8 Reasons Why Your Generator Won’t Start

There is nothing more frustrating thing than a generator not starting. Well, do not panic as you can fix and prevent such issues from happening again. But what would you need to do if your generator won’t start? This article will look at the 8 reasons why your generator will not start and list of …

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Generator Silencers and Mufflers: How To Reduce Engine Noise

In this article, we will show you how to quieten your generator and the best generator silencer. There is no doubt that generators are extremely useful in homes, offices, commercial premises, factories, hospitals and even at construction sites. They come in handy whenever there is a need for mobile power. In case of blackouts and …

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Portable Generator Shelter

If you have to use a portable generator during the bad weather, then you need to protect your generator. Here’s how to buy a rain-proof generator shelter.