Best Dual Fuel Generators 2020: 9 Picks from Top Manufacturers

The only Dual Fuel Generator Guide you’ll ever need.

Gone are the days when a couple of brands were the only ones calling the shots, and all you had to do was choose from a couple of generator set options. Today, you have to even know what mode, kind and capacity you would like to get.

Speaking of kinds, this is where the dual fuel generators come in. Having gained popularity over the last couple of years, they have established themselves as a strong alternative and competitor to the traditional generator sets.

The next time you are going out to get one of these cool engines, here are the top options to look at – and why. Before that, though…

What are Dual Fuel Generators, Really?

As the name implies, these are power generating sets with the ability to run on two different types of fuels. They have been specially engineered in a way that their engines can be powered by the alternate source of fuel in the case one is not available.

This model of operation is supported on the standing that both fuels do not mix in the course of operation. With that, you can always have two separate tanks holding different fuels, or one with the available fuel in case the other is suddenly not available.

So, they are not just a fad or the latest marketing gimmick in town. These are really functional units that have come to change the way we choose our generating sets.

Best Dual Fuel Generators to Look Out For in 2020

Now that we have established what they are, and why you should totally get one, here are the best dual fuel generators on the market right now.

In choosing these units, we have combed through the extensive list of dual fuel generators out there to come up with only those that are:

  • Fuel efficient
  • Manage the mix of fuel well
  • Supply different output for different needs
  • Come from respected generator manufacturing companies and
  • Are highly durable, and have high-end features.

Let’s get right into it then, shall we?

Champion 7500 Watt (with Electric Start)

 Champion is one of the best generator manufacturers in the market, so it is no surprise that their unit will make this list.

This particular 7500-Watt generator has been designed with an engine that could be run on either of propane or gasoline. Featuring a plug-and-play design, they have made it so easy that installation requires no technical know-how.

One thing we love about this engine is that for all the energy it cranks out, the noise level is kept at only 74 dBA. This has accounted for increasing noise levels with increased use, and it is almost sure that you won’t be getting a deafening noise from the generator anytime soon.

With the ability to hold 1.2 quarts of oil, this section comes with a sensor which shuts down the generator whenever the oil level starts to drop. This way, the engine is prevented from knocking.
Going to the fuel tank, the Champion 7500-watt dual fuel generator will supply 8 hours of operation on a full gasoline tank and an additional 5.5 hours with propane at the helm of affairs. Lest we forget, the electric start is no ruse – and your battery gets charged while the generator is in operation.


  • Low noise level. 74 dBA rating can be compared to what you would get on a dishwasher
  • The generator is not only optimized to power all electric tools, but offer surge protection too
  • Comes with low-oil shut off sensor
  • Automatic start with the electric button
  • Lasts long on chosen fuel sources
  • Has a volt guard
  • Plug-and-play model requires little to no technical know how to get the generator going


  • Customer service might be an issue with this unit.

Duromax XP10000EH

 The Champion above might generate 7500 watts during operations, but that is nothing compared to the 10,000 watts of energy that this Duromax XP10000EH is capable of.

For all that power, one would expect that the unit groans, huffs and puffs when working. In fact, the opposite is the case.

You would think so too if you knew that only about 72 dBA of noise is always produced during operation.

If you have been looking for a generator that packs electric start functions out of the box, this is yet another one to look at. That is not to mention the obvious – the fact that the Duromax XP10000EH runs on both gasoline and propane.

Speaking of the fuels it runs on, we believe it does so quite efficiently too. Even though Duromax might not be known for great customer service, this unit still comes with a one-year warranty. If you can look past that, though, you would totally enjoy the versatility provided by the six outlets on the generator set.

Starting the unit is as easy as turning a key. However, this might fail when a battery is not in the machine, or dead. To cater for such situations, Duromax has installed a coil starter into the unit.
Of course, we would expect something that could generate that amount of energy to be heavy. A total weight of 256 pounds is no small deal, but solid wheels and handles will make you forget that during transport.

With all the power coming from a massive 4-stroke engine and the potential to clock up to 18 HP, this generator can power most homes and some industrial setups in the case of a power outage.


  • Comes with a huge engine that generates lots of power
  • Noise levels are surprisingly low
  • A total of six outlets makes the generator highly versatile
  • Unit is made of a sturdy and solid build
  • Easy two fuel selector switch


  • Surge protection is absent
  • Duromax is not known for stellar customer service

Sportsman GEN4000DF

 When a low budget is all you have to work with, this Sportsman GEN4000DF is a really good option to look at.

It has a low-price tag attached to it and that can easily fool you into thinking it doesn’t pack enough features. Now that we have done our due diligence, we can stand on good authority and tell you that this is not the case.

You don’t have to take our word for it. From the name of the unit, you can already determine that it would be able to crank out up to 4000 watts of energy, even though it has been rated at 3500 minimum watts. The engine is also slightly powerful; supplying as much as 7HP at the time of operation.

