Best Generators Under $1000

Looking for a power generator that won’t cost a fortune?

Today we discuss the best generators under $1000, the pros and cons of each and what to look for when selecting a generator.

Top 5 Best Portable Generator Under $1000

If you are looking for the best portable generators under $1000, the market will provide multiple options that can leave you confused and do your job hard. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best advanced and powerful generators that will provide you with reliable power during power outages.

Champion 4250 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator-Best Overall

The Champion 4250 Watt inverter generator is the best inverter generator on the market. It is compact, quitter, extended run time, and can increase your power with the optional parallel kit.

It is a dual-fuel generator that can run on either fuel or gasoline. You can use the fuel selector dial to switch fuels safely. When using gasoline, the 224cc engine offers 4250 starting watts and 3500 running watts, and it can run on for 22 hours when the 4-gallon tank is full.

Using propane, it produces 4250 starting watts and 3150 running watts, and it can run for 21 hours when the propane tank is full. The champion Power inverter generator has a 6ft propane hose with regular flexibility.

The Champion 4250 has a panel that provides simple access to all the controls. The panel monitors the fuel consumption, noise, power consumption in real-time to reduce the engine speed.

It has a 0.5-quart oil capacity and a low oil level sensor that helps you know when the oil level is low to protect the engine from damage. This quiet generator operates quietly at 64 dBA from 23 feet.

Since it produces safe and clean power, you can connect your devices, even the sensitive ones. It is covered with multiple outlets plus two 2.1A USB ports that you can use to charge a wide range of smartphones, laptops, or smart devices.

If you need extra power, it has an option parallel kit (sold separately) that helps you increase the output by connecting two 2800-watt inverters.


  • Affordable
  • EPA certified and CARB compliant for safety
  • It offers clean power even for your sensitive electronics
  •  Duel fuel design allows you to use fuel or propane
  • Cold start technology


  • The remote start is not well designed
  • Poor customer support
  • It takes longer to respond to a load increase.

Yamaha 2000- Best Inverter Generator

The Yamaha 2000 inverter generator is fit enough to run several electrical appliances quietly with ease. The Inverter generator has a very cool retro design with compactness expressed by its 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches dimensions (2.2 Cu. Ft.) It can easily fit into the trunk of your car or back seat without taking up much space.

It has appeared on many generator users as one of the best inverter generators on the market. And with that endorsement, it has earned a spot on our list.
You can utilize the two 120V AC outlet and one 8A 12V DC outlets for powering your electrical devices. The generator’s peak output is 2000 Watts while its running power output is 1,600 continuous Watts.

Interestingly, the parallel capability allows the generator to combine with another generator to provide more power. To access this function, a twin tech cable is used to connect this generator to another Yamaha generator. This becomes extremely handy when the power delivered by this Inverter generator isn’t enough to run very powerful equipment.

It gives out 51.5 – 61 decibels of noise at 25% – 50% load. This is due to the US Forest Service certified spark arrestor and sophisticated muffler. Additionally, the generator is also EPA and CARB compliant.

A smart throttle gives room for variability in engine speeds based on the amount of load the generator carries at any point in time.

This can be likened to the idle control system. On zero load, the generator produces 51.5 dBA as compared to the 61 dBA produced on 50% load. At the feet of the Inverter, there’s a rubber isolation that helps in reducing noise and serving smooth operation. As a plus, the smart throttle plays a role in the fuel economy.

Its operations are dished out by Yamaha single cylinder 79cc OHV engine. The air cooling technology present allows the regulation of the generator’s temperature, thus, preventing extremes of the temperature range. The cast iron cylinder liner and steel camshaft of this 4-stroke engine do well to provide sturdiness to the generator.

This portable inverter runs for as long as 10.5 hours (25% load) on a single fill of the fuel tank. This tank can take in a maximum of 1.1 gallon. Gasoline, an easy-to-access fuel is the source of power compatible with the generator. The level of gas can be seen without hassles as a result of the fuel gauge’s presence. Also, the auto-decompression system decreases the engine’s compression to aid easy starting of the generator.
Another impressive feature on the generator is the oil watch warning system. This system showcases the oil level to avoid the damage of the engine and expensive repairs.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is one sleek feature of its inverter technology that puts voltage stability at plus or minus 1%, and frequency stability at positive or negative 1%. As a result, the generator produces very clean and quality power.

