Can a Portable Generator Power a TV?


Once in a while, mains electricity may disappoint with blackouts here and there. But your life can’t stop with it because it shouldn’t, however much many of your household energy need depends on it. These are the times when you wish you had an alternative source of power like a generator in the house. But …

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Generator Won’t Start? Simple Way to Fix it – Tips

generator won't start

Learn how to fix your Generator if it Won’t Start in 2020 For several households, generators get used on particular occasions. And when the need to have it running comes, seeing the backup power system work is generally significant. There is no frustrating thing than when you find the electric source hard to start or …

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DIY Exhaust Extension For Your Portable Generator

generator exhaust

In making use of a generator, one of the biggest challenges one might face is with the exhaust. In today’s society, where green energy has become so popular, more attention has been placed on the issue of dealing properly with exhaust fumes. Venting your generators exhaust, therefore, becomes a task you want to embark upon. …

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Can a Generator Damage a Refrigerator?

Can a Generator Damage your refrigerator?  Well, there’s more than meets the eye. Find out more. Do you live in a region where power outage can occur from time to time? Did that spoil the food and other items stored in the refrigerator? If your existing generator can’t supply the amount of energy required to …

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