How To Secure Generator When Camping (Step by Step Guide)

Stealing a generator can be easy and, at the same time, hard; it all depends on the size and the security measures that have been put up.

Heavy generators are very hard to steal as it will require much time and effort to have them from where they have been stored. The light portable ones are easy to be stolen.

Small-sized generators attract thieves; you need to develop the possible security measures to keep them safe while camping. Below are tips on how to secure your generator while camping.

Keep an Eye on It

Generators tend to be noisy; not all are silent, so individuals prefer to have them far from the residence or camping site.

The main reason is to avoid all its noises; if your generator is not noisy, then kindly have it around your site.

For a thief to take a generator, they will have to switch it off, and if it is the noisy one, definitely you will hear them.

If your generator is around and suddenly goes off, don’t waste even a minute; walk out quickly and find out what is happening.

Immediate reaction will deny the thieves time to have it packed on their vehicle and run away. The main point here is you should avoid keeping it away at all costs, as thieves will steal it without struggling.

Do Away with Its Wheels

Some generators have wheels; if you have a heavy one mounted on the wheels, you might consider removing them. Remember, when the generator has wheels, it is effortless for someone to push it.

Removing the wheels will make it difficult for the thieves to walk away with it. Only have the wheels fitted on it when you want to shift from one point to another, but let it stay without the wheels if it’s at one location. A generator without a wheel will not attract thieves; this makes it safe.

Surround Its Background with Dry Leaves

There is a difference between dry leaves and greener ones; if you don’t know, feel free to try it out because it’s practical.

Dry leaves have a rattling sound when stepped on, and you can hear them when someone steps on them from a very long distance. You can use these dry leaves as one of your alerts and spread them around the generator.

If someone decides to go near it, they will step on them, and the rattling sound will come out. That will be a clear alarm that someone is trying to reach your generator.

Put Some Lights Outside

Lighting your premises while camping is one way to keep your generator’s bad intentions. Nowadays, generators can power up bulbs; thus, lighting can no longer be a problem.

Placing your generator in a dark place will attract thieves to it. Please place it in an area full of light such that no one can dare to go near it without being seen.

Have it Inside your Camp Premises Once Done Use It

While camping, many tend to leave their generators outside; this doesn’t seem right, and not everyone has a good intention.

Having it stay out during the night is very risky; while sleeping, it is tough for you to hear any activities happening outside.

When sleeping, it will be tough for you to notice that the generator has been switched off, and by the time you realize, the thieves will have already gone.

Purchase a Silent Generator

Silent generators are the best, so buy them and hide them where no one will notice you are using a generator while camping. It is challenging for someone to steal what they can’t see or touch.

A noisy generator will distract the owner and get the thieves’ attention. On the other hand, the quite portable ones will not. The difference is the price; silent ones are more expensive than noisy ones.

I will advise you to go for the silent one despite the price because the extra coin will be for security and peace of mind.

Chain It

Chaining is another alternative you can opt for and lock up your generator with a padlock. Every time the generator is in service, you chain it in a permanent structure.

Yes, thieves can break padlocks, but it is not easy, as it will take some time to break them. When you never lock your chain in the camping site, thieves will be demoralized, as they will fear being caught in the act.


The main aim of safeguarding your generator is to make the thieves know that it’s not easy to get away with your generator. Beef the security measures such that it will be hard for them. Follow the above tips, and your generator will be safe from intruders and stalkers.