of money and time, since you may try to reverse the situation by repairing parts of the machine only to realize that nothing can be done. All these situations can be saved by introducing a fuel water separator in your system.

Water can cause permanent damage to your generator

If water manages to penetrate into the generator, It easily starts to tamper with the vital parts of the generator.

When these parts start to rust, they may become inefficient when working hence slowing down work performance.

If this situation is not reversed in time they may be permanent damage that will make your generator stop working completely. 

Such parts after rusting become in effect when you try to use them. Or if at all you are lucky and they still work, they will perform but at a slower rate and that is the issue you will have to deal with forever.

Water from your generator can penetrate through to other parts of the device that are connected to the generator

In a situation where the generator gets wet and accumulates a lot of water. More damage can be caused since water is always in motion and it can penetrate and access machines that are connected to the generator for backup power such as companies in the processing business can be affected.

This is because water has the ability to damage various parts of technology that you may rely on and this automatically affects the workflow in an organization if precautions are not well put in place.

From the above article, it is clear that a lot of things happen when your generator is wet which can be also harmful to the user and can cause damage to the generator.