Top 5 Best Tailgate Generators 2021

Best Tailgating generator

Do You Need a Tailgating Generator? Tailgating is a lot of fun and the best portable generators for tailgating ensure that anything that may inhibit the joy in the social gathering is eliminated. We do not consider things like running out of drinks and the cold as problems anymore. You may be at a tailgate … Read more

Portable vs Standby Generator: Which is Best?

Portable generator vs Standby Generators

Generators are a necessity for most homes, as our society needs electricity to function. If we don’t have electricity in our house, we won’t be able to watch our latest TV shows, go on the internet, or even have access to AC or a portable heater. That being said, generators will come in handy during … Read more

Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Review 2021

Overview Concerning its overall appearance, the renowned Predator 3500 Super Quiet inverter generator is similar to the highly praised Honda EU3000Is and even the recent IS1AG and IS1AN upgrades. Even better, when we undertake a rigorous investigation and analyze the engine, the resemblance is profound. The Predator 3500 inverter generator comes with a higher wattage … Read more

A-iPower Inverter Generator Review 2021

A-iPower Inverter Generators

If there is one thing that nearly everyone can’t live without, it has to be electricity! Everything almost everything we do is today associated with power in one way or another. From schools, hospitals, businesses to restaurants, and transportation, every facet of life needs electrical energy. This explains why power outages can have a monumental … Read more

Honda EU2200i Generator Review 2021

Honda EU2200i Generator

The look of the Honda EU2200i is close to the older model’s design. It comes with a black and red signature of its housing and a very thick carrying handle that runs parallel on the top. With a compact design, only the fuel tank takes much space in this model. This unique inverter generator is … Read more