DuroStar DS4850EH Generator Review [2022]

At some point in our lives, there has been a situation where we all wished we had a generator like the DuroStar DS4850EH Dual Fuel Generator . If you have experienced one too many cases where you wished you had a generator, then chances are you are ready to bite the bullet and purchase one for yourself.

Unfortunately, the number of available generators in today’s market is astonishing, which makes it hard to pick out the right generator for your needs. So after doing a tremendous amount of research, we have found a fantastic generator that will satisfy your needs.

Here is  full breakdown of the DuroStar DS4850EH Dual Fuel Generator to help you make an educated decision for yourself.

DuroStar DS4850EH

A portable generator would be a fantastic option for most people, especially if you want to power appliances or need a power source in a pinch. The DuroStar DS4850EH is an excellent option for most people as there are plenty of reasons why. One of them being versatility.

The DS4850EH generator is very easy to move around because it has attached wheels to the back and handle, which allows you to move the generator around to your desired location. As we know, generators are pretty heavy, and this added feature makes them much easier to use.

A 210cc engine powers this generator and will produce around 4,850 starting watts with about 3,850 running watts. For most people, this power would be enough to provide the electricity you need.

This generator also has dual-fuel technology, which can function on both standard gasoline and cleaner burning liquid propane. The dual-fuel feature can come in handy, especially when you can’t find one or another fuel source.

What makes this product stand out from its competitors would be its MX2 technology, which means you can choose between 120V with full power or 240V. This feature comes in handy, especially for people who don’t live in North America and would like to get the voltage amount they need to power their appliances.

Besides the excellent dual-fuel technology, this product also has low oil shutoff, which protects the generator with insufficient oil. This feature is essential, especially since most consumers forget to change their oil.

This product has other features, but we have discussed the main ones that will be important for the future owners of this product. The DuroStar dual fuel generator is one of the top portable generators available in the market, and for a good reason. The portable generator comes with bells and whistles to ensure that your investment is safe and secure with all of the added protection technology.

This portable generator will take care of most people’s needs when powering high voltage appliances or an RV. You can expect some great use out of this generator.

Pros of durostar ds4850eh

There are many positives associated with this product. We will discuss all of the great features, starting with its power. 

  • Power

This generator produces 4,850 starting Watts and 3,850 running watts, which can provide plenty of electricity to most appliances including high amperage power tools and or RV.

  • Usability

Another thing that’s great about this generator would be the fact that it’s equipped with wheels and a handle that will allow you to move the generator. Most generators are very heavy, so moving the generator to its designated location can be challenging. With the addition of wheels and a handle, you can expect this generator to come in very handy when you need it for outdoor use.

  • Electric Start

This generator is also equipped with an electric start. It is straightforward to start and operate this generator.

  • MX2 Technology

The MX2 power boost allows you to double its 120 V power to 240 V for appliances and RVs. This is a great feature, especially for people in the market outside of North America.

  • Runtime

With a full tank of gas, you can expect up to eight hours of run time, which is plenty for most people looking for a quick power source.

  • Durable

Besides all its excellent amenities, this generator is built using some highest-quality materials. You can expect this generator to last a long time, even under heavy use, because the metal used to make this product is tough and can be used in some of the roughest sites.

  • Low Oil Auto Shutoff

The auto-shutoff feature comes in handy when you have forgotten to change its oil. This feature will protect the generator from causing any damage due to low oil, which means the product will protect itself.

  • Dual-Fuel

Besides all of the great technological features and usability, the main thing that sets it apart from its competition is the dual-fuel option, which means you can use this product with gas or propane.

With all of these great positives associated with this portable generator, it is a no-brainer that most people in the market will purchase this product for a reliable and valuable portable generator.

Cons of durostar ds4850eh

There are not too many negatives associated with this product, so we had to dig deep and develop some issues that may concern buyers. That being said, no product is perfect, so you should not let these steer you away from making your purchase, but rather be aware of some of the “not so perfect” aspects of this product.

  • Power

Even though this generator does produce 4,850 starting watts, it can be underpowered for some use. If you are looking to power your whole house for days, 4,850 watts might not be enough. On the flip side, if you want to power some small appliances or an RV trip, the power is perfect to handle multiple jobs. It all comes down to the use and how much power you need.

  • Low Oil Shutoff

This feature is excellent if you are looking to protect your generator from damage. Still, this feature can be a problem if you need power and the generator shuts off because of the low oil.

If you do regular oil changes and take care of the generator, this should not be a problem, but sometimes life happens, and we forget to care for certain things.

This could be a massive positive or a minor negative. Still, this feature only protects itself from damage, so you should be fine as long as you do regular oil changes.

  • No Remote Start

Even though this product has an electric start, it does not have a remote start, which should be a feature of this generator. Having a remote start makes it that much more convenient to start and use this generator.

  • Low Runtime

There have been complaints by some customers about how little the runtime is for the generator and that it is lower than claimed by the manufacturer. However, these are claims from a handful of people. Many customers are happy with the purchase and don’t mind the run time. If you use this portable generator to power appliances such as a home air conditioner or RVs, you should have no problems with the runtime.