Transportation and storage of this generator is pretty easy due to its 44.1 pounds lightweight. Once you purchase the generator, you get three years limited warranty from the manufacturer. Needless to say, this is one of the best inverter generators on the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great run time-up to 10 hours at 25% load
  • Quiet-51-61 dB


  • More expensive than some others

WEN 56200i 2000 Watt Generator- Most Quiet

The WEN 56200i produces clean energy that can charge a wide range of devices. Whether at home, at a job, or a campsite, you will never have to worry about power because it offers reliable and clean energy.

It uses a 79.7cc OHV engine that operates at 51 decibels, more quiet than the average conversation or window air conditioner. WEN 2000 watt inverter generator has an eco-mode feature that enables the motor to adjust its fuel consumption, saving you much money by preventing unnecessary gasoline usage.

It has a lightweight design, weighing 48 pounds, which makes carrying simple. With its efficient one-gallon fuel tank capacity, the portable generator will provide you with over 6 hours of run time.

The portable generator offers reliable power and limits harmonic distortion to under 0.3% at no load and 1.2% at full load. This makes it safe to charge cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other sensitive electronics.

You can double your power by linking two WEN inverter generators with a WEN parallel kit. This linking will increase the total wattage and increase the total power of the outlets on the connected generator.


  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Safe for a wide range of electronics
  • Provides clean energy and operates quietly
  • Suitable camping, tailgates, and smaller household appliances and devices (laptops, TVs, phones, tablets, etc)


  • The customer service is poor
  • Its cooling system is not reliable

Jackery 500- Best Lightweight

The Jackery Explorer 500 is a portable power station that provides enough power to charge most of your smaller, portable devices during a power outage. It is the size of a basketball, and it features a solid handle that makes it simple to move anywhere. 

The compact design allows you to store it without needing much space. Furthermore, the power station has a quality built-in MPPT charge controller that allows for easy green solar recharging when paired with the Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panel.

Using a car outlet, wall outlet, solar panel, and an electric generator, you can recharge it. It features an AC outlet, 2 DC Ports, 3 USB-A ports, and one carport, where all the outlets help you charge your favorite devices, even the sensitive ones. 

The power station has a battery management system that governs each cell, helping improve the battery life while supporting pass-through charging. With its 518-watt capacity, the power station can power multiple appliances, including an electric blanket, projector, heater, lamplight, TV, smartphone, tablet, and many more devices.

You can place this portable generator on any surface, thanks to its non-slip pads that prevent it from slipping or scratching surfaces you place it on. In addition, it has a large display that shows all the settings to operate it with ease. 

You will find a car charger, 1 AC adapter, and a user manual in the package. The user manual has detailed instructions that are simple to understand.


  • Provides 500 Watts of power
  • It is simple to carry, and the compact design enhances simple storage
  • Quiet
  • It offers you versatile yet reliable outdoor power as an alternative to gas-powered generators
  • Durability


  •  Expensive
  • Restricted input makes it take longer to charge.

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Westinghouse WGen7500- Most Powerful

The Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is a powerful and simple-to-use power source that prepares you for emergencies. It produces 9500 starting watts and 7500 running watts, and it can operate for up to 11 hours on a 25L gasoline fuel tank.

Westinghouse portable generator has a push-button electric start, pairing with a wireless remote key to allow simple ignition. A built-in fuel gauge and automatic low oil shutdown will alert you when the fuel levels are low to keep the engine protected.

With its heavy-duty frame, the portable generator will stay protected in case of an accidental drop. In addition, the structure is resistant to scratches, rusting, and corrosion for better performance.

It is equipped with an L14-30R outlet that is transfer switch ready, where it connects straight to your home for household energy, and it eliminates the need for power strips or extension cords. 

The generator has heavy-duty wheels that never go flat so that you can transport it anywhere, and it has rubber outlet covers that offer extra protection from the environment. Moreover, a VFT display offers real-time updates with frequency, voltage output, and lifetime hours.

Westinghouse portable generator has a comfortable handle that helps you take the generator anywhere. In addition, you can store it anywhere without much space required. It has multiple outlets with rubber covers for extra safety. 

The portable generator uses a 4-stroke 420cc Westinghouse engine with a ventilated valve design that provides maximum fuel efficiency and a cooler operation. In addition, the cast-iron cylinder sleeve will increase this unit’s service life and performance.


