Best Tri Fuel Generators 2021

tri-Fuel generator is a type of portable generator that could run on three different fuel sources, namely NG, or natural gas, Propane or Liquid propane gas and Gasoline.


The reason for generating electricity using multiple sources becomes useful when one type of fuel source may not be available during an emergency, power outage, severe snow, etc. Fuel flexibility is beneficial in many different ways. You can be sure that the portable generator works during fuel shortages and keeps your generator on when the power is out, even if you have only one or two fuel types on hand.


The best Tri-Fuel Generators should have the following features- triple fuel capabilities, sufficient fuel capacity, excellent run-time, and of course, reliability. In addition, the tri-fuel generator should be able to accommodate the fuel you have on hand when typhoons, hurricanes, or when the power grid goes down, and you need electricity.


READ THIS – Now most tri-fuel generators are old fashioned and you’ll hardly find them online. To save you the trouble we’ve made a list on alternative Dual fuel generators that are fuel efficient, durable and have modern engineering construct. Find the best alternatives in the table below.


7 Best Tri Fuel Generators

Best Dual Fuel Generators (Tri-Fuel Alternatives)


Sportsman 4000 Watt Generator

One of the best tri-fuel generators when it comes to portability means you can take the Sportsman 4000W Tri-fuel Generator on any sports or outdoor adventure. It’s perfectly balanced on flexibility and power; the first pull starts the sportsman tri-fuel generator, and the surge power stands at 7,200 starting watts and 9,000 running watts.


Power isn’t a compromise as The Sportsman touts a 420cc OHV engine. What’s more, you won’t be hungry for extra outlets as the tri-fuel generator has four 120V, one 120V RV, 1 120/240V, and a 12V DC outlet. The 15HP isn’t the most powerful, but the sacrifice in power makes up for added convenience, usage, and functionality.


The heavy-duty electric start tri-fuel generator functionality is coupled with starting the generator either with electronic or recoil methods. So bring it on the next hiking, camping, or mountaineering for your electric necessities. It fits most RVs well in addition to the standard camping gear.


What’s great about the Sportsman Tri-Fuel Generator is that it’s usable out the box and can be wired through a motorcycle battery in a pinch. It has passed California’s tri-fuel carburetor (CARB) testing, and it’s EPA approved as well. The 200 lbs. generator turns out adequate electricity without being too noisy or too bulky.


The Sportsman Tri-Fuel unit lasts an impressive 10 hours in one go. You get a full tank at 7.4 gallons, and the tri-fuel generator runs great even when you load it with a propane tank at half-full and for emergency purposes. Finally, just like any other tri-fuel generator, the Sportsman utilizes propane and natural gas.


Clean burning is done via an electric start. The rated noise at 80 decibels is acceptable even when out in the great outdoors.


Pramac 7200 Watt Tri Fuel Generator

The specs of the Tri-Fuel Portable Generator from Pramac are impressive as it sports the OHV GX390 engine from Honda. The package even includes a sturdy wheel kit for lugging around.


Like all the other great tri-fuel generators, this model has a quick-disconnect feature, a low shutoff for the oil part, and one hose for natural gas that’s 10 feet in length.


The Pramac powerful tri-fuel generator shines when it’s fed natural gas and LPG sources. The hose kit is adequately long and makes it easier to put in the needed fuel for the generator to work.


Moreover, the Pramac generator surge power starts at 7,200 watts during starting. It chugs on 6,100 watts while on running mode when fueled by propane (LPG) or Gasoline. Thanks to the power it packs, you can safely run sensitive electronics like your PC, smartphones, central AC, etc.


The smoke that comes out is one of the cleanest you’ll ever see in tri-fuel generators. automatic Voltage regulator is handled by premium-grade alternator equipment.


The Pramac Complete Package Generator puts out incredible electrical power, thanks to the hefty 11.7 hp. In addition, you get the following outlets- 4 20amp, 120-volt GFCI outlets, and a 30amp, 120-volt twist-lock outlet. Each purchase of the Pramac tri-fuel generator comes with its charging components, a battery, and a Drainzit.


The Pramac doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance and fuel efficiency. You get less than 6% harmonic distortion plus magnetic and hydraulic circuit breakers. The company even throws in a fuel gauge free of charge. The whole tri-fuel generator is encased in a 1 and 1/4th tubular steel frame for maximum durability.


