Solar Generators (12 Things You Must Know)

Solar generators are a great option to power your appliances and sensitive electronic devices.


They can be used indoor or outdoor because they operate with little noise, no fumes, and no emissions.


But here are a 12 things you must know before buying..

What is a Solar Generator?

Solar generators convert solar energy to electrical energy, store it in a battery and use the inverter to convert the direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC) power.


Solar generators are used to run small electrical appliances and for charging devices like tablets and smartphones. In addition, you can use solar generators for camping or powering an RV because they are clean and portable.



Can Solar Generator be used while Charging?

Solar generators can be used while charging, but the amount of power it produces will decrease. The most common use for solar generators is to charge smartphones and other small devices.



Can a Solar Generator Power a House?

No, most solar generators cannot power a medium sized house. Solar generators usually come between 200- 4,800 peak Watts and to be considered a true whole house generator, it would need at least 7,500 peak Watts.


However, there are some solar generators such as the Ecoflow Delta 1300 and Goal Zero Yeti 3000X that are powerful enough to charge many appliances including air conditioners, refrigerators, space heaters, etc.

What Solar Generator Can Power a House?

Most solar generators cannot power a whole medium sized house. But, the following solar generators can power several household appliances simultaneously:

Ecoflow Delta 1300

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X

Bluetti AC200Max



How Much do Solar Generator cost?

You can find a solar generator that costs under $200 or over $5,000+ and anywhere in between depending on the power and size of the solar generator.


Below are the best solar generators under $500:



How to Charge a Solar Generator?

Most solar generators can be charged in the following 3 ways:



How Well do Solar Generators Work?

How well a solar generator works depends on the brand and its product. In general, solar generators have less maximum power output than gasoline/propane generators. Most solar generators are not large enough to be considered whole house generators.


However, solar generators can still be conveniently used indoor or outdoor to charge electronic devices such as smartphones, cameras, laptops, blenders, TV’s refrigerators, freezers and other appliances. The main advantage is that solar generators operate with little to no noise, no fumes and no emissions. They also tend to be smaller and more portable than most gas-powered generators, making them good options for camping or boating.



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How Long will Solar Generators Run?

Solar generators run time is different depending on the device its powering.

For example, here is how long each of these solar generators can run the following items:

 EcoFlow Delta Mini 882WhJackery 1000Ecoflow Delta 1300Goal Zero Yeti 3000X
Smart phone70x100x188x253x
TV6 hours13 hours15-18 hours31 hours
Light bulb80 hours36+ hours276 hours



What Will a Solar Generator Run?

What a solar generator will run will depend on the size and power output of the solar generator. Usually solar generator come between 200-4,800 peak Watts.


Below are the wattage demands of some common appliances to help you determine how many Watts you need your generator to have. Keep in mind to run multiple appliances simultaneously, add the peak Wattage demands of each.

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000



What Size Solar Generator Do I Need?

The size of the solar generator that you need depends on what appliances you need to charge. Each appliance has different Wattage demands. Below are a the Wattage requirements for a few common appliances.


ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000


Once you decide what you’d like to power, you can select a generator that provides sufficient power for those appliances.


How Much Does the Mini Solar Generator Cost?

You can find a mini solar generator costing between $200 and $1,000. Below are the best mini solar generators under $500:

Westinghouse iGen300

Jackery 500

Flashfish 300



How Much Does a Solar Energy Generator Cost?

Solar energy generators can cost as low as $200 to above $5,000 depending on the brand, size, and power output of the generator. Below are a few solar generator options from most affordable to most expensive:


Flashfish 300

Ecoflow Delta 1300

Goal Zero Yeti 6000X




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