Pulsar 12000 Generator Review [2022]

In this article we’ll discuss the Pulsar 12000 Watt Dual Fuel generator. 


Here are all the specifications and some helpful information to help you make an informed decision on this product.

Pulsar 12000 Generator Overview

The Pulsar G12KBN is a solid option amongst people in the market for a powerful portable generator. This generator can produce 12,000 Peak Watts, a very high power output coming generator.


Most buyers who purchase this generator usually use it to power their outdoor activities when camping or living out of their RV truck. But certainly, this product can be used for home use during an emergency power outage. The Pulsar generator can run for 13 hours at half load, which is very impressive for something of this caliber.


Since this product sports a dual fuel option, you can use gasoline or LPG. The power output will drop to 10,800 Peak Watts when using liquid propane gas, which is still plenty for most appliances. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not build an inverter generator to withstand harsh weather, which is a considerable disadvantage.


On the other side, this dual fuel generator is built for extreme weather, so you can use this generator to power your appliances even when there is a storm outside.


The Pulsar generator 12000 can withstand extreme weather conditions, which means you can use the Pulsar generator without any problems. You can also easily power your large appliances or RV, knowing that you will have a steady flow of power whenever and however you need it.



Now that you have a basic understanding of what this product can offer its customers, let’s talk about some of the positives associated with this item.


Plenty of power

It has peak running watts of 12,000 which means it will power large appliances or RV trucks. Most lightweight generators have around 6,000 to 8,000 peak watts; they almost have double the power, making them versatile.



Pulsar G12KBN generator is very versatile, and it has to do with two things: its dual-fuel motor and the power output. Remember, this generator can work on both gas and liquid propane gas, which gives users more options to power this item. Secondly, the power output of 12,000 Peak Watts means that it will power small and large appliances making it versatile.


Excellent Build Quality

The Pulsar manufacturers built this product to be as durable as possible. The generator can withstand harsh weather and is built using high-quality material, making it durable even under heavy use. Anyone looking to purchase the Pulsar generator can expect a very stable product due to its construction and the development used to build.


Easy to use

This product is equipped with wheels and a handle, making it easy to move around and use for outdoor activities. Most people who are in the market for a portable power generator are concerned about its usability. With this product, you will have nothing to worry about as it’s effortless to use with the help of an electric push start.


The Pulsar has many other positives, and we have discussed some of the main pros associated with this product. Nevertheless, you can expect to get a very durable and easy-to-use generator with portable capability that will last you long if you take its maintenance seriously.


Many people who have bought this generator are pretty happy with their purchase, and we can see many more will be.



As good as the Pulsar heavy-duty portable dual-motor fuel generator is, there are some negatives associated with this product. Some might think we are nit-picking, but our goal is to provide honest and valuable reviews. So let’s take a look at some of the negatives.


Complaints about power

Some customers have said that this Pulsar generator does not produce the advertised capacity of 12,000 Peak Watts and is closer to 8,000 Watts. These are only claims from some customers, and not all feel the same, so that could be a faulty unit.


Problems under heavy load

There have been complaints about this generator having problems when placed under heavy load. This could be a problem if you are looking to power multiple appliances simultaneously. Still, this product works just fine for most users.


Challenging to reach oil drain

Many customers have complained about the oil drain location, as the site is hard to reach, making it hard to drain the oil when it’s time. Even though this issue is not a big deal, it can be annoying to change your oil when the oil drain location is in an awkward spot.


As you can tell, the negatives are not so bad as most of them are complaints from some customers without any proof. However, many buyers are delighted with their purchase, as this product is overall fantastic as a portable generator.


Remember, all products will have some negatives associated with them regardless of how good the product is. The key is to find a product with fewer negatives and more positives.


The Pulsar heavy-duty portable dual-motor fuel generator has plenty of positives and only a few cons. The number of pros makes this pulsar generator an excellent choice for most people in the market for a portable generator.


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Before we talk about the specifications regarding this powerful generator, we must give you a brief overview of each specification and why they are so important. It is one thing to know the specifications of a product.


Still, it is different from knowing exactly why those specifications are essential. Understanding the importance of each specification will give you great confidence the next time you search for a generator.


Here are some specifications in detail so you can get a better understanding of their importance.


Power and Run Time

The power and runtime dictate how well the portable generator will perform. A good rule of thumb is to look for a portable generator with around seven hours of runtime at half load and a power output of 6,000 Watts.

Those are the numbers for a primary portable generator. However, suppose you are in the market for a more robust and durable generator. In that case, you can always look for higher power output and run time.



If you are in the market for a portable generator, the main thing you will look for is its portability. It would be best to look for a generator with a handle and wheel kit, making it easy to move around. Most portable dual fuel generators will have this feature, but some of them don’t, which can be a problem when you’re looking for a generator that’s easy to use and has quick access.



