Titan Solar Generator Review

People are increasingly investing in portable power stations for a good reason. They realize that electricity or power is not something to take for granted.


Even if you have a connection to the national grid, a portable power source like the Titan Solar Generator can come in handy in specific situations. These include natural disasters like hurricanes, ice storms, and wildfires.


However, it is reassuring to know that you can still power one or two essentials and charge your laptops and smartphones after a power outage. At this point, a portable power station like the 500W Raptic Titan XL comes in. This review will look at this Titan solar generator, its key features, pros, and cons.

Raptic Titan XL Generator Review


The Raptic Titan XL is a rechargeable and portable generator or solar power station that provides you with long-lasting electrical power whenever you need it. It can be during an emergency or for outdoor activities like tailgating or camping.


The titan solar generator has a 497.3Wh battery capacity to ensure that your gear is operational all day and beyond. You can charge your personal computer up to 10 times, run appliances like a mini-refrigerator beyond 20 hours, and charge your smartphone 40 times and beyond.


Raptic is the only solar company that designs a versatile portable solar generator with the charging requirements in mind. Therefore, it has multiple charging outputs and inputs for various electrical appliances. You can choose between a USB-C port, a 12V carport, an AC outlet, and three USB-A ports.


You can recharge the Titan XL using a USB-C cable with a wall adapter that is included or even using a 100W solar panel. Unfortunately, the Titan XL does not come with its solar panel.


Titan XL portable solar system does not require any fuel or gas to run, making it an eco-friendly choice. Therefore, you can use it indoors, outdoors, or in any environment of your choosing. In addition, it is both safe and silent.


An aluminum body that has rubberized protection is used to make the portable solar power station. It makes the Titan XL 500W generator durable, powerful, compact, and portable. In addition, you can use the digital display to see the amount of power left. The titan solar power station also features a handle that makes carrying it wherever you need it easy.

Product Description

The Raptic Titan XL comes either in dark grey or black color. It is made from rubber and anodized aluminum. The anodized aluminum is several times harder than your standard aluminum, which adds to the stiffness and durability of the solar power station. In addition, the generator does not peel, flake, or chip.


The process of anodization is a controlled oxidation of aluminum. Therefore, the Point Zero Titan portable generator will never patina, rust, or weather. In addition, the solar generator is portable. It measures 14.5 X 5.7 x 6 inches, meaning that it can fit in the trunk of your car. They ship it with a 497Wh Li-ion battery and have a total capacity of 134400mAh/3.6V.


The titan solar power station also features three 5V/2.4A USB-A ports, a USB-C PD port at 5-20V, and a maximum of 3A, 60W. It also features a 120V AC, 60Hz 200W continuous pure sine wave AC wall outlet, with a maximum power of 250W.


You can recharge the Titan XL using solar energy, an AC adapter, or a USB-C cable. However, note that the solar company does not include solar panels in its package. You have to buy them separately. The battery charging time is 6-7 hours when you charge it via USB-C cable and 10-12 hours when you charge it using an AC adapter.


When you use solar panels, it takes 6-7 hours to recharge fully. To handle and carry the power station, it has a leather strap and a handle. The portable titan solar generator is also lightweight, weighing about 14 pounds. Thus, you do not struggle to move it between points.

Pros and Cons

We cannot underestimate the value and use of solar generators in our lives. Regardless of where a person lives, it is a valuable investment to have a reliable power source for blackouts and emergencies. But, unfortunately, many people think that a portable solar generator cannot produce enough power.


A solar generator can produce enough power while remaining eco-friendly, portable, clean, and quiet. However, is this power enough for larger applications? Titan solar generator is the answer to this question. As we have seen above, the generator can power a wide range of applications.


Let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of either owning or renting a Point Zero titan solar generator. Things like outdoor festivals, tailgating, off-grid cabins, powering a food truck, and running a recreational vehicle have always been overlooked.


However, thanks to this titan solar power system review, we know why the titan solar generator solves all the above activities. So let us dive into the merits and demerits of titan solar generators.



  • High runtime

Titan XL 500 portable power station has enough runtime to power your electronic appliances continuously. However, the runtime depends on the total wattage of the gadgets connected to the solar power station. Therefore, connecting many devices that draw much power at the same time reduces the runtime.


The high runtime allows you to power your indoor or outdoor activities until the power is back or your task is over.


  • Affordable

Compared to other portable solar power stations, Titan solar generator is cheaper. Therefore, you can buy solar panels and the titan solar power station at the same time. The good thing is that this price does not affect the quality. Furthermore, because the generator is solar-powered, you also save on the extra costs.


  • Compactness

As we saw earlier in this titan generator solar review, Titan XL 500W has small dimensions. Using a Lithium-ion battery has gone a long way in ensuring the portability and compactness of this device.

Since it is smaller compared to some other generators, carrying it around is easy. You can use the generator for indoor purposes. Titan XL 500W generator is also lightweight, weighing just 5.9 kilograms.


  • Durability

Raptic makes the casing of the Titan 500W XL generator using anodized aluminum. This anodization protects it from flaking and chirping.


