Champion 6800W Generator Review 2022

Looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution for power outages or other emergencies?

The Champion 6800W Generator comes highly recommended. It’s a gasoline-powered portable generator, which is powered by a 338cc Champion single-cylinder, four-stroke OHV engine, producing 5500 running watts as well as 6800 starting watts.

The machine, built with a 5.9-gal. fuel tank, can run up to 10hrs at 50 per cent load. The OHV engine has a low oil shut-off sensor and is engineered for long life and easy maintenance. The portable generator is perfect for RVs, trailers, power tools, traveling, jobs around your home, or home back-up power during an outage or other emergencies. Let’s learn more in this Champion 6800W Generator review. (Because the Champion 6800W is out of stock, we’ll look at the Champion 6900W).

Champion 6900 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

6800W power range: This unit can supply a maximum power of up to 6800W output as starting watts and 5500W as running watts. This 6800W output shows that it’s the capability to power lots of home electrical appliances so long you don’t plug in some larger power consuming appliances.

Huge engine capacity: The machine draws power from a 338cc OHV engine that comes with cast iron sleeve. With this engine, you can fuel the tank with as much fuel as needed for long & extended use. Based on the load on it, it can work for over 24 hours upon a single fueling session.

Multiple outlets: It features two 120V duplex outlets (5-20R), one 120V/240V twist-lock (L14-30R) outlet that lets you connect it to different appliances at the same time. The generator offers you the freedom to select the outlet to use. Also, you can always make use of other outlets should one fail.

Excellent dimensions: The model dimensions are 31.3in x 20.9in 22in, which means it can fit in relatively lesser space. As it’s not too big for house storage, this makes it easy to be kept in your home.

Recoil start: The machine has a recoil start, which is easy to pull to start the generator. The option needs minimal effort to use, and that makes it easy for everyone to utilize.

CARB compliant: The Champion generator set is compliant with the standards of California Air Resources Board (CARB), advocating for most environmentally-friendly generator sets. So, you can rest assured you’re purchasing a generator that’s very low environmental pollution.


  • Supplies solid power: One of the highlights of this unit’s features is the fact that it delivers immense power up to 6800 watts, which is enough to power nearly all the basic home appliances even if they’re connected in a slightly larger number.

  • Reliability: Ever since the machine found its way into the market, there hasn’t been any complaints from buyers as regards a possible defect or breakdown. If you purchase the generator, you can rest assured that you’ve in your possession a reliable product.

  • Solid engine capacity: The generator can accommodate quite significant fuel levels. You can go ahead with your activities without much worry once you fill it to maximum capacity.

  • Easy maintenance: The generator is a nice product to have as the oil engine that comes with it is easy to apply, helping to lubricate the engine for longevity.

  • Easy to start: That you only need to pull the recoil start and the unit begins working, makes it a cool tool. It’s no learning curve, so no need to be taught how to pull it.

  • CARB compliant: Environmentally-conscious users will like the generator as it doesn’t produce much exhaust fumes. Additionally, just like the other Champion generators, you can make use of this machine in US states, such as California that strictly follow such environmental policies.


  • Shorter runtime: It can work for up to 9 hours on full tank gas at 25% load. So, you’re assured during the whole duration, there won’t be power disruption since the unit will still be working efficiently. Additionally, it features an oil engine for lubrication uses, enhancing its longevity.
  • Expensive
  • Not quiet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. Generators, which are smaller and lighter, are easier to move to the required location from their storage area. This can be a great advantage when there’s an unexpected power outage. In the same vein, other factors like engine, tank capacity, runtime, and wattage are the most crucial things to focus on when shopping for a portable generator.

If a unit satisfies your requirements based on the factors above, but it isn’t really small and light, don’t hesitate to go for it. You can get a wheel kit to achieve easier portability.

What’s the difference between rated wattage and surge wattage?

The surge wattage is produced only for a short period and is the maximum wattage that the portable generator can supply. When the unit is started, the surge wattage is attained. On the other hand, the rated wattage is that continuous running wattage, which is the measure you’ve to pay attention to when looking to buy a generator.

You’ve to make sure it’ll power all the appliances in your house that you can’t do without. The best thing is to precisely define your requirements before you visit the stores to get such a unit.

Should I choose a portable generator that’s an electric start?

Yes. With an electric start, there’s no need to pull a cord to get the engine running. All you’ve to do is to simply push a button, and the machine will spring to life to supply electric power. The electric start is often regarded as more reliable in comparison with the pull-cord start, particularly in cold weather conditions.

But in modern generators, the cord start has grown to become quite reliable in any weather. Also, the electric start could fail when its battery isn’t charged but that’s quite rare. You can choose a model that has the 2 types of starts.

Is the wheel kit important?

While certain portable generators come with a wheel kit, others don’t. With this kit, the unit is quite portable, and when a power outage occurs, you’ll find it easy to move the generator outside and start it. And you won’t need to exert much effort to do this.

The wheel kit will not only save you time but also effort in critical situations. It’s an extremely useful feature for larger and heavier models. Apart from that, the option is also highly recommended for users without a high level of physical strength & fitness. The kit’s components are generally easy to install.

Is a portable generator that can also be powered by propane more dependable?

Generally, propane is a cleaner fuel to use in comparison with gasoline. Typically, it can make a generator’s runtime longer. In certain situations, it can even double the runtime. Additionally, another benefit of making use of such a unit is, spare propane can more easily be found in the typical home, unlike gasoline.

For example, you can connect the generator to the propane bottle for the barbecue. But the issue with propane is, it can’t start your generator when the temperature drops too low. In this kind of situation, you can still start the engine on gasoline and switch to propane later on.

Any need to get a transfer switch along with my portable generator?

The transfer switch isn’t a must-have appliance to utilize with your generator. But it can be very useful as it works to connect the unit to the circuit box of your home so it offers a direct supply of electricity. The switch does function to protect your appliances and the generator from damage caused when the grid power gets restored.

It gets rid of the need to lay and make use of special cables, too. Also, the transfer switch needs extra investment that you must do, and that could even be costlier than your generator.

How is the noise level of portable generators?

Portable generators make a considerable amount of noise, and each model has a noise rating, measured in decibels (dB) with A weighting at a distance of 7m away from your unit. The majority of generator models come with a noise rating that’s in the region of 55–85 dBA.

Those that have noise ratings less than 75dBA are seen as fairly quiet in comparison with their counterparts. Generally, the lower the decibels of a generator, the better. Despite that, the most crucial thing for a generator is to deliver efficient and reliable performance. In a bid to reduce the noise, you can keep the unit further away from your home.



To conclude our Champion 6800W Generator review article, we believe this Champion model is a decent option for someone looking for a versatile generator with solid power.

However, there are better options available in this power class such as Westinghouse WGen6000 or DuroMax XP5500EH which have longer running performance at a lower price point.

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