Overall, the Pramac Complete Package can power up most of your appliance and electrical equipment for 12.3 hours with a full load. Starting it up is a snap due to electric and recoil starters. It also has low oil protection.


The manual switch for going with Gasoline or propane and natural gas is handled exceptionally well. It also has low Protection – this means when an oil level is low, the engine will shut down to protect against any faults.


When the Pramac tri-fuel generator takes natural gas, it churns out 5,800 during startup and 4,900 watts on running. You’d be happy to know that the Pramac are lightweight portable generators compared to others at only 200 lbs. and can be moved around with less effort, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels.


Honda GX390 Tri Fuel Inverter Generator

Honda Tri Fuel Generator Package

This tri-fuel portable generator from Honda truly is one of the best in performance, durability, and reliability. Featuring a 13 HP engine with a couple of twist outlets on the side, the unit comes in with its own Drainzit and charger.


The capable Honda GX engine stands at the helm of the Honda Complete Generator. The gas tank has a max capacity of 8 gallons in total, and there’s a recoil start for added convenience. Noise level is perfectly acceptable at 75 decibels from 7 meters away.


Users also get a lengthy natural hose kit and a battery charger; assembly is relatively easy. It only takes less than an hour to get everything set up and running smoothly.


Starting up the Honda Complete Tri-Fuel Generator is a cinch with the electronic start. The manufacturer boasts that you can run the generator for 13 hours at half load.


The gas tank stands at 8 gallons and should be enough to last the specified operating time. For mobility, users get a tough wheel kit; there’s a manual switch that’s compatible at 30 amps as well.


The great thing about the Honda tri-fuel generator is that you get good value for money. The generator’s engine puts out 120,000 BTU requirements for when you’re having it work with natural gas and with the help of an AVR or automatic voltage regulator.


The oil change is a quick undertaking as the component is conveniently located in an easy-access location. The generator puts out 7,000 watts on starting and 5,600 watts while running.


Sensitive electronic devices can run pretty well when you plug them into the Honda Complete Tri-Fuel Generator Package. When not in use, the compact shell can be stored inside sheds and garages without any trouble.


The Genset is brushless, and batteries are included. It’s a great buy as it’s dependable and is ready as soon as it’s out of the box. Finally, to set your mind at ease, it comes with a 3 Year KOHLER Commercial Warranty.


Motorhead Tri Fuel Generator 

Motorhead Tri Fuel Generator Package

If you’re looking for the best tri-fuel generator that will last through multiple disasters, then look no further than the Motorhead Generator


When the price is no factor, you’ll definitely want to get the best of all worlds.


The Motorhead Generator Tri-Fuel generator is just that- priced higher but has the bells and whistles that more than make up for the cost. You’re guaranteed a massive burst of power thanks to the 23 HP engine and a host of efficiency improvements over its previous predecessors. In addition, you can expect less than 6% harmonic distortion and a reliable battery, no less.


This heavy-duty package sports an OHV GX630 engine by Honda and can accommodate hydraulic circuit breakers quite easily. Mobility gets a huge boost as well.


The four oversized wheels; the fuel tank is huge at 13.5 gallons without compromising convenience and portability. The oil valve works great, and there are magnetic circuit breakers for total safety and user protection.


You get a wide gamut of extra outlets, with 2 GFCI duplex outlets rated at 20amp, 120V, and a 30amp, 120V twist-lock outlet. You won’t have to spend extra for wheel kits as it’s included in the package. Moreover, the propane hose kit works well even with sensitive appliances and equipment and can be used for a long, long time.


The wattage is as follows- the Motorhead Package Generator power outputs an impressive 20,000 watts for starting and 12,000 watts while running. You can use a 50amp manual switch without any issues, and the quick-disconnect feature comes in handy in certain scenarios. Thanks to the massive power it packs, you are guaranteed to run sensitive electronics like your computer, central unit Ac and much more. And yes, it uses natural gas, Gasoline, and propane as fuel options.


The Motorhead Generator shines as it puts out immense power while touting one of the quietest operations compared to other units in the market.



