Does Owning A Generator Increase Home Value?

Yes, owning a generator increases your home value. It is best to be ready and prepared in case of any emergencies. Several instances can cost you if you are not alert to deal with them. I take it upon myself to prepare my family for such scenarios.

My wife and kids are sure in line with this as I have provided them with the necessary tools and items just in case. You may think that I am paranoid, but I believe you should prepare for emergencies.

It is even fon to engage in various tools and generators. I can fix and have Do It Yourself sessions with my family.

One of the most common emergencies that you experience is power outages. It can occur at any time of the day or night. Your home should be a safe haven where your family can relax and bond after their long day.

A generator is a must-have for your home. You can use it whenever there are power outages. Furthermore, inputting a generator for your home increases your home value. Some consumer reports indicate it can increase your home value by at least five percent.

It gives power back up to your home

A home generator provides your home with electricity when there is a fault with your electricity increases your home value. It also gives you peace of mind.

Power outages may not be a common occurrence in your area. However, other external factors influence it.

There are extreme weather conditions at periods in the year that may bring down the power supply to your home. This puts your health and safety at risk. Generators ensure a continuous supply of electricity.

It provides a Return on Investment for your home

According to a consumer report, you can install a generator using licensed and certified electricians. This has the probability of increasing your home value up to 5%. Remodeling experts and home experts view the installation of a generator to yield one hundred and fifty percent.

If you install a generator and sell your home as soon as possible, you reap the highest return on investment. Selling the home after some time, such as ten years, does not provide a high return on investment.

It is because the generator depreciates with time. With time, the generator requires repairs, maintenance, and replacement if you prolong your home sale.

How to maintain the home generator to maximize home value

As mentioned previously, a generator is like all machinery, it depreciates with time. You require to keep the generator maintain its a high value so that your home can also maintain a high value.

This is done through frequent maintenance of the generator. It should undergo at least annual maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly without faults.

If you maintain your generator well, it lasts longer and operates more efficiently. It essentially retains more of its purchase value.

Why a home generator increases the value of your home

These days there are several items and devices in our homes that rely on electricity to operate efficiently or operate at all.

As mentioned earlier, a power outage renders the electricity supply inefficient. Losing power during heavy rains affects your sump pump.

It results in your home getting flooded. Snowstorms also can result in frozen pipes. It is for this reason, that a generator is of importance. It acts as a power backup to power your sump pump and heats your home.

Insurance companies have gained on the importance of installing a home generator. They are rewarding homeowners who have taken such precautions.

Home generators prevent damage to home appliances such as refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and sump pumps in the event of a power outage.

It effectively prevents and reduces the number of insurance claims. It has become common practice to offer insurance discounts to homeowners that show proof of permanent installation of a generator by a licensed professional.

The discount is from 5% and can reach 10%. This provides significant insurance savings on your home.


Yes, it is clear that your home generator increases the value of your home. Here are key takeaway points on why a generator increases the value of your home:-

  • A home generator provides electricity in the event of a power outage
  • Extreme weather conditions can cause power outages in your home
  • Power outages comprise the structural integrity of your home and can damage home appliances
  • Installing a home generator can increase your home value b at least 5%.
  • Its installation yields 150%
  • Installing a generator and selling your home gives the maximum returns on investment.
  • After a while, the generator depreciates in value
  • It requires maintenance to retain the purchase value of your generator
  • Insurance companies award homeowners insurance discounts after proving permanent installation of a generator by a licensed professional