Goal Zero Yeti 500x Review

Are you looking for advice on portable battery stations, solar panels, and gas generators? These may come in handy during a power outage, emergencies, outdoor recreation, or maybe for simple convenience.


Due to demand for emergencies after COVID-19, there was an uptick in the sale of battery power stations and solar panels as a backup power supply.


Powering medical devices, power electronics, lighting, and even television has become critical. In addition, your phone, laptop, and maybe even lights need to be powered.


For portable power to use outdoors, Goal Zero Yeti 500X is the brand name that comes to mind. Not that there are no other brands, there are. However, Goal Zero Yeti 500X leads the other portable generators by setting the standards they all follow.


Goal Zero is well known for producing portable generators. In 2020, they entered the realm of solar generators to provide efficient and eco-friendly power sources. Their first product was Yeti 200X gas generator, which was among their smallest products.


Their second release will be the basis of this review, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X. With this solar-powered generator, the potential devices that you can charge are unlimited. From your refrigerator, smartphone, laptop, and camera, its uses are many. But, price aside, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X is the real deal.


As we shall see from its features, it combines technology and innovation to deliver the ultimate powering experience. Moreover, it is a lightweight and beautiful power station that will dethrone any other alternative.

Goal Zero Yeti 500X Product Description


While remaining even smaller, the Yeti 500X also manages to stay true to Goal Zero’s safety mantra. The company aims to deliver a battery management system, top-grade LG battery cells, and a pulse-sine wave output that allows you to charge sensitive electronics. They also have an objective of delivering an unmatched surge output at 1200W with their Yeti 500X.


These, combined with the company’s ecosystem of healthy accessories and products, allow you to scale the system according to your needs. You can have a large or a small system, depending on what you plan to use the system.


For instance, you can simultaneously use the 8mm 120W and C PD 60W USB ports with MPPT solar controller to speed up the Yeti charging rates. There are other USB ports that you can use to connect your electronic appliances.


However, there are still things that one may not like. For instance, while Goal Zero is an industry leader, they ship the power station without accessories.


Additionally, while other manufacturers set their continuous output at 500W, Goal Zero ships Yeti 500X at a constant power of 300 watts. However, one can appreciate the thoughtful design put in Yeti 500X, its appearance, and the compactness.

Pros of Goal Zero Yeti 500x

  • It uses Lithium-ion cells manufactured by LG (tier 1 and top-notch battery manufacturer)

With such a battery, when on a full charge, the power station can provide power for extended periods compared to its competitors. The batteries have a capacity of 505Wh. However, it is vital to note that as the capacity increases, Li-ion batteries increasingly become volatile. With such a battery capacity, you get a good run time.


  • It has a professional and stern look with pleasing color schemes.

The Yeti 500x comes with an aluminum exterior to protect against battery punctures and bumps. In addition, compared to plastic, aluminum is more eco-friendly.


Additionally, the aluminum exterior acts as an additional safety measure against the volatility of Li-ion batteries, adding more power to their capacity.


Goal Zero Yeti 500X also has vertical, rounded edge grilles that offer an extra grip, as bumpers for phone cases, and provide for additional heat dissipation. In addition, unlike sharp edges that are more likely to shatter, rounded edges are less likely to.


  • Compactness

Goal Zero Yeti 500X is the most compact power station among its rivals. It measures 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 5.8″, enabling you to carry it in the trunk of your vehicle. The power station is also lightweight, weighing about 13 pounds together with the aluminum exterior.


  • It has a pure sine wave

Sensitive electronics require power that is delivered as a pure sine wave. Goal Zero yeti 500X offers you a pure sine wave. The AC inverter can produce 300 watts of power with an unmatched peak of 1200 watts.


The power is clean and allows for the charging of sensitive electronics like laptops and smartphones. It also generates less heat, meaning you can use this power station indoors.


