Black Max 7000 Watts Portable Generator

If you’re in search of a premium generator that ticks all the boxes with regards to operational efficiency and cost effectiveness, the Black Max 7000 Watts generator is here to meet your expectations.

Let me introduce this unique product to you:

The Black Max 7000 Watts generator is a product that results from the teamwork between Black Max and Honda. Well, as the saying goes, two heads are better than one, this generator is a testimony. In fact, this isn’t the case of just two heads but two good heads.

The need for portable generators is arising due to the unpredictable weather shifts and accidents that lead to power outage. Most times, people buy generators but they don’t get to enjoy them as the cost of occasional maintenance makes them consider purchasing new ones.

Good news is, with the initiatives of Black Max and Honda combining to release this top-tier Black Max 7000 Watts generator, you can have a durable generator at your disposal. Be it for emergency backup purposes, RV camping or tailgating, this generator can serve you whenever.
Long story cut short, kindly check out the key features of the generator because we move into the review.

Key Features of Black Max 7000 Watts Generator

• 389cc Honda GX390 OHV Commercial Grade Engine
• 13 HP
• 8,750 Surge Watts and 7000 Continuous Watts
• Spark Arrestor
• Low oil shut-off sensor
• Eight 120V 20A, One 240V 30A Outlets
• 14 hours run time
• Electric Start / Recoil Start

Black Max 7000 Watts Generator Review

blackmax 7000

This generator’s portability is defined by its 10 inches never-go-flat wheels and the holding handle. However, to enjoy this, you have to mount the wheel kit and handle kit after you must take out the generator from the box. The wheels enable the generator to wheeled to whatever distance. Coupled with the holding handle, the ease of mobility can’t be overemphasized.

Well, this mobility is in no way affected by its 275 pounds weight. Interestingly, it has the dimensions 30 x 26 x 28 inches (Length x Width x Height). More so, it has an innovative zero-gravity innovative design to express its portability further. Thanks to the metallic frame, the generator is pretty rigid in structure.

Regarding power, this generator generates power from a premium 389cc Honda GX390 OHV engine. This gives the generator an extremely quiet and superb operation. Added to this, a muffler comes equipped with the generator to make the operation even quieter.

This engine has a 13 HP capacity as well as a low oil shut-off sensor. The essence of the sensor is to drive the engine to engine low oil shutdown when the engine oil available isn’t enough for safe operations.

By so doing, the lifespan of the engine is lengthened, as damage is prevented. Also, its engine can hold up to 37 oz of oil. Other notable features of this engine include the Black Max brushed alternator and automatic voltage regulator.

The amount of power generated by the generator upon startup is 8,750 Surge Watts. Meanwhile, it uses a 7,000 Continuous Watts while running. This generated power is sufficient to power up your various appliances, be it a television, radio, sump pump, heater, lights, computer or even two 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners.

Whatsoever your demand may be, the generator has these outlets – eight 120V 20A, one 240V 30A twist outlets to meet them. While dishing out these power demands, the generator can run for 14 hours on full tank at half maximum output (load). That’s about 3 – 4 hours more than a typical portable generator.

Interestingly, the type of fuel powering its engine is the gasoline. You can easily go down to a gas station to refuel, or purchase just to preserve for the emergency periods. Its fuel tank, however, has an eight-gallon capacity.

The spark arrestor ensures the generator limits the ejection of sparks, thus making it safer and quieter. At the power panel, there is a 4-in-1 digital display that provides valid information regarding the electric potential difference (Voltage), Frequency (Hertz), hours the generator has been running, and time left before the generator fuel runs out. This will help in making you plan ahead to get gas to refuel, and also give you a hint on the maintenance level.

Also present on the power panel is the circuit breaker protection. This protects the circuit when in operation. It is also good to know that the generator has an electric start that requires little to no effort when the generator is to be put on.

Thanks to the battery available, this electric start works without glitches. In fact, a battery maintainer / ready-charge battery charger also comes with the package in order to keep the battery charged for emergencies.

However, just for rare moments when the battery doesn’t get charged, or the electric start wears off, a recoil start is available as another option.

Having been subjected to the following sound tests – ISO 3744 and ISO 10884, the sound level of the generator is rated at approximately 80 decibels. This generator is extrapolated to sound pressure at a distance of 7 meters.

There’s also the automatic idle control that drops down the sound level when there isn’t load on the generator. By doing so, the generator’s operation gets quieter, and fuel efficiency is maximized.

Alongside the wheel and the handle kit, other packages included in the product’s box are the engine lubricant and the hardware operator’s manual. This product comes with a three-year warranty.


• Outstanding run time when compared to other portable generators.
• Running Wattage is on the high level.
• It has electric start and recoil start.
• Monitored output power as well as duration.
• Sufficient fuel tank.
• The pneumatic never-go-flat tires and handle makes it easy to move around.


• A bit heavy.


Now, that you’ve seen the full features of the collaboration between Black Max and Honda, I believe making your choice won’t be a hard decision anymore. With the Black Max 7000 Watts Generator, you have the liberty to be rest assured that emergencies won’t get to you unawares.

The amount of power dished out by the generator is sufficient to handle your demands come what may.