Anodized aluminum is stiffer compared with standard aluminum.” In addition, its battery has a low discharging rate, increasing its durability. 


Therefore, purchasing a Titan XL 500W generator assures you that you will not be going back to the market soon. It has the ability to charge a wide range of electrical appliances.


Titan XL 500W is as versatile as they come. It has many charging ports you can use to charge as many appliances as possible, so long as they are within the power ratings of the portable titan solar power station. Therefore, Titan Xl 500W is a perfect portable power station to power various outdoor activities, like a tailgate.


  • Many powering options

A solar can power the Titan XL 500W, plugging it into a wall socket or in a car’s AC outlet. Therefore, regardless of where you are, you can still power your generator. In addition, it makes the generator extremely efficient and improves the reliability of the Titan XL 500 portable power generator.


For self-sustained power, this generator is solar compatible. You can also charge your phone or tablet using a USB-A port when the Titan XL generator is recharging.



  • It does not have an integrated LED light

The Raptic Titan XL only features a graphical indication of the power remaining. It does not have an integrated LED light, making reading the power level difficult.


Some portable power stations have a combination of LCD and LED lighting to show the amount of energy remaining to full during charging and to empty during discharging.


It should show the power for both AC and DC power. Raptic should have included a little more information, like time remaining or percentage, which would be useful.


  • It is not waterproof

Raptic Titan XL 500W is not waterproof. Therefore, ensure that you use it in a dry place, away from splashes of water or rain. Lithium-water combination can damage the solar panel or even cause injuries. Therefore, when using it outdoors, cover the generator to prevent the splashes from damaging it.


  • It has low continuous power output

A Titan solar power station produces low continuous power output. However, compared with Yeti 500x from Goal Zero, Titan XL 500W still produces less continuous power. Therefore, if you plan to use a lot of power, you may have to purchase a higher-rated portable power station.

Features and Specifications


Power and Runtime

Power and runtime are among the critical elements that you look for when buying a portable power station. What is the generator’s continuous power? What is its surge or peak power?


The two are different and, in most cases, consider the two. For example, the raptic titan XL 500 portable generator has a capacity of 500 watts. It also features a 200W inverter that provides a 250W peak/surge power.


Therefore, you can easily power your electronic appliances using this portable power station. The titan solar power station features a pure-sine wave inverter technology. It facilitates the charging of delicate electronic appliances like mobile phones and laptops. Therefore, you can charge your smartphone or laptop without the fear of damaging it.


Titan XL 500W generator’s runtime depends on the appliance connected to it. What is the power rating of the appliance? The higher the appliance’s power rating, the lower the generator’s runtime. Using titan XL 500 portable generator, you can charge your laptop ten times, your smartphone over forty times, or run a mini-refrigerator for over 20 hours.


A CPAP device can run for over 14 hours, meaning you do not worry about it switching off at night. For a lantern light, the portable generator can run for an impressive 60+ hours. Therefore, compared to other portable power stations like the Yeti 500x, Titan solar generator has a better runtime.


Powering or recharging the battery packs is also straightforward. You can either plug it into a wall outlet (11-12 hours to get fully charged), use a USB-C to connect it to the AC outlet in your car (charging time is 9-10 hours) or use solar power from solar panels.


With 100W solar panels, the titan XL 500 will take 9-10 hours to charge it fully. However, it is vital to note that they do not include Solar panels while purchasing the titan solar power station. USB-C cable and solar panels are purchased separately.



How heavy is the Titan XL 500W? What are its dimensions? Can it fit in the trunk of my car? All these questions revolve around the portability of the Titan XL 500. So, is it portable? Yes, Titan XL 500 is a very portable power station.


It weighs 5.9 kilograms and measures 14.5 X 5.7 x 6 inches. With these dimensions, it means that you can easily carry the portable generator in the trunk of your car. It also comes with a shoulder strap and a handling strap. Therefore, moving the titan solar power station around is easy.



As we know, technology is the driving force behind the efficiency and reliability of many electronic appliances. From the battery packs, AC charger system, and protection systems, technology has widely featured in the Titan XL 500.


To begin with, the portable titan solar power station features a lithium battery. Compared to other batteries, the technology in this battery is superior. Below are the benefits of having Li-ion battery packs;


Benefits of a Lithium-ion battery

  1. Low maintenance

Lithium-ion batteries have relatively low maintenance and are easy to use compared to other batteries. There is no need for priming and maintaining the battery life. You do not have to schedule cycles.


  1. Versatility

Do you need an ideal renewable solution for your different applications? Then, the lithium-ion battery is your solution. Regardless of the device or use, lithium-ion extra batteries can power them.


  1. Longevity and performance

The technology used in making lithium-ion batteries ensures longevity and high performance for high-power applications. In addition, because of their low discharging rate, lithium-ion batteries have a higher or longer shelf life compared to other batteries.


  1. High energy density

The technology used in making lithium-ion batteries ensures they have a high energy density in the rechargeable batteries market. Therefore, recharging the lithium-ion battery is faster, easier, and longer-lasting. Therefore, a lithium-ion battery is more powerful overall. you wouldn’t need additional batteries.


