8 Reasons Why Your Generator Won’t Start

generator won't start

  Generator Won’t Start? For many households, generators only get used on particular occasions. And when the need to have it running comes, it’s important that the generator is reliable and working correctly.  There is nothing more frustrating thing than finding the electric source hard to start or seeing it run with problems. The no-start …

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DIY Exhaust Extension for Your Portable Generator

generator exhaust

One of the biggest challenges one might face when using a generator is with the exhaust, where green energy has become very popular in today’s society. As a result, people now pay more attention to dealing correctly with exhaust fumes that may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Venting your generator’s exhaust pipe, therefore, becomes a task you want …

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Portable Generator Shelter

If you have to use a portable generator during the bad weather, then you need to protect your generator. Here’s how to buy a rain-proof generator shelter.