Remote Start Generators Review

It’s a thing to have a portable generator; it’s another to have a portable generator with remote control.

A remote control grants you access to put on the generator without moving closer to it. Sleekness doesn’t come in a better form than this.

The comfort and convenience attached to using a generator with a remote control system can’t be matched. You get the freedom to continue your activities without breaking a sweat to put on the generator.

Well, here are portable generators that operate using a remote control:

Top Remote Start Generators – Our Top Picks

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Remote Start Generator

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Remote Start Generator

Westinghouse WGen 7500 Generator is one of the most prolific generators on the market. This generator comes equipped with a remote start key fob that allows you to start the generator from anywhere within range. Another means of starting the generator is the electric push button.

The battery in the generator makes these features feasible. An onboard battery charger with included power adapter is readily available to keep the battery fully charged for emergency backups.

In fact, this generator is powered by a 420cc 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV engine. This engine features a durable cast iron sleeve with automatic low oil shutdown. Engine low oil shutdown comes into play if the oil level becomes insufficient for safe operations.

Another instance when this happens is when the oil overheats and loses viscosity. This saves the engine from damage. Furthermore, the engine can work at very low temperate as a result of the incorporated overhead valve technology.

Interesting enough, this engine boasts of a fuel tank that can hold up to 6.6 gallons of fuel. The only type of fuel it uses is gasoline. On a single fill of the fuel tank, the generator can last up to 14 hours on a half load. The several outlets available are – two GCFI 120V household duplex receptacles, one 120/240V twist lock receptacle. These outlets are water resistant and have rubber covers for additional safety.

Design wise, its steel frame with roll bars makes it rock solid, and it also weighs 201 pounds. This weight doesn’t affect the ease of transport assured by the never-flat tires and holding handle. You have the luxury of easily stationing the generator wherever and whenever you want it.

Once started, the generator has a 9,500 Peak Watts, although while running, it has a huge 7,500 Continuous Watts. On the control panel, a digital hour meter handles the maintenance alerts at intervals. Circuit Breaker protection and Voltmeter are incorporated at the power panel.

Also included in the product’s box alongside the remote start key fob are engine oil, oil funnel, toolkit and a user’s manual. The product is EPS, CARB, and CSA compliant. It has 3 years limited warranty and lifetime support.

Firman P03608 Pro Series Remote Start Generator

Firman P03608 Pro Series Remote Start Generator

When talking about finesse in reliability, the Firman P03608 Pro Series fits the description. Also, the ease of switching it on from inside when there’s rain is an added beauty.

The generator is pretty impressive in its operations that you can stay as far as 160 feet to switch it on. The remote key fob starter aids this. As support, an electric push button is in place. A fully charged battery ensures the electrical start functions without glitches.

A rated 3,650 Watts is produced while the generator is running, although 4,550 Surge Watts is generated on startup. This output is enough to power not just the electrical appliances at home, but also an RV. In light of this, you’ll concur that flexibility is one of its strong suits.

It is safe to operate in open locations other than the house, thanks to the spark arrestor. This spark arrestor is even USDA Forest Service Certified, so, you can go camping in the woods without fear of depleting nature’s resources.

Its fuel tank can hold 5 gallons of gasoline. Once this generator gets filled to the brim, it can run for 14 hours on a half load. While running, the generator meets your power needs through the following outputs – 120V 30A twist outlet, 120V 30A AC, Two 120V 20A Duplex.

You can easily monitor the performance of the generator through the 4-in-1 data minder display. The data-minder display comprises of the Voltmeter (V), Frequency (Hz), Hour meter and low oil indicator. As a result of the indicator, the Firman OHV engine lasts longer as there are no unwanted surprises.

The storage of the generator isn’t a big issue as there’s a steel roll cage around it. It can be easily maneuvered due to the presence of the solid tires and the sturdy holding handle.

Champion Power Equipment 100161 7500 Watts Remote Start Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100161 7500 Watts Remote Start Generator

During a thunderstorm or hurricane, the Champion Power Equipment 100161 generator can be switched on from indoors. This is due to the remarkable remote control system that automatically ignites it.

Given as much distance as 80 feet, the remote can actively start the generator. There’s also another option of the electric start using a push button. A battery is utilized for this purpose.

Besides, there’s nothing to worry about if the generator is used in cold weather conditions. The Cold Start technology present makes the engine perform pretty fine. It relies on the Champion 439cc OHV engine for its operations.

This engine produces 7,500 running Watts but has a burst of 9,375 Watts once ignited. The power generated can power electrical appliances like lights, refrigerators, computers, TVs and many more in cases of power outages. Interestingly, it is also powerful enough to power two 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners.

