Honda EU2200i Generator Review 2022

The look of the Honda EU2200i Generator is close to the older model’s design. It comes with a black and red signature of its housing and a very thick carrying handle that runs parallel on the top. With a compact design, only the fuel tank takes much space in this model.


This unique inverter generator is user-friendly with a portable design. Also, it features a four-procedure color-coded unit that guides every user on how to start the unit using manual recoil. Other essential features you’ll get from this machine are less noise level, fuel shutoff, and a larger section set aside to control oil. At quarter load, its noise level is rated at 48 decibels, while at full load, it’s rated at 57 decibels.


Another upgrade to expect from this ingenious model is power. It boasts 2200 watts peak power while its running power is rated at 1800 watts that is 200watts greater than the Honda EU2000i make. In addition, these Honda EU2200i inverter generators produce power greater than regular generators.


This model can be paired with another EU2200i model and EB2200i and other older identical models of EU2000i. Its design comes with an exclusive eco-throttle system. Essentially, this implies that this generator model is energy efficient and can offer you up to 8.1-hours of runtime when at a quarter of its load but when the fuel tank is full.


The Honda EU2200i fuel tank is somewhere below 1 gallon. Owing to its efficiency yet still relying on a small fuel tank, you can expect this amazing inverter generator to be economical and affordable to run generally. The manufacturers also pointed out that the Honda EU2200i inverter generator is durable and suitable for portable use. They have improved its control panel manual recoil unit, new rotor/stator, improved ventilation system, and upgraded the electronic circuit breaker. In addition, the manufacturers design its rotor with magnets that allow you to have super-clean electrical output.

Let’s now check out the specs of this Honda model.


What Makes This Model One of The Best Inverter Generators? 

When you first come across this model, its specs will look quite normal for an upgraded inverter generator running in the 2000 wattage category. However, it is remarkably designed and features a carrying handle, yet weighing below 47 pounds. Unlike the EU2000i model, this model has 200 watts of extra power.


The extra power might not be much, but such a difference can enable you to connect additional appliances. Such as blenders, coffee makers, or home televisions could also power an electric gadget for the office.


The inverter generator comes with a 120V AC output with a 12V Duplex DC output. But if you wish to use DC output, you’ll first need to buy extra accessories so that you can connect the EU2200i to, for instance, your vehicle battery.


Energy Efficiency 

Honda EU2200i may only be driven by gasoline. It comes with a very small fuel tank that can hold up to 0.95gallons, and you can easily refill it via the screw top. In most cases, a limited fuel consumption implies less run time for generators.


But that is not the case with this one-of-a-kind model. It can still run for about 8.1 hours when at a quarter loaded without causing problems – it is energy efficient thanks to the new features it comes along with it. This excellent run time is made a reality with a 121CC GXR120 engine initially made for heavy-duty industrial appliances. Though this inverter generator has a quiet engine and is lightweight, it still outputs decent power.


Engine Ignition

For this model, Honda opted to leave out a push start and improve the manual recoil unit. In addition, to ignite the engine, less arm strength is needed thanks to an auto-mechanical decompressor. Aside from that, Honda also ensured this model was user-friendly by improving almost all its features.


These features were brought to ensure the Honda inverter generator stood the test of time and enabled it to be maintained with ease. However, one key feature that stands out with this model is the fuel shutoff valve. This feature allows the generator to shut itself when it is running under low fuel, thus lowering the damages that could be felled on the engine.


The other important feature that prevented the model’s damage is the auto-circuit breaker that switched off the generator when there is a tendency of overload or when the electricity isn’t stable.


Although this is a convenient feature for most generators, it’s still crucial in this model. Another incredible and timely user-friendly feature boasted by this inverter generator is the modification of the oil control. The Honda EU2200i inverter generator comes with a wide opening for the oil and a wide spout with a larger oil drain gutter that ensures the whole process of changing the generator’s oil is flawless.

An Upgrade To EU2000i Model

From the technical specifications of this model that we’ve discussed above, it’s apparent that some upgrades have been introduced instead of the Honda EU2000i model. This latest model has similar dimensions and looks to its predecessor, yet it’s a pound heavier.


However, this heavier model doesn’t mean it’s not functional; in fact, the added weight offers more power and has 200 watts of increased power than the EU2000i model.