  • Top Quality Battery management system

Goal Zero Yeti 500x also has a high-quality battery management system. The system has an inbuilt overcharge, overload, and short circuit protection. The overcharge protection automatically halts the charging of the battery when a device is full.


  • Regulated output and input ports

The power station also regulates the input and output power from the ports. As long as AC or DC devices do not draw over 300 watts, the Yeti 500x can power them. These are devices like a smart phone, tablets, laptops, fans, lights, portable fridges, CPAP medical devices, cameras, speakers, TV, or a projector.


  • Fast charging

The Yeti 500x allows the use of maximum power Point Tracking to allow for faster charging. There are two options, a USB-C PD 60w or a 120 watts 8mm port. Both the ports can charge concurrently at 180 watts. Additionally, you can connect multiple solar panels for faster charging using a Y-bench cable.


However, this cable is not included in the box. You can use the device while still charging because Goal Zero Yeti 500x has a pure sine wave. The USB c ports are powerful enough to charge a 60W laptop like a MacBook Pro.


  • Yeti 500x has a foldable handle.

Carrying the power station is easy. This is because it has a foldable handle that has a comfortable non-slip grip. Because it is also lightweight, you can therefore carry it between points with ease.


  • Informative LCD

The Yeti 500X also has an informative LCD. To ensure visibility even in darkness, it also has an LED backlight. These allow you to see the capacity left, the total power coming in (through AC outlets adapter or a solar panel), and the total amount of energy (DC and AC combined) being used. The portable power station also shows the estimated hour.


When the output power is higher than input, the indicator shows time to empty. Otherwise, it shows the time to full. It allows the toggling of units between the volts for the inputs and Amps, Watts, or watt-hours for outputs.


  • Customer support

The other advantage of the Goal Zero Yeti 500x is customer support. The portable power station is shipped with a well-detailed manual showing you how to use the generator. If you do not understand the manual, they can send one of their technicians to come and help you.


Such detailed and good customer service helps you avoid accidents like short-circuiting and that your portable power station remains operational for a long time.


  • Large ecosystem of accessories

The other great advantage of having the Yeti 500x is its large ecosystem of interoperable items. These include things like solar panels and batteries.


Cons of Goal Zero Yeti 500x

Everything good has a few shortcomings, and Yeti 500X is not immune from this. In this section, let us consider the disadvantages of the Goal Zero Yeti 500x.


  • Low continuous power output

Compared to its competitors, Goal Zero Yeti’s 500X continuous power output is too low. It has a constant power output of 300 Watts while other brands produce as much as 500 watts.


Although most people are not likely to use over 300watts, the low wattage means that you are limited in terms of the number of devices that you can connect to the portable power station at the same time.


Note that Yeti 500x can sustain a power output of up to 350 watts. However, drawing over 300 watts for a long can end up shortening or damaging your battery life. Goal Zero Yeti 500x can produce a surge output of 1200 watts, an advantage over the other brands.


  • It does not indicate separate power consumption

You may want to know how much power they are drawing or remaining for DC and AC outlets. However, although the Goal Zero Yeti 500x Display is informative, it only shows the combined DC and AC power consumption. Therefore, there is no way of knowing how much DC or AC power is remaining separately. Another disadvantage is that t you cannot read the LCD screen without the LED backlight.


  • Long automatic shutoff

The automatic shutoff for the Yeti 500x is abnormally long, up to 30 hours. While this can be life-saving, for instance, by not shutting the low-powered medical devices off, it can also be devastating.


It can drain the battery unexpectedly from 100% to 40% with no device connected to the portable power station. It is because, on its own, the AC inverter consumes 7 watts.


You may accidentally push the power buttons off or on with a short press, for instance, when packing the camping gear. Therefore, you may end up draining the remaining power and damaging the Li-ion battery. Other Portable generators like Suaoki G500 require a two-second press. This minimizes the chances of unintended power on or offs.


