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Can a Generator Run a Sump Pump?

You need a sump pump to prevent damage from floods in your basement. As a safety measure, sump pumps are installed in the basement that pumps water out of your house when you feel the risk of flooding. The pumps are powered electrically; therefore you must equip them before they can operate. There are cases […]

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How to Build a Solar Generator (DIY)

Solar generators provide a way to supply numerous devices and equipment electricity without having to rely on a grid, standard batteries, or other external power sources. This can be useful in various scenarios, such as power outages in your area. Although there are currently countless solar generators on the market, it’s not very difficult to […]

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How to Run a Portable Generator Continuously

Generators are among some of the best machines ever made. No one can live without electricity in the civilized world (we need electricity to power our appliance at home and at work), and one of the worst things that whole cities get hit out of the blue with is blackouts. When the lights go out, […]

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Can a Generator Damage a Refrigerator?

Do you live in a region where power outage can occur from time to time? Did that spoil the food and other items stored in the refrigerator? If your existing generator can’t supply the amount of energy required to operate your refrigerator, you will need to purchase another, stronger generator. One of the most important […]

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How Many Volts Should a Generator Put out?

You need to consider evaluating the right size of a generator before you make the decision to buy it for your home, office or factory.  One of the most important questions to ask when looking for a powerful generator to purchase is, “how many volts should a generator put out?” This guide explains all you […]

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