Going forward, this unit offers up to 4 outlets for different connections, so you can get the most out of the generator. That said, we get to the point we find most enticing – this unit is as portable as they come!

Weighing just 90 pounds, this won’t be a headache to transport from one place to the other. However, Sportsman made a costly oversight when they failed to add wheels and handles to this one. For that, we give it one thumbs down.

If you are a fan of machine safety, though, this is where the Sportsman GEN4000DF redeems itself. Coming complete with a circuit breaker and voltage meter, the pull cable starter is there to get things running too.


  • Portability makes this an important unit for RVs and small homes
  • Comes with four outlets, despite its size
  • Unit is affordable for the slew of features it packs
  • A voltage meter and circuit breaker come with the machine
  • Generates as much as 7HP, and supplies up to 4000 watts
  • The generator is surprisingly quiet – at 69 dBA
  • Fuel source switch is easy to reach and operate
  • CARB-compliant


  • Does not come with an electric starter
  • Not fitted with wheels and handles for easy transport
  • Doesn’t supply as much power as other generators on this list

Champion Power Equipment 71531

 Don’t let the name fool you – the wattage you get from this model is not 71531W. However, the Champion Power Equipment 71531 is no lazy bone either.

Afterall, it has a starting wattage output of 9375W which can trickle to no less than 7500W during steady state operation. You get to use either of LGP or propane or unleaded gasoline in the tank of this unit.

The propane gas tank doesn’t ship with the unit, but a standard 6-gallon gasoline tank is there for the taking.

The gasoline tank in question can run the generator at 50% capacity for 9 hours and for a slightly lower 5 hours when propane is the fuel of choice. Switching between the fuel sources is also as easy as flicking a switch – no technicalities there at all.

Champion has included the first engine oil for you to ensure proper lubrication of the unit when in operation. Given options to start the unit with the recoil cable or an electric start key (with battery provided), anyone and everyone can get this generator running in no time.

Oh, did we mention the solid-fill 10-inch wheels that enhance the portability of what would have been a rather large unit?


  • Battery start feature on top of the recoil cable
  • Engine oil is included
  • Comes with solid-fill wheels for easy transport
  • Can be used to power homes and job sites
  • Champion’s customer service is excellent
  • Battery comes with the unit out of the box
  • Intelligauge is there to promote the life and utility of the machine


  • Doesn’t ship with the propane tank

Sportsman GEN7500DF

Featuring a 4-stroke engine carrying the ability to generate as much as 13HP, the Sportsman GEN7500DF is not here to play at all. Running on both unleaded gasoline and liquid propane gas, you would hardly be disturbed by the noise level of this unit – which is set at 80 dBA.

We also love the impressive running time it brings to the table, allowing operations for 9.5 hours when using gasoline (6.2 gallons) or 5 hours on the 20 lb LPG cylinder.

No matter what fuel source the generator will run on, it can always be started up with a 12-volt motorcycle battery. Ideal for homeowners and contractors, the portability of this unit makes it an ideal fit for those who have to lug their generator around and still get the most out of it.


  • Allows the use of propane gas and unleaded gasoline
  • Portability is a huge feature of this one – comes with wheels and handles too
  • The generator is highly versatile, coming with as much as 7 outlets
  • Easy maintenance – UL listed electrical components makes this possible


  • Unit doesn’t come with a battery
  • Engine oil doesn’t come with the generator out of the box
  • Propane tank does not ship with the generator

Duromax XP4850EH

 Looking at the power rating of this unit, you would know that the Duromax XP4850EH has not been developed for heavy users. However, that doesn’t mean it has nothing under its sleeves.
In fact, that is just the opposite.

True, the unit might not be able to supply any more than 3850 – 4850 watts, but that is more than enough for many households and some businesses. If you are going to look past the power rating (which is not unimpressive), you still get the promise of dual fuels running under the hood.

To further the use of these dual fuel types, the unit has been made to be as user friendly as possible. The fuel sources can be changed as easily as flipping a switch and the other operations for this machine have been made to be as user-friendly as possible.

That is only bettered in the safety features that you get. Shipping with a circuit breaker to prevent overload on the engine. It features a low oil light to let you know when the generator should go off. Thus prevents the engine from knocking.

Even at that, Duromax has gone the extra length of installing a backup coil starter for when the battery runs out/ fails. Finally, the 130-pound weight rating of this unit makes it the best fit for those who want to lug a fairly powerful generator around. Thanks to the wheel and robust handle, you can transport it easily.


  • The machine is CARB-compliant
  • Comes with wheels and handles to aid easy transport
  • Features an electric key start
  • Backup coil included for when battery runs out
  • Low oil auto shutoff sensor is present to prevent engine knocking
  • Circuit breaker prevents engine overload


  • Other models in the same category might generate more power than this unit
  • Tires are not as great as expected

Pulsar PG10000B16

 Take a first look at this unit and you would know it is a powerhouse, even before knowing any other thing about it. What baffles us the most is how Pulsar was able to take all that power and put it on a highly portable setup such as this one.