The extra power of EU2200i doesn’t imply that it will get a longer run time. As a fact, this new model underwent a 0.2-hour reduction when fully loaded. However, the expected runtime when quarter loaded remains at 8.1 hours.


When both engine models are compared, the new EU2200i model is a bit quieter than the previous model. In addition, it comes with a noise level difference of close to 5 decibels, which is better, particularly when you need an inverter generator as supplemental RV power to use while you’re on a camping trip. The last difference is their starting system. This latest model still uses the manual recoil for starting the engine; however, it doesn’t require much strength.


This latest improved make is mainly designed to handle large power needs. This newest version can run gadgets like fridges, DVD satellite, TV, hairdryer, microwave, AC, Freezers, refrigerators, blenders, etc. With a GXR120 industrial series engine, originally designed for heavy-duty construction equipment, you can expect quiet operation with exceptional fuel consumption performance.

It features an auto-mechanical decompressor that makes it seamlessly start. Better still, you can connect two EU2200i if you have additional power of about 4400 watts. Also, if you need a portable inverter generator that will offer you enough backup power to use during a camp trip, this model might provide you with the best performance ever.


The all-new Honda EU2200i model delivers excellent value for most users, outputting 10% more power than its predecessor, EU2000i. Yet, it still sells at almost the same price.


As stated earlier, the additional power is achieved with its GXR120 engine, which offers better performance and easy usability. Furthermore, maintaining this model is easy, and users can power any appliance without sacrificing one appliance over the other.


This model also comes with many user-friendly designs that include; light effort recoil, easier oil changes, a user-friendly design, fuel shutoff, a large spout, and finally oil drain gutter used for cleaning.


Furthermore, the startup points are color-coded for seamless operation. The Honda EU2200i has improved ventilation, ensuring the airflow is improved and enabling better cooling of the key components.


This new model is designed with convenience, portability, and quality in mind. The lightweight unit has its body fully enclosed with state-of-the-art engineering that allows you to put it on in an area that requires quiet operation. If you’re a lover of outdoor activities such as tailgating gatherings, camping, etc. In that case, this is one of the best inverter generators to brace yourself with.


Let’s now take a look at what we like and don’t enjoy about this generator.


  • Easy start up- Even though it’s a manual recoil starter, it has four grey label lights that guide any user through the entire starting process of this machine.
  • It supports parallel capabilities, making it a good choice for people who need more power to power their appliances.
  • Auto-fuel shutoff ensures the engine runs based on the oil in the fuel tank, thus preventing the damage of the engine. Also, it makes the generator last longer. You can count for long-lasting use.
  • CO-Minder technology-senses carbon monoxide and shutoffs automatically before harmful levels are reached


  • The runtime ought to be improved; the difference between the predecessor and this model is small, but it is a milestone for the added 200 watts, but it could be more.
  • Expensive
  • The Honda EU2200i has the potential to come up with a good and reliable push start.
  • It could be better with an electric and manual starter.

Features and Specifications


-Dimensions: Length 20.0”, Width 11.4”, Height 16.7”, Weight 46.5lb.

-Run Time: 3.2hr rated load & 8.1 hours at 25%; load

-Noise Level: 48-57 dB

-AC Output: 120V 2200W Max, 1800W rated

-Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 Gallons

-Receptacles: 125V 20A Duplex

-Engine: Displacement -121CC

-DC Output: 12V, 100W

-Engine Oil Capacity: (oz. / L) 14 oz. /0.44 L



  • CO-MINDER system: This system is concerned with monitoring CO levels. It instantly shuts down the machine before the detected CO level close to the generator reaches a dangerous level.
  • Easy to start: Feature an automatic decompression unit that greatly lowers the amount of strength required to start the engine.
  • Lightweight & Portable: It weighs below 47lbs, and it is made to be very compact, allowing you to move and store it seamlessly.
  • Fuel-Efficient: This model can operate for up to 8 hours using a single fuel tank, but based on the load. Delivers reliable, clean power at your disposal.
  • Electronic Circuit Breaker: To protect your EU2200i against overloads, the generator is designed to have this circuit that adds extra protection.
  • Oil Alert: Another significant feature that makes this model stand out is the oil alert that lowers the engine’s functionality as the fuel becomes too little. This feature makes the portable generator perform optimally and prevents the engine from being damaged by overworking.
  • Fuel Shutoff: This feature enables the engine to run up to the point where most of the fuel in the tank is consumed before shutting off. This feature prevents stale fuel and damage to the carburetor, more so when storing the generator for a longer time.
  • Advanced Inverter Technology: The Honda’s inverter technology ensures clean and reliable power output. It is suitable for sensitive devices like smartphones and computers.
  • Parallel capability: This is a critical feature because it offers you the ability to connect two EU2200i inverter generators for more power to run most of your appliances.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can Honda 2200 watt Generator Run?