  • Remote start key
  • Provides an excellent and fuel-efficient operation
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • The construction is heavy-duty and durable


  • Even with the smooth-rolling wheels, it’s a bit heavy
  • No automatic choke
  • Noisy-72 dB

What is a Generator?

In simple words, a generator is a standalone machine that offers clean electricity when the standard power is unavailable. It is a backup power source that converts fuel supply – usually gasoline, diesel, and propane to electric power. Furthermore, generators provide backup power in hospitals, businesses, homes, or facilities in case of an emergency.

Generators are available in 3 types: inverter, standby, and portable. Of course, they have their differences, but they all have one primary function: to provide reliable electricity in power outages.

Besides, they are designed to undergo similar maintenance to increase their performance and durability. They have identical safety measures that reduce operation hazards.

Portable generators are run by diesel fuel and only offer temporary electrical power. As the name suggests, portable generators are flexible enough to be carried anywhere.

They don’t take much space for storage. As a result, a portable generator can power a wide range of devices, even sensitive ones, with all its safety measures.

An inverter generator is an engine connected to an alternator to produce AC power. It maintains a constant current flow to help your appliance charge faster when charging an appliance. This generator is lightweight and can fit into a boat, RV, or car.

Lastly, we have a standby generator. This one is an electrical system that operates automatically to power devices during power outages. It can operate on natural gas or liquid propane. It has enough power to run a wide range of electronics in your home.

How Does a Generator Work?

It is good to understand that generators don’t create electricity. Instead, what they do is convert the energy supplied to it. Simply, a generator is an electrical motor that works in reverse. For a generator to provide functional power, it must have the following main components.


This main component makes the generator work by supplying it with energy. The size of an engine determines the ultimate power the generator can supply. While carefully inspecting the generator’s engine, there are different factors to consider. For example, you have to check for the cast iron sleeve that prevents wear and tear or the type of fuel it uses. If it is a dual-fuel engine, that’s better.

Fuel System

This system enhances the production of the energy required. A good fuel-efficient system includes the following:

  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel filter
  • Fuel injector
  • An overflow connection from the fuel tank to the drainpipe
  • A ventilation n pipe for the tank
  • Pipe connection from the tank to the engine.


The conversion from chemical or mechanical to electrical energy happens here. It contains stationary and mobile parts that create electromagnetic fields and electrons that generate power.

Voltage Regulator

This is a critical component that controls the output voltage of the generator. Besides, it can help convert the power from AC to DC. With this component, both the generator and devices being charged are protected.

Exhaust System

Because continuous use of a generator causes components to heat, it must have a powerful cooling system. A cooling system will help withdraw all the heat produced in the process. Besides, it will ensure the generator does not overheat and keep it working perfectly.

Lubricating System

A generator contains many stationary and moving parts. These parts require lubrication with engine oil to protect them from wear and enhance a smooth operation.

Battery Charger

The primary role of batteries is starting up a generator. A battery charger is an automatic component that keeps the battery charged with low-level power.

The voltage float should always be constant to prevent an undercharge or overcharge that will shorten the battery’s life. Because a battery charger is automatic, it doesn’t require a change of settings or adjustments.

Control Panel

This is the generator’s interface, and it contains provisions for controls and electric outlets. A control panel includes the following features:

  • Electric start and shut down
  • Generator gauges and generator gauges
  • Frequency switch and engine control switch
  • Power sensors when the oil level is low (some)


They all have housings that offer structural base support, whether stationary or portable generators. This structure holds everything in place and protects from damage in case of an accidental drop.

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What are the Pros and Cons of a Generator

Nowadays, the world depends on technology, data, and energy. That is why it is ideal to have a reliable and sustainable power supply every time. With a generator, you are guaranteed of clean power supply any time there is an outage. Here are some benefits of using generators.