Smart Generators STF9375   

Smart Generators STF9375

If you’re planning on running multiple electrical appliances and electronic devices, then a decent choice would be the Smart Generators Tri-Fuel model. This heavy-duty tri-fuel generator starts at 9,375 watts and runs at 7,500 watts when you fuel it up with either gasoline or propane.


This generator has an abundance of available outlets- you get 4, 20amp 120v and a larger 30amp, 120v twist outlet for your power needs.


The requirement for running the STF9375 with natural gas starts at 120,000 BTU; there’s also one manual switch for natural gas and a 30am requirement for switching to LPG and Gasoline.


The core engine runs at 13hp, which is perfect for turning on sensitive electronics and appliances. One of the Smart Generators tri-fuel STF9375’s best features is its seamless transition to any of the 3 fuel sources via the Brushless Genset.


The STF9375 uses the popular GX390 OHV engine made by Honda. A look at the generator’s side reveals a quick-release mechanism on the 10-foot natural gas hose.


Moreover, you can choose to start the tri-fuel generator using either recoil or electric start. When running at half load, the STF9375 utilizes the 8-gallon tank efficiently and makes it run for a good 13 hours until empty. There’s one low oil indicator feature and a switch that serves as an automatic voltage regulator.


You get a Drainzit and a battery charger with each STF9375 package. While running, smart generators put out 75 decibels of noise, which is acceptable. The smart generator runs on 6,000 watts via natural gas line and 7,500 watts on starting.


The Smart tri-fuel generators Package STF9375 works great when you need emergency power for your electric-based devices.

WINCO 9000 Watt Tri Fuel Pro Generator

The Winco electric start Tri-Fuel Generator Pro is one of the best tri-fuel generators for those who want a reasonably-priced unit for emergencies. For the price, you get a 5% harmonic distortion, a fuel capacity of 4.5 gallons, and a power output of 9,000 watts for surge power and 8,000 watts for rated.


Durability is uncompromised with the Winco generator, thanks to the tubular steel cradle shell with wraparound construction. A Briggs & Stratton engine generates enough power at a rate of 77 decibels. When fed with liquified petroleum, the power output rating stands at 7,200 for surge and 8,100 watts for rated.


The tri-fuel Winco generator works great in areas where there is a frequent power outage. The generator has an approximate run time of 3.5 hours at the full tank and when the gas regulator is at low pressure. You get five outlets total- a 120/240-volt w/ circuit breaker safety feature and four 20amp 120V sockets. You can use your sensitive electronics with this tri-fuel generator.


The Winco Tri-Fuel portable generator unit is held in place by rubber isolation mounts. It works with either natural, propane, or natural gas lines. The windings are copper and brushless for an extended lifespan, which adds to the overall dependability of the generator. Buyers are also protected, thanks to the two years limited-year warranty.


For those looking for a strong, reliable, and versatile tri-fuel generator, the Winco tri-fuel generator is definitely worth checking out. It has everything you need to power up almost anything without breaking the bank.

Honda GX390 12000 Watt Portable Generator

The GX390 Honda is one of the popular tri-fuel generators for commercial use, then the Honda Commercial Package will not disappoint. The whole unit runs approximately 11.7 HP and can power delicate electronics and sensitive equipment up to the last drop.


The Honda Commercial Generator unit comes in a dependable GX390 Honda OHV coupled with starters for both electric and recoil. The industrial-strength frame is rated as heavy duty and features a zero-gravity design. The fuel tank holds 8 gallons of fuel and can run continuously for 12 hours. You also get a 10-ft. propane hose kit for more running options.


The Honda Commercial unit power output starts at 15,000 starting watts and 8,400 running watts. You get a 30amp 120/240-volt outlet and four 20amp 120-volt outlets. It also has low oil protection, allowing the tri-fuel generator to shut down when a low oil level is defected to avoid any casualties.


It offers a medium noise decibel rating of 75. The generator operates at 6,720 running watts and 12,000 starting watts on natural gas. Without a doubt, the Honda Gx390 will make for the perfect backup generator at the right price.


The generator has been designed specifically for commercial applications where reliability and durability are essential. It offers excellent performance and long life expectancy thanks to its rugged construction and superior engineering.