The Honda EU2200i generator is well designed to deliver more power to run various devices. Whether you need one for your refrigerator, extra-large tv, microwaves, or any other device, this is the best choice of inverter portable generators for you. In addition, you can use the smartphone app to monitor how the generator runs these devices. This makes it more convenient to achieve a more impressive performance.


You can also use the generator to run other devices such as coffee makers, fans, lights, small ac units, and many more. It is the best solution during blackouts, and it can run two parallel devices for only 4400watts of power.


Ideally, you can use it for your overnight power supply because it can run for up to 9.6 hours with one tank of gas. With a starting power of 2000 watts and a running power of up to 1600 watts, it can comfortably run a blender, refrigerator, an electric oven, and more. For refrigerators, it can run a mid-sized refrigerator.


What is the Fuel Capacity of a Honda EU2200i Generator?

It is equipped with a smaller fuel tank that can accommodate less than a gallon of fuel. This small tank provides a fuel-efficient performance, making it so affordable for you to run it. Whenever you have a quarter load of fuel in the tank, it can sustain you for up to 8.1 hours, depending on its usage. You can power it using gasoline using the screw top-up to a capacity of up to 0.95 gallons. Therefore, since it has a smaller tank, it means that you have a shorter running time.


It gets more interesting with its featured 121cc GXR 120 engine that is energy efficient to ensure that it gets you through your day-to-day operations. This engine does not require much effort to start it off since it is equipped with an automatic mechanical decompressor. Featuring a low fuel shutoff, it means that this portable inverter generator will automatically switch off whenever it’s running under low fuel. This protects the engine from any damages whatsoever.


How Many Watts is a Honda EU2200i?

Honda EU2200i has a power of up to 2200watts. The surge power remains to be 2200watts whereas the running power is 1800watts. Since it includes an eco-friendly throttle system, you are assured of an energy-efficient device.


This allows you to run various devices at home or any other place. Whenever you need more power, this generator has parallel capabilities making it more convenient for different tasks.


You can as well Carry it with you whenever you are out camping because its wattage offers you the needed performance throughout the night when there are power outages. With its ability to operate longer hours or even days without interruptions, it stands out as the best inverter generator with ideal power.


Is a Honda Generator Worth it?

Honda generators are worth it. It features a solid construction which means that you will be using it for many years to come before replacing it. In addition, with a lower noise level less than a normal conversation of 60dB, your neighbors will be thanking you even when fully loaded because they won’t be facing any loud noises and distractions.


This makes it one of the best portable generators you can always pick. You can also carry it to any place of your choice, and it is made lightweight to ease transport purposes. The Honda models are portable generators that ensure you can always have a reliable source of power with you at all times. Therefore, you can use most of your home devices without facing any interruptions with this outstanding generator.


How long will a Honda generator last?

Honda generators can last longer than you can expect. Depending on the load, it can run continuously for 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank. Therefore, it can run continuously for four hours with a full tank with a full load capacity. This implies that if you load it up to 25%, you can use it for 9 hours.


The Eco throttle system makes it one of the most energy-efficient devices available in the market. It usually gives you up to 200 hours of continuous power. The one with an unlimited power supply offers you up to 500 hours of running time. Additionally, it lasts longer because it is made of high-grade materials that are resistant to any damages. You should not leave it in the rain since it is ideal to leave it on a dry surface with a canopy-like structure.



Wattage Demands of Everyday Devices

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000


The Honda EU2200i is a quiet, durable generator with great safety features from a reliable brand. The disadvantages are its much more expensive than other generators in its power class and has a short run time compared to others.


Should you buy the Honda EU2200i? No. Although the Honda EU2200i is a quality generator. Its about 3-5X more expensive than the competition. We would recommend the Champion 2000 or Westinghouse iGen2200 as better performing options at a better price.


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