The Point Zero designed portable generator also has a battery management system (BMS). With the BMS, you can control the temperatures over voltages and protect the system from short-circuiting. It means that the technology included in the system ensures protection.


It also features the latest charging technology. With the pure sine wave inverter technology, you can power any delicate appliance with this portable power station.


To allow for quick charging, the Titan XL 500 features a maximum power point tracking control system. We can also see technology in how the system is protected from flaking. Using anodized aluminum makes this portable generator one of a kind. The paint will not rust or flake easily and will last long.



To power various devices, the titan XL 500W generator features many input and output ports. It has three USB-A ports that deliver 5V/2.4A to the connected devices. The portable titan solar power station also has a USB-C PD port of 5-20V to a maximum of 3A, 60W.


Other outlets and inlets include a 12V car port (12V to 10A) and an AC wall outlet. Therefore, you can fit a wide range of electronic appliances into the portable generator. As a result, it is the ideal portable power station for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities.


We can also use the generator indoors when there is a power outage to charge your electronic appliances and run essential devices like mini-refrigerators or a CPAP. Because of the leather strap, you can hang the titan solar power station on your shoulder and charge your phone on the go.


However, the portable power station does not have an outlet to restart a car. You can also attach a 5-plug power strip on the Titan XL 500w. The power strip should never surpass the peak surge at 500W. Plugging in many devices simultaneously will drain the power station quickly.


When connected to a solar panel, Titan only outputs or powers a device connected via USB-A. The other output ports only work after the generator has been charged fully.



Titan solar generators are relatively quiet. They only produce noise when the cooling fans turn on because of heating. Even then, the noise produces is lower than that of a normal human conversation. Furthermore, Titan Xl 500W is eco-friendly. Therefore, because it produces an indistinct sound, you can use it indoors without affecting a conversation.


With the inaudible sound, it means that you can use the generator for your tailgate or outdoor recreational activities. In addition, it will not affect your entertainment system by producing loud sounds like some other generators.



There are four different classes of what we can term as self-contained power supplies that a consumer can use when the power goes out. Among the four, the most common is portable power banks, used to recharge a tablet or a smartphone. They produce a limited amount of power.


Others include integrated home solutions like the Tesla Power wall, gas-powered generators, and portable power stations. However, in terms of cost, Integrated Home solutions and gas-powered generators are the most expensive. It leaves us with portable power banks and portable power stations. Power banks are cheap and provide a limited amount of power. They can only power a smartphone.


Portable power stations like the Titan XL 500W can power a whole range of devices and events. Priced at around $500, Titan XL 500W is middle of the road in terms of price for its power class.  However, there are other costs associated. These include things like purchasing solar panels and cables.


Overall, you get a cheaper product of high quality that delivers a high amount of power to keep your appliances running during a blackout. In addition, the generator comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, adding to its reputation.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Titans Powered by the Sun?

As we have seen throughout the review, the sun can power a Titan XL 500W generator and help you save on your electric bill. However, the titan generator solar panels are not included when purchasing the portable power station. Instead, you have to buy them separately.


It takes 9-10 hours to charge the titan solar generator using 100W solar panels, making the sun among the fastest ways to charge the portable power station.


It reduces the associated costs, like purchasing gas or fuel, as the case is in some generators. Therefore, ensure that you also buy the titan solar panels to power the portable power station. You can read the titan solar panels reviews to get the information on which panels are best for your generator.


Can the Titan Solar Generator Run an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners consume much power. Therefore, they are only ideal when you use a powerful source of energy. Titan solar generators can also run a small air conditioning unit.


However, the power rating of the Air conditioner must be within the power rating of the titan solar generator.


Otherwise, you may have to purchase a power station with more consistent and significantly high power output.


Are Titan Generators Any Good? 

Are you thinking of getting the total solar installed? Yes, titan solar generators are suitable. Many advantages listed above, combined with the fact they are inexpensive, supports this claim. The generator is as durable as they come, giving you a reasonable span of service.


The good thing is that the Titan XL 500 does not have associated costs like fuel and gas costs. Of course, it would be best if you had the generator and the solar panels.

Who Makes Titan Solar Generators?

Raptic Strong is the maker of the Titan solar generators. They also sell high quality iphone cases, chargers, as well as portable power stations such as the Raptic Titan XL



The Raptic Titan XL is a decent choice for those looking for a compact, portable power station. Despite its name, capacity-wise, it is a medium-range model (although the 1000Wh models are increasing in popularity).


However, with its 497Wh, the generator still gives you enough capacity to charge your electronic devices. You can also use it for outdoor and indoor activities like tailgating and powering a CPAP device. In addition, comparing Titan XL 500 generator with super-sized units, the portable generator offers you a more compact form factor at a significantly lower price.


With Titan XL 500 generator, you get many charging ports. You can plug an AC-powered device on the generator too. It is made using durable anodized aluminum, adding to its stiffness, which increases the portable power station’s lifetime. The Raptic Titan XL will not charge as many items for as long as the Goal Zero 500 or Jackery 500, but provides great portability and reasonable power at an affordable price. 


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