Even though we had to nitpick some of the negatives, it’s safe to say there is some room for improvement with this product. Still, overall this product is a great portable generator which plenty of unique features. If you can look past some of the downfalls of this generator, which are pretty minuscule to start with, then you can expect a fantastic portable generator.

Features and Specifications of durostar ds4850eh

  • Power and Run Time: 4,850 starting watts with 3,850 running watts. 10.92 hours at 50% load gasoline and 8.92 hours at 50% load propane.
  • Portability: Can move it around easily with the wheels and handle attached to the generator.
  • Technology: MX2 technology boosts power from 120V to 240V and auto shut off when the system detects low oil levels. It also has a dual fuel option. The generator runs on gasoline or propane, but the run time will differ when using each fuel source.
  • Usage: A great option to power appliances, RV’s, and other items.
  • Noise: 69 dBA

Why are Features and Specifications Important to Understand?

Since we discussed the features and specifications of the DuroStar dual fuel generator, we will provide you with a short outline of every specification and feature and why they are so significant. It is one thing to know the specs of an item.

However, it is different from knowing precisely why those details can assist you with settling on a choice on whether or not you want that generator.

Understanding the significance of each spec will give you a great idea of the importance of each spec. That being said, let us explain to you each spec and its importance in detail.

Power and Run Time

The power and runtime detect how well the portable generator will perform. A decent guideline is to look for a portable generator with around seven hours of runtime at 50% and a power yield of 3,000 Watts.

Those are the numbers for a primary portable generator. If you are on the lookout for a more robust and powerful generator that can handle heavy loads, you can search for higher maximum power yield and run time.


When someone is on the market for a portable generator, the primary concern they will look for is its versatility. Ideally, it would be best to search for a generator with handles and wheels, making it easy to move around.

Most portable generators will have this component. However, some of them won’t, which can be an issue when you’re searching for an easy generator to use.


Most generators have the technology to protect your generator from damaging its components or provide you with features that will increase or decrease its power. The DuroStar DS4850EH has plenty of technology, as it has the MX2 technology and the low oil shutoff technology.

The Mx2 increases its output voltage from 120 volts to 240 volts, making it perfect for use with an RV power panel. The power panel includes a wide selection of outlets for maximum compatibility

The generator also features a low oil shutoff that will stop the engine when it detects low oil. Still, most modern portable generators will have some safety features.


Most generators are utilized to power machines or appliances. Assuming you are on the lookout for a portable generator, odds are you want a generator can provide enough electricity for most devices in your home or power your appliances.

Consider assessing your needs when it comes to a generator. A portable generator is brilliant, but it won’t power most homes or more oversized items. The key is to make sure you are buying a portable generator for the right reasons.


Most portable generators can get noisy, mainly if they produce a ton of power. The key is to find a portable generator that isn’t boisterous and will keep things quieter under heavy use than a lawn mower. Now depending on your needs, you will, or you won’t mind a loud generator.

If you are concerned about the noise, you should get a generator with a noise rating of 60-80 dBA. At this rating, you will not have to worry about the sound too much, as it’s about as loud as a vacuums cleaner.


Portable generators cost around $400 to $3,000+, contingent upon the details and the brand and power output. The key is to not worry about the price too much, as some of the more expensive generators can last you a long time.

If you can find a stellar deal on a generator with great feedback, then sure go for it, but don’t make price your main focal point when buying a generator. It is ok to spend extra money to get a durable generator that will last you long.

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Frequently Asked Questions About durostar ds4850eh (FAQs)

What Type of Fuel Does the Durostar DS4850 Take?

The Durostar generator uses gas and propane as fuel, but use gas if you want a more extended run time.

How Long Will the Durostar DS4850 Generator Run on Propane?

It will run 8.92 hours at 50% when using propane as the primary fuel source.

How Long Will the Durostar DS4850 Generator Run on Gas?

This generator will run about 10.92 hours at 50% when using gas as the primary fuel source.

How Loud are Durostar DS4850 Generators?

This depends on the model, but most will be around 67 dBA, which is not loud for a portable generator.

Does the Generator Comply with Emission Standards?

Yes, the Durostar generator complies with EPA and CARB standards, using strict guidelines to approve products.

So if you are looking to buy a generator for work and need to comply with emission standards, you need not worry about the Durostar generator.

Not only will you feel safe at work, but you will also help the environment by keeping emissions low.

Can This Product Withstand Snow or Harsh Weather?

Yes, this product is made using durable material, which means you can expect this product to last you a long time even if you use it in snow or harsh weather. You can also consider Generator Shelters for added weather protection.

What is the Engine Oil Recommended?

Experts recommend purchasing the 10W-30 engine oil, which you can find in most auto shops. Make sure to regularly change the oil, as it is essential to ensure its longevity.

Does it Come With a Warranty?

Yes, you can expect to get a three-year warranty when you purchase this product. The three-year warranty will give you the security you need when you are ready to buy the generator.

durostar ds4850eh Review

The DuroStar DS4850 is a middle of the pack type of generator in its power class. It does not boast the longest run time, quietest operation or cheapest price.. but it offers very solid run time, versatility and durability at an affordable price.

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