Overall, the Honda GX390 portable generator is a good option for anyone looking for a reliable tri-fuel generator. It has plenty of features including multiple fuel options, lots of outlets, and decent noise levels. However, there are other choices available depending on what type of applications you need your generator to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these Natural Gas Portable Generators?

Yes, most of the generators mentioned on our list use three fuel types (Natural Gas, Propane & Diesel). However, these generators have slowly been replaced by dual fuel generator types on the market as they are more efficient and safe for use. We also recommend the later kind of generator for users that want to pick up a new unit from the market.


If you have any problem picking up the ideal model for your needs, you can always use the contact page, and we will get back to you.


What Fuel is Most Efficient For Tri-Fuel Generators?

When it comes to generator fuel, diesel is hands-down the most efficient option. Because of this, you will save money on diesel compared to using alternative fuels. However, depending on local diesel pricing, diesel can potentially be the most cost-effective fuel in particular situations.


Unfortunately, diesel is usually missing from a tri-fuel generator’s fuel system. Propane, natural gas, and gasoline have all been tested, with gasoline coming out on top. Propane, on the other hand, is typically less expensive per gallon and you can easily connect your generator to a propane tank. A few disadvantages of using gasoline include the difficulty of obtaining and storing it, as well as the fact that it burns less cleanly.


When compared to natural gas, propane has a burn efficiency roughly two times greater. However, natural gas is less expensive per unit than propane, which is the case for both liquid and gaseous fuels. To choose the most affordable option, look into local fuel prices and energy efficiency first. Keep an eye on fuel prices to see if you can get a better deal in the future.


Regardless of how efficient or affordable it is, natural gas is preferred by many households. A natural gas-powered generator can run endlessly without the need for manual refueling. For some, the added cost is well worth the added convenience. To avoid personal injury or damage to your underground pipes, have a professional connect your generator’s gas lines.


Do I Really Need a Tri-Fuel Generator?

In many cases, but not all, tri-fuel generators are the best option. Standby generators have various advantages that portable tri-fuel generators do not. As an example, the power of a portable generator cannot match that of a standby generator (particularly one powered by a tri-fuel). So they aren’t able to run all of your electronics at once.


Owners of tri-fuel generators should be prepared to use a variety of power sources. A tri-fuel generator isn’t necessary if you only ever use gasoline. Some homeowners choose not to have their generators’ connected to a natural gas line. A single- or dual-powered generator may be less expensive if this is the case. Those that need a variety of power sources can benefit from tri-fuel generators, which are designed for those who know they will need them.


Can I Hook Up Natural Gas From My House To My Generator?

You can hook up your generator to the natural gas line, however, you can only achieve this if you are either using a tri-fuel generator or converting your generator to natural gas. The generator will also need to be close to your house, and you will need to have a gas meter outside of your house.


Can I Convert a Dual-Fuel into a Tri-Fuel Unit?

Yes, you can convert a dual fuel generator and a single fuel generator, If you already own a dual-fuel generator, converting it to a tri-fuel generator will not require any major modifications. You simply add an additional fuel tank and change over the wiring connections so that all of them connect together. If you decide to go DIY, there are many conversion kits and tri fuel kit online that can help you safely convert your generator.


However, if you don’t understand the dynamics of mechanical parts, it might come as rocket science. In that case, you will need a handyman for the conversion. Below we recommend a fitting tri-fuel conversion kit for all kinds of models.


As mentioned, tri fuel generators tend to be hard to find and are often out of stock. However, the Sportsman 4000 Watt Generator is a great tri fuel generator and is currently in stock and available.

Alternatively, we recommend the following dual fuel generators:

  1. DuroMax XP13000HX
  2. Durostar DS10000E
  3. Westinghouse WGen9500DF
  4. Champion 100573 4000W

Before selecting the best Tri-fuel generator, it helps to determine how you’ll be using the generator and what devices or appliances you’ll be powering up with it.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you’re not breathing in any poisonous exhaust fumes.. so we would suggest checking out an Exhaust Extension for your generator.

All of the options above will be sure to give you the electricity you need during times of emergencies or when the grid goes offline. What’s more, you get peace of mind knowing that the generator can be relied upon to work when needed. Still haven’t found the product you are looking for? Feel free to visit some of the related posts below.


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