Top 5 Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

If you need your PC or server up and running 24/7, you might want to invest in quality UPS. With the best uninterruptible power supplies, you will have consistent battery backup even during power loss. Since even the shortest power cuts can lead to debilitating consequences for many, UPS is certainly worth the investment.


In addition, thanks to the best UPS battery backups, your device will automatically switch to battery power every time you lose power. The automatic switch ensures that your machine continues to operate regardless of the condition of the primary power source.


But how exactly do you choose the best UPS for home? In this article we’ll discuss “What is a UPS?”, power needs, and review the best UPS available. We’ll also review the pros and cons to help you determine the best UPS for your situation. 

What is a UPS?

UPS is not the mailing and shipping company, United Parcel Service, but instead, it’s an Uninterruptible Power Supply. These devices act as a backup power supply to help you get back to business (or fun) as quickly as possible during a power outage.


When choosing the best UPS, we are often baffled by the many options out there. So we have curated this detailed list featuring the top five Uninterruptible power supply systems for any home or home office to make things easier.

Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


Best UPS Overall: Amazon Commercial Pure Sinewave UPS Mini-Tower

If you’re looking for a high quality sine-wave battery backup, the AmazonCommercial Pure Sinewave UPS  is the product to go for. Powered by an advanced surge protector, this device protects your PC parts and helps in a smooth transition of power during outages or similar events. 


This UPS comes with eight ports for easy accessibility. What’s more, it is also backed by dedicated software where you can review your UPS status, receive updates on the latest firmware. 


Voltage is regulated automatically, and the device ensures the timely correction of dismal voltage situations. That also means this UPS effectively withstands potential power outages and fluctuations. 


Other takeaways include a decent output capacity of 120V, a warranty, and a moderately long cord of six feet for easy plug-in. 



Best Features: The Cyberpower CP1500PF UPS 

Are you looking for the best uninterruptible power supply that’ll provide enough power in your home or business? How about a feature-rich UPS?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this device from the Cyberpower line is one of your top options.


The Cyberpower UPS  features multiple ports, including a separate dedicated USB port. As a result, it is easy to set up on any existing PC or laptop.


The UPS also comes with RJ11 ports that ensure that all your mobile devices, Wi-Fi devices, modems, and fax machines are fully operational even during an extended period of power failure.


The multitude of features also makes it one of the best products for avid gamers. Alternatively, you would also like the product if you want to get a UPS for your small business or any other small venture involving multiple machines.


While the ups device comes with many features, one of the defining aspects would be its battery power. Contrary to top brass products, this one can successfully run advanced machines and multiple servers uninterruptedly for a couple of minutes. In addition, the UPS holds even when you are operating your servers with multiple GPUs.


We were also impressed by the sine-wave range of output from the UPS. Most users welcomed the change because almost all ups devices in this category and range provide production development in sine-wave instead of the output.


The sine-wave ensures the proper functionality of your device and ensures that it is operational even during sudden power outages. It also limits system errors caused by power surges.


Currently, the device has a capacity of 1500VA/900Watts, and it also comes with an in-built system for regulating voltage. This latter feature ensures the supply of clean power at all times.


Furthermore, as with other products from the brand, this one is also sustainable, meaning it uses eco-friendly assets. This functionality further ensures that the devices use significantly less battery power than other products.


As a result, you can enjoy up to a whopping 75% less energy consumption with this advanced UPS.


Overall, this is an excellent product at an excellent price, and you should certainly get it if you’re looking for a good UPS option. 


The biggest takeaway, however, is their sustainable approach. Unlike other ups units, this one from Cyberpower is eco-friendly. This means you get to conserve energy even when you are using the device extensively.


We also loved the LCD display of the product that gives every relevant detail about the product. The LCD is an excellent feature for anyone still navigating their way around ups systems. It informs every required detail at all stages.


Overall, this is an excellent UPS, and given the economical price tag, we would certainly recommend it.



Most Powerful: APC 2200VA Smart-UPS Single Phase Online Uninterruptible Power Supply

This APC 2200VA  UPS is yet another excellent UPS that comes with diverse applications and an incredible range of features. You would typically want to install it with your server, router, PC gaming systems PC switches, network equipment, and sensitive electronics that would require consistent power influx.


The device works from scratch until the runtime and ensures and consistent battery power balance regardless of the situation. Its usage ranges from six hours and 10 minutes at 50 W to six minutes and six seconds at 1920 W, its total capacity.


One of the biggest highlights of this product is the advanced PowerChute Network software that helps manage sudden shutdowns. This is especially useful when you are looking to manage operating systems and other network assets.


Installing these ups is equally simple as a normal power strip, thanks to the easy mount rails and extra cables. You also get a USB cable that lets you set up the device practically anywhere. Because the brand also offers a full warranty for three years, you can count on the product’s reliability.


You would also love the SmartConnect portal that further simplifies your installation process. Thanks to this dedicated portal, you can now set up your UPS only in a couple of minutes.


It also ensures complete transparency by allowing you to view your UPS status. Thanks to this web portal, you can check whether your device is operational and set up correctly.


You can also switch the remote operation of the device to view and receive automated messages, updates relating to firmware, and any other form of support.


The features of this UPS are excellent. If you are looking for the best ups system for your small business or home office, this product will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.



Best For Computers: Smart Key Energy 1500VA UPS 

The Smart Key Energy UPS  is yet another excellent product that’ll consistently regulate power supply and correct voltage situations as needed. In addition, the device comes with a capacity of 1500 VA, and it is extremely powerful.


It is a sine wave UPS with an automated voltage balancing capacity. This way, your hardware parts are safe from potential burnouts even during sudden and unexpected power surges or outages.


