Is Generator Oil The Same As Car Oil?

Yes, the generator oil used is the same as that used in a car because synthetic motor oils are the same. The synthetic oil you choose should be high quality; hence you need to choose 5W-30 oil. Your vehicle and generator engine will work properly when using high-quality oil.

What Oil Should Be Put in A Generator?

SAE 30 should be used if you are above 32F. When the temperature is below 40F, you are advised to use 10W30 and when the temperature is below -10F, use 10F.

The synthetic oil 5W-30 can be used in all temperatures. The oil should be changed every one hundred hours after operating for the first twenty to thirty hours.

You require oil types such as 10W-30 for your generator. In the market, you need to be keen when choosing the type of oil.

The difference between the 10W-30 and 10W-40 is the thickness or thinness determined when the oil is at high temperatures.

What Happens When Wrong is Put In The Generator?

The wrong oil may contain improper engine oil maintenance, leading to poor lubrication. Your engine may encounter permanent damage or generator failure caused by premature wear on the engine parts.

Always ensure that the oil you put in your engine is the right one to avoid such problems and have an effective and functional generator.

Can Synthetic Oil 5W-20 Be Used in A Generator Instead Of 5W-30?

Yes, you can use the 5w-20 instead of the 5W-30, but it should not be your ideal method. Synthetic oil 5W-30 has a higher viscosity than 5W-20; hence it is not advisable to change engine oil.

Because 5W-20 is lighter, it is designed to be used with newer engines. There are some repercussions of using 5W-20 instead of 5W-30 because they mix and leave your engine with a quick-to-freeze oil that breaks down in warm weather.

How Much Oil Does a Generator Take?

From 1 to gallons because the oil capacity for generator engines varies. Every 200 hours or every two years, depending on which comes first, the Generac engine requires engine oil change because there are 9 quarts in each size and 4 quarts in each size.

Each year or every 100 hours, you are required to change the oil of the CorePower 7KW generator. You are advised to change the oil on new generators after 25 hours.

After the first oil change, you need to drain the old oil, and after fifty to sixty hours, you are required to refill the engine.

Should 10W-30 Be Used Instead Of 5W-30?

Better lubrication is provided by 5W-30 compared to when using 10W-30. In heavy-duty trucks and vehicles with heavy engines, it is recommended to use the synthetic oil 5W-30 and 10W-30 for light-duty engines or private cars.

Differences in Engine Oil

At the basic level, the ability to resist flow is the fluid’s viscosity; hence in a cold climate, the synthetic oil 5W-30 viscosity engine oil thickens lesser than a synthetic 10W-30 but more than 0W-30.

When temperatures are low, the engine oil tends to thicken. Hence it is advisable to use an engine with oil with a viscosity of 5W or 0W.

What To Choose Between Synthetic Oil Or Standard Oil In Your Generator?

Some people think that synthetic oil is better than the standard oils when used on engines other say that you do not need synthetic oil because they claim it is fraud.

Because of that reason, you may be confused about which type of oil to use on your engine. Both claims have valid arguments.

Because synthetic oil does not break down quickly, it is best for aging engines. Because of that reason, your aging engine’s life will be prolonged and protect your engine.

The other side of the argument claims that your engine will burn off oil faster than normal because it does not allow your engine to break in properly.

It is good to use synthetic engine oil on your engine, but it also should be overkill due to the regular changing and checking. You find out that you will be changing the synthetic oil before its benefits come around.


Yes, the generator oil used is the same as that used for a car because synthetic motor oils are the same. You need to choose the best engine oil for your generator to avoid wear and help your engine have a long life.

Although synthetic oils are suitable for your generator, they have their wrong side, like regularly checking and changing.

Always check the oil you are using on the engine because engine oil differs depending on the thickness. Thinner oil is used for new or light engines, while thicker oils are used in heavy-duty engines.