Cheap Electric Generators Review 2020

Simply put, an electric generator is a device that converts mechanical or kinetic energy into electric energy. This electrical energy can either be in Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC). This electrical energy, in turn, powers up appliances and tools that are of use to us.

The need for a competent electric generator cannot be overstated when the purpose it serves is put into consideration. Talking about the intended purpose, the amount of load the generator is to carry is the main yardstick. Added to this, the purchasing power of the buyer plays a vital role.

Are you on a budget? Yet you want to buy a generator that’s capable of meeting your demands for power? This article comprises of cheap electric generators that’s ready to serve you. 4

Take a look at them:

PowerPro 56101 Generator

PowerPro 56100 2-Stroke 1000-Watt Generator
  • 1000-watt generator with 2-HP single-cylinder 2-stroke engine
  • 1-gallon fuel tank; 5 hours run time at half load; uses oil/gas mix fuel--no need for oil changes
  • Quiet exhaust system with spark arrestor; EPA and CARB compliant
  • Carrying handle for easy transport; 4 rubber pads on frame for stability
  • 1-year limited warranty

PowerPro 56101 Generator is very much on the budget side of things. Costing a little above $110, the generator is one of the cheapest electric generators with capable features. Truth be told, this generator surpasses the EPA and CARB compliance regulations, therefore, it has no restrictions with regards to location. Be it camping, tailgating or personal use at home as backup.

The engine that powers it up is a 63cc 2HP engine. This engine churns out 1000 starting Watts and 900 Watts while running. Interesting enough, this output can power up a sump pump, microwave, television, power tools or even a portable heater.

Its half load runtime on a full tank is 5 hours. Not forgetting that the tank has a limit of 1 gallon. Just so you know, the generator’s engine can only be powered by gas, although it has to be mixed with oil before use. This makes it even easier when you want to refuel. Outlets available are – one three-pronged AC outlet and one two-pronged 12V DC outlet.

Talking about portability, the generator weighs lowly at 36 pounds, so the comfort in moving about is just wow! It has a wide-grip handle that makes it easily carried with one hand to the area of use. Even with its compact nature, a voltmeter is in place to show forth the amount of voltage generated by the generator.

Pulsar PG1202s Generator

Pulsar PG1202s Generator is also another cheap yet a supplier of optimal power. With a price tag around $144, this generator can be gotten with the snap of the fingers.
Starting with the basics, the generator uses a fuel mix (gas plus engine oil) of 1.2 gallons as its power source.

This gives a runtime of 8.5 hours on 50% maximum power output. It is well accompanied by a 72cc Single Cylinder 2HP engine. The engine has 2 strokes, and is air cooled. A spark arrestor ensures that sparks are tamed, thereby making the generator safe for use in national parks. And yes, the generator is EPA approved and CARB compliant.

As for the outlets, you’re in possession of two 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC outlet to power up your appliances. Its 38 pounds weight and wide-grip handle makes its mobility easy. In fact, noise production is rated at 65 decibels. To switch it on, you have to make do with the recoil start.

WEN 56180 Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator, CARB Compliant
  • EPAIII and CARB compliant generator allows for operation in all 50 states
  • Rated amperage 12.5 A.1800 surge watts and 1500 running watts provides power for both times of emergency and recreation
  • Operational volume (decibel): 63. Lightweight and compact generator runs at half load for 7.5 hours off of 1.1 gallons of gasoline
  • Includes two AC120V three-prong wall outlets and one cigarette-lighter-style 12V DC outlet
  • Low-oil shutdown safeguards the 4-stroke OHV engine from damage while the spark arrestor permits usage while camping in national parks and forests

Amidst the cheap electric generators so far, this generator has the best value for money. Once the generator starts, it has an 1800 Surge Watts while on running, it is 1,500 Watts. What’s in charge of this power output is a 98cc OHV engine. Internally, the engine has an air-cooling system that helps in maintaining optimal temperature.

It makes use of gasoline purely as its fuel. Once 1.1 gallon of fuel is poured into the tank, the tank gets full. As a result, it can observe a runtime of 7.5 hours on 50% load.

The outlets available for powering your major appliances are – two three-pronged 120V receptacles and one 12V DC receptacle. Engine low oil shutdown is activated once the low-oil level shut off sensor triggers. This saves the engine from unnecessary damage. For a generator of such a cheap price tag, this is a huge plus.

In compliance with EPA and CARB, the generator can be used in several locations like forests, national parks and other open locations. The spark arrestor makes the generator safe enough to be used in forests, as the sparks are kept from being ejected from the exhaust.

Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 42436 1200 Running Watts/1500 Starting Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator Bundle and Cover
  • Champion Power Equipment 42436, 1200 Running Watts/1500 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator, CARB Compliant
  • Champion Power Equipment No.C90015 Generator Cover for Champion 1200W-1500W Models

This generator ranks among the cheapest electric generators because it has a price tag of less than $300.

Does it seem costly to you? If it does right now, you’ll switch allegiance once you see its features.

Importantly, the generator generates 1500 Surge Watts on starting and 1200 running Watts. This is more than capable of powering lights, TV sets, computers and even smartphone chargers during blackouts. It operates at 65 dBA noise from 23 ft. You get to enjoy 10 hours of run time on full 1.5 gallon tank of gasoline (its primary power source).

Just like you can make use of the generator backup, it can also be useful for camping, tailgating or boating. So many purposes it is tagged the “multi-purpose portable generator”. Rugged is infused in it thanks to the rigid steel frame. Its portability is well attributed to the solid wheels and handle.

In very cold weather conditions, the generator can still operate as the Cold Start Technology got utilized in its makeup. Voltmeter displays the amount of voltage supplied by the generator while the 120V 20A outlet is the channel that takes power to wherever you want it.

Finally, the engine powering this generator is none other than the 80cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine. The engine has a 0.4 quarts oil capacity and automatic low oil shut-off capacity. This 67-pound generator also has the CARB approval in store.


There you have it, the cheap electric generators. Now, you know you don’t have to break the bank or go borrowing just to suit your needs.

The most interesting part is, you get much value for money. So, don’t let the pricey nature of generators scare you away from taking that vacation or tailgating with your friends.

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