Well, this machine boasts a peak wattage of 10,000 watts, trickling down to 8000 watts when being run on gasoline or 7000 watts when gasoline is driving the engine. This is more than enough power for most homes, so you can store one as a backup generator and have nothing to worry about.
That said, the engine will generate as much as 15 HP on its 420cc system, combining to give it the best runtime on the market. That is no selling ruse – this unit has been proven to run for a massive 48 hours if the load is kept at 1000 watts on gasoline.

Around the unit are plenty of outlets with some promising as much as 120V power supplies.
Weighing over 200 pounds, Pulsar has made things easier with the addition of handles and tires to aid transportation.


  • Electric key start option is installed
  • Comes with a clear manual
  • RV-ready unit
  • Has wheels and handles for easy transport
  • A total of 7 different outlets ships with each unit
  • Low oil auto shutoff mechanism is present
  • Machine has the best runtime on the market


  • It comes at a premium price

Winco HPS6000HE

You might not have heard much about this brand, but they have been in the business for quite some time now. If there is anything they are known for, though, it is their build quality and high performance. Combining both features birth the Winco HPS6000HE.

This one steps out of the box with the usual dual fuel support that we have been clamoring. It then goes on to add all of an EPA approved 4.5-gallon steel fuel tank, efficient hydrocarbon elimination system, runtime of 9.5 hours on half load capacity and more to the mix.

Furthermore, the Winco HPS6000HE is driven by a Honda GX340 engine. This engine does not just have the potential to reach as much as 11 HP on operation, but comes with an in-built power surge protector which makes it an ideal fit for your homes and appliances.

On a full tank, the machine will be able to produce as much as 5500 watts which can climb up to 6000 surge watts on full power.


  • Unit is powered by a 3600 rpm Honda GX engine
  • Gives alert for low oil conditions
  • Cast iron sleeve brings rigidity and sturdiness to the build


  • Lack of hand crank for carrying the engine
  • Portability kit costs an extra fee.

Westinghouse WGen7500DF

Founded in the year 1886, Westinghouse has lasted this long in the market just because they know what they are doing. With their WGen7500DF, they have cemented that stand even further.
Looking at this unit, we are faced with a generator that is also powered by gasoline and propane. It takes that a notch further by offering the option of an electric start and a push button too – making it an ideal fit for anyone to operate.

Additionally, the Westinghouse WGen7500DF boasts an impressive 10 hours of operation when maintained on its fuel sources, cranking out as much as 7500 watts of energy in the least. Yes, that is the least – since the machine can manage up to 8550 watts when it is being run on the propane fuel tank.

Speaking of the tanks, this unit is built with a sturdy frame which has metal roll bars incorporated into them. These roll bars are arranged in such a way that they provide additional protection for the fuel tanks.

Likewise, they make it easy to lift the generator when transporting it from one place to the other is needed.

To cap it all off, the unit is protected by a voltage regulator. This is in addition to the low shut off oil sensor and a couple of other safety measures in place. Together, they ensure the engine is never overloaded to the point where it causes a fatal damage.


  • Digital hour meter on the unit helps in scheduling maintenance
  • Can crank up between 7500 – 8550 watts of energy during operation
  • Comes with everything you need in the box – manual, funnel, tool kit, etc.
  • A remote start is possible by a key fob
  • Lower fuel consumption due to the overhead valve technology
  • Fuel selector switch is easy to operate
  • Circuit protection and low-oil shutoff switch for better engine safety


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Engine oil doesn’t ship with the unit
  • The propane tank is not included in the pack

Why should you get one of these?

Besides the obvious reason of being able to use two different fuel sources to run one engine? Trust us, there is a lot more that these units do for you.

The first thing that makes most people shy away from these generator models is the cost price. When this is presented as an excuse, we cannot but cringe.

The reason is because the dual fuel units are actually cheaper – in the long run – when compared to the single fuel types. In fact, the difference between the units could be as less as $100.

Where that doesn’t count against the generators is in the operational efficiency. Now, you can run your generator on the most available and cheapest source of fuel without having to go get another unit.

It has also been established that these generator units are economical in the way they use their fuel. The efficient mix of fuels going into the engine allows it operate at maximum capacity and thus, give you the best output.

As if that is not enough, the way these sets switch from one fuel source to another is laudable.
At the start of operation, the generator has been programmed to automatically select a viable fuel source. Should that fail anytime, the dual fuel generator intelligently switches to the other fuel source.

All of these is carried out without a drop in the output, ensuring uninterrupted power supply. This not only makes them ideal for the homes, but industries and establishments such as hospitals where the production lines and the lives of people (respectively) are dependent on the smooth operation of machines – which in turn run on electricity.


There you have it. From the high-power generating sets to those that give off medium energy, those are the top dual fuel generators you should consider buying when next you go shopping.

Got yet another Dual Fuel Generator that didn’t make this list? Let us know about it in the comments. Check out our homepage for more generator option for your needs.

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