What Generator Size To Run Air Conditioner or House?

The typical households experience power outage on some occasions and for some period. But blackouts triggered by severe weather may go on for many days or weeks. And, whenever this happens, homeowners face several inconveniences and loses.

Generators, however, are the most convenient backup plans.

Again, not all generators are made the same. Some models can run limited appliances while some an entire house.

And it brings the question, what generator size is ideal to run an air conditioner?  How do you go about selecting the model suited to your needs?

Now, the good news is, our work here is to lighten your burden. This article offers help on how to decide on the right generator that will enable run your air conditioners smoothly.

Top Generators To Run Air Conditioner

How To Tell Size Of Generator Needed

The truth is, it is tiring to remain stuck without an AC in the course of extended blackouts. If you are, then you need to look for a standby generator to provide power in a future failure. Do you experience power loss during hot weather? Then you’ll need to have essential things like the air conditioner running. For you to be safe on your generator selection, then you need to:

1. Know the Available Generator Types

You have to know that the market offers two categories of generators. The ones you can move from one point to another, portable, and standby types that must get installed outdoors while connected to the power line.

As expected, both have benefits and drawbacks which can help you decide as well.

For you to avoid frustrations, the stationary or standby one is the best. With this you will experience:

-The added power since the biggest portable generator has only 12,000 watts. The machine will not push its wattage limit even when larger Air Conditioners are working.

-There is less maintenance needed, unlike the portable generators. Since the wattage consumption never gets exceeded, you will be spending moderate resources. For instance, you refuel once in a while and little time in maintenance.

2. Understand How The Generators Get sized

The current progress of technology in the engineering industry has gone to generators too. The units come in different sizes.

Many individuals think the term size refers to the physical dimensions, but instead, it denotes electrical output. The extent of the measurements come in capacities of power like W, watts or kW, kilowatts.

But, does the generator scope matter? Yes, if you overwork the equipment, it can either shut down or, overheat. In turn, the associated risks can spoil the generator plus other home appliances and the other side, if you buy a potent generator beyond your needs, it means you will be overpaying.

The unit and running costs can force you to break the piggy bank. Well, there is no harm in having an expert electrician help with the inspection. You can read more about generator sizing here.

How to Decide the Right Generator Size

generator size to run air conditioner

Walking to a generator dealer and ordering the best or low-cost type available without the right considerations is not an ideal tactic. Here are some things you need to consider:

1. Identify Your Requirements

For you to decide the size generator to run air conditioner, begin by calculating the starting & running wattage of your appliance you need to power. Getting the correct estimate is vital for knowing the exact power requirements.

2. Calculate Size Of Generator You Need

Before you calculate what size generator you need, ask yourself what you want to run in the event of power blackout. The good thing is that, depending on the energy production, a generator can run anything even the large devices.

For you to decide the size generator to run your air conditioner, you must know the entire possible consumption rate. The fact is you can power only your Air Conditioner or together with other vital appliances.

– If it is only your air conditioner unit, then you need to get the capacity of the appliance. The device weight gets measured in tons or BTUs and the label available in the owner’s manual. For you to find the wattage, you multiply the items weight by 3,500 since 1 ton = 3,500 watts.

The method however only gives you the starting or surge wattage. That means the value you get shows the total watts required to start-up an appliance.

With this, you can estimate what size generator to run an air conditioner you will need. Nearly most air conditioner models require about 2000 to 3000 watts to power on and run smoothly. So, get the accurately sized generator even to help you find out the total energy you will need.

– In case, you will be powering other essential home appliances then find that size of generator that can startup several pieces of equipment. Add all the wattage including the starting wattage of all your machines you should have running.

Then, get a generator which exceeds the joint wattage of the units. You will avoid power fluxes, but enjoy continuous and steady power supply for your home. With this, you as well, have no possible damages to your air conditioner and added appliances.

Yes, you can add the wattage of all the items that shall be working at the same time. Some things have higher start-up ratings than the run ratings, so, use the higher rating to conclude your energy necessities. You can calculate the power requirements by determining the number of devices that will get powered. Remembering that inductively loading the appliances with tools like the washers, refrigerators, and power items will need extra wattage to start all the equipment.

How to Get The Power Details For Your Equipment

Usually, the information is available in the documentation plate or owner’s guide in the purchaser’s kit of your device. Find out the running and starting required by every appliance. In some cases, both are the same but where necessary, obtaining the peak wattage it is vital.

The reason why you need this is that if your devices consume added power during surging than what the generator produces, then you will not manage to run your machines.

An alternative way to solve the problem of what size generator to run air conditioner is by totaling the wattage of all you need to stay on during blackouts.

Before bringing in the calculator, remember that some machines draw extra wattage for a moment while running. The surge watts can interfere with the calculations if not included. Read more about surge watts on quora.

What’s Average Air Conditioner Wattage?

You will find a vast range of watts for Air Conditioner units. The energy efficient types, like the large ones, could require as low as 2,000 wattage.

The larger and older ones are less efficient and may need about 10,000 watts. You might not find a specific answer here for the question, what size generator to run air conditioner?

Never rely on the size your friend uses or what the internet says as the average. The total that matters is the accurate calculation from your unit.

Consider the Outside Temperature

When temperature and humidity increase outside, the power needed to start your air conditioner is more, and the generators output decreases.

Unluckily, that means, when you will require high power to get your air conditioner operating. The generator will, in turn, be producing low energy rating because of the high temperature.

The input of every air conditioner is steady and usually measured to be 35C outdoors and 27C indoors with a 50% humidity.

An increase in temperature raises the electrical energy necessity of the device. You can choose popular generator size which is trendy for dimensions and fuel efficiency.

Considering aspects like temperatures which often affect the working of the device, some models will suit air conditioners.

Advantages Of Selecting The Right Generator Size

With the idea about how to pick up the suitable size of your generator that fit your needs, here are some apparent benefits gained by undertaking that process:

– No sudden system-failure

– No blackouts due to size overload

– Better durability of your generator

– Assured performance

– Smooth and hassle-free repairs

– Improved power systems life duration

– Guaranteed personal safety

– Lower likelihood of asset destruction

Where Should You Buy Your Generator?

Not only will you be buying a vital company or home asset but also an appliance you will depend on for primary or backup electrical power in the future. The time may be during a disaster, so determining where you need to get a good deal is a fundamental concern not worth overlooking. Some of the factors that play a role in where to close the generator deal include:

– Years of operational experience

– Provide full-service when needed

– Certification of the technicians

– High-quality equipment and installation machines

– Supportive and knowledgeable support or office staff

– Tested products before deliveries

– Competitive prices and quotes always

Finally, these days demands for extra power are increasing. And, so generators large enough are necessary to run large appliances like the air conditioners.

The devices are at times not portable because of the size and heaviness. Of course, there are many considerations that you’ll need to be accountable for what size of your generator to run air conditioner.

Besides, consulting a professional technician will easy any difficulties that you may find. Remember, economical generators over-quote the rated outputs and may get damaged calling for high maintenance cost. It is better to choose the well-known brands having established agent networks.

We hope this has answered your question on the best size of generator to run air conditioner in your homes?

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