How To Start A Generator Without A Pull Cord? (Step by Step Guide)?

When using a generator pull cord, it is never fun when they pull cord snaps in half which happens a lot.

Most of the cords are not of steel.

A quality rope is used to make the cord, which rubs against metal constituents and high-pitched corners.

Due to that, the cord is most likely to break over a short time.

You might think that your generator is broken since most people do not consider this inevitability.

It is now possible to start your generator without a pull cord. I will guide you through the process.

Breaking Out the Manual

The first and most crucial step you will need to do is break out the original manual of the generator you want to change.

You have to understand and observe how the ignition and starter systems operate.

You will need to study the rope system and how it relates to the rest of the generator.

It is also vital to confirm if the manual specifies how to start the generator when the pull cords break or are compromised.

Today, most generators have inbuilt redundancy systems that you can use to solve this problem.

I have seen an electric plug incorporated into the start system.

Other generators may need you to manually crank the starting system so that the generator continues running.

Sometimes you can be surprised by what you get while reviewing the manual.

Will You Fix the Rope?

You will need to figure out how the rope is connected to the starter motor. It should be after reading through the manual.

 You will find out, that the ropes disintegrate and break tight against the generator.

The rope will disappear inside the generator, making you think that the rope is used up.

Although it will not always be that way, sometimes is it possible to open up the generator and find some rope fixed to the starter left.

It depends on the luck you will have.

When you find yourself in such a situation, tie a solid knot that will incorporate a sheet bend and another piece of rope.

It is to ensure the rope extends out.

Ensure you run the extended rope through the house that is open, where the original passed.

Do this while handling the tied rope with care. You will be on the right track.

It is, however, not a permanent fix since the tied knot may experience some stress.

The method will help your generator continue running, which will be what you want.

When your rope is missing or is disintegrated, you will need to pay keen attention to the next step, it is a quick guide.

Find Your Emergency Recoil System

I stated earlier that most generators today have an emergency recoil system.

The emergency recoil system is designed to ensure there is an attachment to the recoil assembles itself.

It will give you a chance to tie a rope that will be moved directly to the emergency system to bypass the route taken by the original.

The original should be tied here to stop the knot.

When doing this, ensure that you place the knot to the notch on the outer part of the emergency system mechanism.

Once a pull is exerted, counterclockwise will be experienced.

Your generator will be up and running in a few moments after.

This method will work for a majority of the generators.

If it does not work, check the brand of the generator and try to find where the emergency recoil system is.

That is why it is vital to go through the manual where such information will be relayed.

Attach an Impact Driver or Power Drill to the Starter

If you find the tips above tough to navigate, it is possible to restart the generator without a pull rope.

You can use a cordless impact driver, power drill, a socket, and add some juice to the battery.

Proceed to pull the shroud off and study the nut attachment at the center.

The different brands have different sizes. There will be a need for several sockets to try and test.

Once you know the perfect size socket, you can proceed to the next step.

By attaching the breaker bar connector to the power drill, ensure the power drill is at a low speed, then tap the socket at the end of the connector.

While reversely pushing everything, ensure that directly attached to the starter motor nut.

Thereafter, stir up the drill.


I bet after reading this article, you can have a good picture of how to start a generator without pull cords in case it happens to you.

By following the following steps, you can achieve starting a generator without a pull cord.

  1. Breaking out the manual.
  2. By you fixing the rope.
  3. Finding your emergency recoil system.
  4. Attaching an impact driver or power drill to the starter.