In addition, it features 10 outlets, further enabling you to set up the device anywhere.


It also comes with USB port C and USB port A charging ports that are compatible with almost all smaller devices. All the outlets are spaced decently, and because the device is lightweight, you can set it up in minutes! Overall, this is an excellent UPS for high-end machines and PC gaming enthusiasts. The backup power is perfect, and APC stepped sine wave compliance further adds to its reliability.



Best Budget: Tripp Lite AVR750U 

The Tripp Lite ARV750  is a budget UPS system with 450W capacity. It is ideal for any desktop or PC setup with moderate to low capacity. Defining features include an automated system for regulating voltage that ensures constant, uninterrupted power supplies even during unexpected and prolonged outages.


This also prevents hardware burnouts and other instances of voltage problems.


This automatic voltage regulation unit is one of the biggest highlights of this device because you seldom get this feature at a price. This feature doesn’t just limit battery failures. Still, it also improves the device’s reliability by further confirming its consistency and continuity.


Another remarkable feature is the ability to shut down automatically. So in case the device is powering up your PC and has completely exhausted its battery capacity, it will automatically initiate a shutdown.


This adds to the product’s efficiency and prevents device problems in the long run. Thanks to this feature, you can also have peace of mind knowing your network line is protected regardless of the power situation. You also get to save all important work before the device fully exhausts its battery and you can safely shut down.


The next relevant feature in line is the consistent protection of data and network lines. With this feature in place, your server and network lines have an extra layer of protection even during the longest power outages. This is especially relevant for individuals who experience a frequent power failure and have multiple servers at stake.


While the device lacks a dedicated LCD display, and we would love it, we recommend the UPS for its efficiency, battery backup, and surge protection. Ideal for low to moderate-end systems, this product will work effortlessly without involving any manual intervention.



Determine your UPS needs

Even before you plan to invest in a UPS, it is crucial to understand your UPS requirements. To put it simply, you need to boil down to your exact requirements of getting the UPS. For example, are you looking for an economical product for your budget computer equipment or laptop?


On the other hand, are you looking for a high-end device that will support uninterrupted gaming even during power failures? Or are you looking for a stable unit to support your home office? Once you have these answers, selecting the best UPS is a step easier.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which brand of UPS is best?

There is no one-size-for-all solution when it comes to the best uninterruptible power supplies. Because different UPS models cater to varying requirements, you first need to understand your specific requirements to list the best brands.


In case you are looking for a UPS for your gaming PC, you might want to check out the products from APC and CyberPower. These UPS systems are available on all budgets. In addition, they are compatible with almost all kinds of computer systems, networking devices, and home entertainment electronics.


If you are looking for high ups battery backup and surge protection, you might want to settle with APC or Tripp Lite. However, in the case of budget buys, you will find some of the best products from both brands.


Which UPS is best for work from home?

If you are looking for good UPS battery backups that will support your home office, you would want to get a device that is compatible with your PC as well as multiple data and networking assets like your modem, fax machines, et al.


The CyberPower PCLCD   would be an excellent contender in this category. Not only does it offer excellent battery backup and surge protection, but it also comes with several ports that enable you to set up your assets safely and conveniently.


Alternatively, if you are looking for a lower-priced variant, you might want to check out Trip Lite’s range of products. The brands’ ups are known for their excellent battery backup and surge protection. Given the rave customer reviews, the product will certainly meet your expectations.


Which UPS type is best for computer battery power backup?

If you need backup power for your high-end computer, you will want to invest in a sine-wave UPS. This type of UPS has pure sine wave output for the uninitiated, which is the purest and cleanest form of output.


Devices that do not have this functionality may cause hardware burnout or subsequent burnout of other computer parts. The Smart Key Energy-1500VA UPS Battery Backup 900W  and  AmazonCommercial pure sine wave UPS  are good options to provide enough power for computers.


In addition to this, make sure your chosen UPS comes with interactive topology and a fully automated system. These features maintain and check voltage capacity and performance—this further double up as a surge protector keeping your PC and power outlets safe.


How long can a UPS power a computer?

All UPS units come with Voltage-Amps or VA rating that informs you about the number of gears that can be connected. And the total time it will be operational in the event of a power outage.


To better understand this figure and transform the VA to a Watts rating, you would need to multiply the rating by .6. That means a device with a capacity of 1000 VA can typically handle a system load of 600-watt.


You consume extra power when you use higher-end systems and vice versa. Depending on the UPS brand, a typical inverter can last between four minutes to a couple of hours.


Wattage Demands

ApplianceStarting WattsRunning Watts
Furnace (1/4 HP)1000600
Sump Pump (1/3 HP)1300800
Washing Machine22501150
Window AC 13K BTU28001800
Well Pump21001000



Now that you know all about best uninterruptible power supply units check the featured products and pick your favorites! Each of these products performs exceptionally well during power outages.


In addition, because we’ve listed ups units in all product range and categories, you will certainly find your fit within your budget! To recap, the best UPS are listed below:


1) AmazonCommercial Pure Sinewave UPS (Best Overall)

2) Cyberpower PCLCD CP1500PF UPS (Best Features)

3) APC 2200VA Smart-UPS (Most Powerful)

4)Smart Key Energy 1500VA 900W UPS (Best for Computers)

5)Tripp Lite AVR750U (Best Budget)


The only thing you need to consider is the reason behind your primary requirement. Are you planning to buy the ups for gaming, or do you need it for your home office? Are you looking for a high-end UPS with enough power? or something that works on moderate to low-end systems? Once you find an answer to these questions, zeroing in on the best UPS will be a tad easier.


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