Tri Fuel Generators: 7 Things You Need to Know


What is a Tri Fuel Generator?

Tri fuel generators are multi fuel generators that utilize 3 different fuel sources (Gasoline, propane, or natural gas) to produce electricity.


The reason for generating electricity using multiple sources becomes useful when one type of fuel source may not be available during an emergency, power outage, severe snow, etc.


This also gives the user the ability to utilize cleaner burning fuel types that are safer and more eco-friendly than conventional generators.


Champion 8000 Watt tri fuel generator
Champion 8000 Watt tri fuel generator

How Does a Tri fuel Generator Work?

Tri fuel generators work by utilizing gasoline, propane, or natural gas as fuel to produce electricity that can charge appliances and devices for a user.

Are Tri fuel Generators Good?

Tri fuel generators are good in that they allow the flexibility to run on natural gas or propane as well as gasoline. This provides a cleaner burn, which is more eco-friendly than conventional generators. There is no significant price difference between dual fuel generators and tri fuel generators.

Is Tri fuel Generator Worth It?

Tri fuel generators are have the ability to run on natural gas, propane, or gasoline. Tri fuel generators are worth it because they are more eco-friendly and versatile than conventional generators. There is no significant cost difference between tri fuel generators and dual fuel generators.


Are Firman Tri fuel Generators Any Good?

Firman tri fuel generators are affordable, good quality products.Noise levels are reasonable for its power class. Run time is not as long as the Champion 8000. They are heavy at 212 lbs, but the included wheel kit and handle helps improve portability.


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Who Sells Champion Tri fuel Generators?

Here is a list of online retailers that sell champion tri fuel generators.


Who Makes Tri fuel Generators?

Here are a list of manufacturers that make tri fuel generators:

Does Generac Make a Tri fuel Generator?

Generac currently does NOT make a tri fuel generator.

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