Other Potential Cons

  • There are no other accessories included in the box besides the 57W wall charger.
  • Its battery is not replaceable
  • The portable power station is not waterproof. You must keep it away from splashes and rain. A combination of Lithium and fire or water can cause serious injuries or damages.
  • During a high peak, the multiple fans are on. It makes the Yeti 500X noisy for some people.

Features and Specifications of Goal Zero Yeti 500x


Having seen the advantages and the disadvantages that you may get upon renting or purchasing the Goal Zero Yeti 500x, let us now turn our attention to its features.


Power and Runtime

The runtime and power rating of a generator is among the most important considerations. The power must be able to cater to your appliances and run power tools. Therefore, the power station should be greater than or equal to the total power ratings on your appliances.


For example, the Goal Zero Yeti portable power station produces a running power of 300 watts with peak power at 1200 watts. Its runtime depends on the appliance’s rate of drawing power.


For example, on a 50Wh laptop, it can run for 10 hours, while for a DSLR camera rated at 18Wh, the power station’s runtime is about 28 hours. Therefore, the power station provides you with an adequate runtime to power your devices on a camp or low-powered medical devices like CPAP.


The device can run up to 8 hours for CPAP rated at 65W. While recharging, the power station can run for up to 42 hours while recharging a 12Wh rated smartphone. For a 5WH rated headlamp, the power station has a 101 hours runtime.


Others include a 50Wh rated laptop, DSLR camera (18Wh), and tablet (30Wh) where the power station lasts for 10, 28, and 17 hours respectively. So, as you can see, the runtime depends on the devices connected to the power station. The more the devices connected, the higher the power drawn, reducing the runtime.



Can I carry the Goal Zero Yeti 500x easily? Can it fit on my car trunk? You may be asking these questions yourself. However, there is no need to worry. As you will see, the Portable power station not only fits on your car trunk but also is easy to carry around.


It measures 11.25 X 7.5 x 5.8 inches meaning it can fit in the trunk or on a passenger seat or your vehicle. Goal Zero Yeti 500x weighs about 12.9 pounds (5.85 kilograms). This makes it among the most portable power stations, if not the most portable, there is. Thus, carrying it and setting it up is easy and quick.



Goal Zero Yeti 500x is a perfect combination of both technology and innovation. From its battery, ports, and power management, technology is applied in the Yeti 500x. To begin with, it uses a lithium-ion battery. The battery uses Li-ion NMC cell chemistry, making it store enough charge for a long time.


The battery has a peak capacity of 505Wh, meaning it can serve your needs effectively. In addition, Yeti 500x has the latest charging technology. It features a super-speed power delivery port that enables it to power USB-C tablets, laptops, and phones within no time. It also features a pure sine wave that allows the charging of delicate devices like laptops and smartphones.


Non-smoothened sine wave generators can damage your delicate electronic devices. As we saw above, the power station features a maximum power point tracking control system that allows quick charging.



To turn the DC or AC outputs on or off, press the corresponding button, either the 12V Car/6mm, USB, or a 12V, USB, for DC and AC outputs, respectively. However, note that an unintentional single press on this power station can cause accidental power off or on. In addition, it may drain the battery power unknowingly until the idle auto-off is engaged.


Lithium-Ion batteries have a 500 charging cycle before the battery drops by 20% from when they were new. So, in theory, you can charge the power station up to 2000 cycles. However, we estimate that about 25% of more power capacity is lost per 500 cycles. In addition, lithium-Ion batteries can only operate in temperatures between 0-40 degrees.


The Goal Zero BMS (battery management system) prevents recharging in temperatures outside 0-40 degrees Celsius and outputting power in temperatures outside 14-149 degrees Fahrenheit. Lithium-ion batteries drain over time and may take 1-1.5 years to complete full to empty.



Yeti 500x is a quiet generator. However, on a full charge, it produces noise from the running fans on all sides. The noise cannot affect the working whether indoors or outdoors. When the battery is on low charge, Yeti 500x produces a chirping noise to alert you that it needs recharging.