The generator is not only remarkable in its power output alone; its protective function is also top level. A Volt Guard available keeps equipment safe from voltage spike and overloads.

Quiet operation is another landmark attributed to this engine. A remarkable 74 dBA of noise is produced at 23 feet. This makes it unsurprising that the generator earned the EPA and CARB approval.

The generator has a fuel tank that requires 6.1 gallons of gasoline before it gets full. On getting full, the generator can run for 8 hours on a half load. A low oil shut-off sensor comes with the generator. If the oil gets too small for operations, the generator observes an engine low oil shutdown. This prevents the wear and tear of the generator’s engine. However, the engine holds about 1.2 quarts of oil.

To transport the generator easily, a pair of never-flat wheels and a holding handle are in place. Dimension-wise, the generator has 30.7 inches length, 21 inches depth, and 23.3 inches height.
You get to use the following outlets at your disposal – 120/240V 30A, 120V 20A GCFI, 120/240V 50A RV and 120V 30A RV outlets. Rubber covers against dirt and debris well protect these outlets.

Coming out of the package, you have the toolkit, quick drain oil tube, and engine oil. An Intelligauge that comprises Volts, Hz and operating hours helps to give information regarding the generator’s performance as well as maintenance alerts.

Energizer EZV3200P Remote Start Generator

Energizer EZV3200P Remote Start Generator

On the list of remote start generators, the Energizer EZV3200P is a worthy mention. The remote control can put on the generator from as far as 100 feet! Other than the fact that it starts with remote control, the generator has a very quiet operation. Credits go to class-leading inverter technology utilized on it.

So much is its quiet operation that it has a noise range of 52 – 60 decibels at 100% power output. In light of this, the generator is CARB compliant. The generator produces 2,800 continuous Watts at 3,600 rpm that’s enough to power your appliances at home or during camping.

However, it has a 3,200 peak Watts upon startup. To emphasize on its RV readiness, the generator can power up a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. An integrated twist lock output of 120V 23A, two 120V 20A outlet, one 12V 5A DC outlet are available to meet your power demands.

Paralleling this inverter generator is possible with the aid of a single-outlet parallel port with cross model support. In cases where you need more power than the generator can provide, paralleling two EZV p-series generators in a single output does justice to that. Take note that the parallel cable is not included in the generator’s box.

Moreover, there’s an hour meter that enables tracking of maintenance intervals. It has a 208cc 7HP Energizer engine that works quietly and with ease. The engine has a fuel tank of 1.95-gallon capacity (7.4 liters).

Also, the generator makes use of the dual wave technology that digitally controls voltage and current for a true sine wave output under any load. This makes powering of power tools like angle grinders and circular saws a piece of cake.

Firman Power Equipment W03083 Remote Start Generator

Firman Power Equipment W03083 Remote Start Generator

One of the notable inverter generator that is not only portable but starts with remote control is the Firman W03083. The remote control can be used from any area within reach of the generator. The other way the generator can be switched on is with the recoil start. This recoil system is easy to pull, in fact, right from the first pull, it kick-starts operations.

You even get the option of paralleling the generator with another. However, a parallel kit doesn’t come included in the package. A 171cc Max-Pro Series OHV engine powers it up. It well supports true Inverter technology. Engine oil, toolkit, remote start key fob and an oil funnel come out of the box with the generator.

Talking about portability, the 96 lbs weight makes it very much easy to carry about. It also comes with a pair of wheels. Its material composition made of matte finish makes it very attractive and durable; not readily susceptible to scratches like plastic.

About its dimension, it has 23.2 inches depth, 17.9 inches height and 17.8 inches width. There are led indicator lights as well as low THD on it.

A standard duplex 12V and USB connections are present to take care of powering your appliances. The generator can last for as long as 9 hours on 25% load once the fuel tank is filled up. The tank can only take in 1.8 gallons of gasoline.

It peaks 3,300 Watts on startup and runs on 3,000 Continuous Watts. It can be safely used in open places as the spark arrestor is in place. Thankfully, this factor and the optimal sound level earned it the CARB compliance.

How to Make an Older Generator Work with Remote Control

You might be wondering if an older generator can be made to work with a remote control. Good news is, yes it can.

All you have to do is purchase a wireless remote control transmitter. The transmitter works with your generator if you already have a remote control input. Once it is set, you can switch on and off the generator from 10 – 100m distance.


The use of remote start generators makes it so convenient to put on a generator without having to undergo stress. So, when there’s a blackout and the weather’s unfavorable, you have little to worry about.