These generators are technically advanced, so you should not worry too much about technology, especially if you need it for essential use. it is an electric start generator, has an automatic voltage regulation system and a low-oil shutoff sensor


It is important to understand how the generator operates and what you can expect from the product. A good thing to look for is whether or not the generator has a dual fuel capability or is an electric start. These features can come in handy in some situations.



Most generators are used to power appliances or RV’s for the outdoorsman. If you are in the market for a portable generator, then chances are you need a generator that will power most appliances in your home or power your RV.


Make sure to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for in a generator. A portable generator is excellent, but it won’t power an entire house as a standby generator would; the key is to know your needs.



The truth is that portable generators with dual-fuel capability can get loud, especially if they have a large motor. The key is to find a portable generator that is not so loud and will keep a consistent noise even under heavy use. If you are okay with a noisy generator, this specification should not be a concern.


But for people in the market for a generator that’s effective and has a quieter operation, you must look at the noise specification of the portable generator. A good rule of thumb is to look for a generator with a 60 to 80-decibel rating.



Portable powerful generators cost around $400 to $3,000+, depending on the specifications and the brand. It would be best not to fixate on the generator’s price since higher-priced generators are usually made from high-quality material and provide very good value.


The key is to always look at the other specifications before considering the price. If you can find a generator that is cheap and has excellent performance, then that’s great. But don’t buy traditional generators just for the low price, as you may pay for them later.


  • Power & Runtime: 12,000 starting watts with 9,500 running watts. 13 hours at half load.
  • Portability: Dropdown handle with 10-inch wheels
  • Technology: Dual fuel technology, runs on both gasoline and LPG
  • Usage: To power large appliances & RV’s
  • Noise: 74 dBA



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Pulsar make great generators?

Yes, Pulsar makes some of the best generators in the market. It has been in business for a reasonable amount of time and has proven its quality. They have many models available, and all of them have great reviews overall. So if you are looking for a great brand to buy a generator from, the pulsar brand is a superb and reliable option.


How long will a Pulsar generator run on propane?

This will depend entirely on the model, but it will run about the same time on gas. The only difference you might see is a drop in power. Still, if you use pulsar generators for regular use, the power drop should not be an issue, as it has plenty of power.


Who makes Pulsar generators?

Most people are under the impression that pulsar is a brand from the USA, and that is true, but their products are made in China. A company called Ducar makes the Pulsar generator engines, which sort of means the brand is Ducar.


But don’t let that change your mind. Pulsar generators have high-quality motors. So regardless of where its engine is manufactured, the brand will provide you with quality products.


Where are Pulsar generators made?

As mentioned previously, the engine, the most crucial part of pulsar generators, is made in China. However, Pulsar has made sure only to offer their clients high-quality products. Therefore, regardless of where the engine is produced, you will get a high-quality product that will last you a long time.


How loud are Pulsar generators?

Pulsar Generators are not too loud; you can expect the noise to be as loud as a vacuum cleaner. But the noise will be dependent on the model and how much power the generator has to produce. The harder the generator is working, the louder it will be. The noise will never get too jarring in most cases, especially since the brand ensures the noise to be toned down.


How often should you change the oil?

Just like you would get a regular oil change in your car, you must get an oil change done on your generator. For the most part, you should change its oil after the first five hours of use and then after every 25 hours or yearly, whichever happens first.


You should change the oil within the first five hours of first use because the engine is brand new and will chip out some metal so that the cylinders can run smoothly. Most people skip this part, but early oil change after first use is essential.


Why should I buy a Pulsar brand generator?

Not only do they offer a high-quality product, but they have proven their capabilities by having many happy customers. If you are in the market for an affordable, high-quality generator, then there is no denying the fact that Pulsar generators are one of the best in the market.


The engine is quiet, produces plenty of power (depending on the model), and has a dual fuel option which makes it usable. Overall, the product is made from durable material and works great as long as you take care of the product and do regular oil changes.

Wattage Chart for Appliances

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000


There are so many generators available on the market, and chances are most of them will either leave you disappointed or will give your bank account a huge dent. So if you are tired of looking at other generators that don’t deliver the power you need or is not in your price range, you need to look no further and consider the Pulsar G12KBN Generator.


Not only will this generator to satisfy your needs, but it will also make sure to power all the appliances you need without any hesitation. With its 12,000 Watt power output, The Pulsar 12000 has almost double the power when compared to a regular portable generator, for a great price. You can expect fantastic durability, as it will withstand any weather condition due to its heavy-duty build.


After extensive research, we found the Pulsar 12000 Dual Fuel Generator to be one of the best option for anyone looking for a portable generator that will help in challenging times such as sudden power outages.




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