Ensure that you plug it into a power source like AC power or a solar panel to prevent it from dying. Therefore, this is a good power station to use in all applications, either indoor or outdoor.



Compared to other power stations with similar specifications, the price of a Yeti 500x power station is slightly higher. However, the power station is worth the price. The power station provides a longer lifetime and power, making the investment worth it.


You can buy the power station in installments starting at $64 per month with Affirm or make a complete payment of around $700. However, there are other essential add-ons that you need to use the power station effectively. These include things like: solar panels, car charging cable, solar panel briefcase, and the lithium battery protection case. But, as we said above, although the power station is expensive, it is well worth the money.


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Goal Zero Yeti 500x Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Charge the Goal Yeti 500x?

Portability was among the primary features of the Yeti 500x generator. While we looked at the physical portability, it can also be in terms of charging. Most people wonder how they can charge their Yeti 500x power station. Here we will look at the various ways to charge it because it is charging portable. There are three ways to charge your power station.


  • The sun (Solar Charging)

You can recharge your Goal Zero Yeti 500x generator using solar energy from direct sunlight. To do this, connect it with a compatible solar panel. The solar panels may be either a mountable boulder or foldable nomad. The higher the wattage per solar panel, the faster the rates of charging. the solar panel is an eco-friendly way of charging your Yeti 500x power station.


  • From the wall

GZ Yeti 500x power station has a 60W power supply that can be plugged into a wall outlet and can charge the power station fully in just 10 hours. In addition, you can plug the power station into a Yeti X 120W power supply that reduces the charging time by 50%. The power station can also be charged using a USB-C power supply port.


  • From the car

You can also charge your Yeti 500x using your vehicle’s car charger, drawing power from your car battery. All you have to do is plug the 12V power outlet of your car charger into the power station using a Goal Zero Yeti car-charging cable (lithium 12v). However, you should note that charging the Goal Zero Yeti 500x generator using another cable may damage it.


How Long Will a Goal Zero Yeti Last?

As we already saw above, the Yeti 500x has a rating of 500 cycles to a capacity of 80%. So it means that for the battery capacity of the Yeti 500x to drop down by 20% off its original capacity, you have to charge and recharge it 500 times.


Your batteries can last longer if not discharge the power station above 80% or below 10-20%. If you manage to keep the battery between 20-80% charged, you can be assured that it will have a longer lifespan. It may last for even two cycles. According to the manufacturer, you can get as much as 2000 lifecycles or above.


Is Goal Zero Worth the Money?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Goal Zero is worth the money. It is expensive but priced to last. Unlike many other power stations, Goal Zero offers other immense benefits on top of its durability.


If space and weight are a concern to you, then Goal Zero is your go-to power station. It offers good runtimes and a ton of charging ports or power outlets that allow you to connect as many devices. Additionally, it is eco-friendly as you can charge it using solar panels, your car, or a wall plug. These are just a few things that make the Yeti 500x stand on top of other power stations.


Can A Goal Zero Power an RV?

A Goal Zero can power an RV. However, it depends on the wattage of the RV. A Goal Zero Yeti 1000 can power some RVs. The power station has a 1500W/300w surge wattage pure sine wave inverter built into the unit. Therefore, you can use the electronics up to 1500 watts.


Consider the wattage of your devices to determine how long the power station can run your RV. How many appliances are there in your RV? What is their total wattage? The answer to these questions can determine how effective the Goal Zero Yeti power station can power your recreational vehicle.

Wattage Demands of Goal Zero Yeti 500x

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000

Goal Zero Yeti 500x Conclusions

Regardless of what activity you undertake, a power source is an essential item. Goal Zero Yeti 500X is a solid power source. Compared to other solar generators in its power class, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X is more expensive. However, it has some of the longest charge times, and is highly portable. 





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