Best Dual Fuel Generator with Low THD

If you’re looking for a dual fuel generator to power sensitive electronics, you’ll want to consider a dual fuel generator with low THD.   What is THD?  Total harmonic distortion (THD) is the amount that a voltage waveform or current is distorted. High THD reduces the efficiency of a portable generator. Low THD is requires … Read more

Best Dual Fuel Generator with Remote Start

It’s very rare that a generator manufacturer creates a dual fuel generator with remote start capability.   It’s far more common to see gas powered or inverter generators with remote start.   Below are a few quality dual fuel generators with remote start.. but first..   What is a dual fuel generator? A dual fuel … Read more

Dual Fuel Generators: 16 Things You Should Know

  What is a Dual Fuel Generator? A dual fuel generator is a multi fuel generator that produces electricity from gasoline or propane. They have been specially engineered in a way that their engines can be powered by the alternate source of fuel in the case one is not available.   This model of operation … Read more

Top 5 Best Open Frame Inverter Generators [2022]

Do you need a reliable, clean power source?   In this article, we will talk about inverter generators, which are pretty standard amongst people in the market for a generator.   Then, we’ll discuss what open frame inverter generators are, how they work, and the review the best open frame inverter generator and their pros … Read more