  1. If you have backup power provided by a generator, your devices and machinery will be protected caused from severe damage caused by a sudden power outage.
  2. No matter what, you will always have a constant power supply. Even in a power outage, your devices will continue running and be supplied with 100% adequate power.
  3. You can say farewell to losses. Relying on a generator as backup power will help increase productivity. You won’t have to wait until the power is back. This will help you concentrate on making profits.
  4. A generator offers you mobility. You can access clean energy even in areas without an electric network with a generator. This helps you carry your devices and charge them everywhere you go.
  5. A generator helps you reduce costs by enabling you to manage electricity demand economically. During peak up hours, you can use a generator as backup power to avoid excessive consumption, helping you save up to 40%.
  6. This is an investment that pays off. It will offer you an incredible service for years to come. Moreso, with better maintenance and appropriate use, you will have a durable investment.
  7. It makes outdoor occasions enjoyable. If you are a person who loves outdoor events, such as hiking, camping, hunting, fish, and many more, having a generator will help you keep all your devices charged and keep everything running well.


  1. A generator uses fuel, meaning it releases combustion gases when it works. This leads to environmental pollution, and it can’t be used in your accommodation because of the gases. So, you must install it outside and make sure it has a ventilation system.
  2. Generators are noisy, and some models can’t be used in large settlement areas because of the noise. However, the noise pollution can be either high or low, depending on your model.
  3. For a generator to work, you must have sufficient gasoline or diesel. If you want to be safe during emergencies, you must keep enough fuel to give you reliable power.
  4. A generator can be costly to maintain. When running operational tests, the generator requires a lot of fuel and some extra so that you can know its condition. However, maintenance is vital to ensure the generator works well and increases durability.
  5. Generators are bulky. Carrying a generator from point A to B is not easy, especially when it doesn’t have a handle or built-in wheels. Before making a purchase, it is good to know what you will use it for.

Buyer’s Guide


Whether a large or small generator, its primary role is to provide sustainable power in a power outage situation. Because the best portable generators are designed to be used in multiple applications. You must know what you need it for before purchasing a generator under $1000. Here are the main functions of a generator:

  • Providing backup power during power outages
  • Supporting the main power supply with some extra power
  • It can be used around a job site to power your tools
  • Great for camping or outdoor trips to charge both large and small devices
  • They are a must-have for outdoor parties, festivals, weddings, markets, and many more.

Power Output

Before you purchase a generator under $1000, the output power is an important consideration you need to think about. The market provides generators for heavy-duty and straightforward tasks. If you need the generator to offer a small amount of power to charge devices or keep lights on, going for a portable generator is the best bet. 

A portable generator will be helpful if you plan to use it in different locations. Still, you can buy a heavy-duty generator that will power an entire household, business, hospital, or any facility. The generator should provide constant and safe energy that will not damage your devices or appliances. 


Here is another worth considering factor. Generators are run by either gasoline, petrol, or diesel. All these types of fuels have their benefits and disadvantages, and you must know them before deciding.

For instance, diesel generators are more reliable than petrol generators, plus they require less maintenance. This is because diesel burns at less intense heat than petrol.

Still, diesel lubricates the engine as it is being burned. So for the best experience, buy dual fuel generators that run by either gasoline, propane, petrol, or diesel. This will keep you one step ahead and ensure you have reliable power every time.


Most generators are known to be noisy. So, the noise level is an ideal factor to consider before buying a generator. If you need to use it in your home, make sure it has a quiet operation because this will affect your home life and neighbors. Look for an open-frame inverter that operates at quieter levels to reduce noise pollution.

Diesel generators have a quiet operation while petrol generators are noisier. So, you can avoid them if you need something that operates quietly. Moreover, you have to abide by the noise control regulations if you live or go to an area with strict rules.


Generators are designed to run for a certain period. Some factors determine a generator’s runtime, including the devices being charged and the amount of fuel. Therefore, it is essential to buy the best portable generators that can run for hours while charging multiple devices continuously. 

While powering your devices and appliances, it must provide a constant and safe power supply. So before you buy, check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure you are getting the right generator with high fuel efficiency.

Size and Weight

Generators come in different sizes. The physical size is a crucial thing to consider when purchasing a generator. First, you have to ask yourself whether you need it for outdoor use, household use, or industrial use? Once you have decided, choosing the right size will be easy. 

If you are charging small devices and appliances on the go, a portable generator will be great. A bulkier and heavy-duty model for household or industrial use will be perfect. If you need it for outdoor use, avoid buying a bulky generator.


A good generator should be equipped with built-in safety features to protect both the generator and appliances supplied with power. Make sure it has overload, short circuit, overcharge, and undercharge protection.

Some models have an advanced battery management system that offers protection to the battery system. Lastly, check for a low-level oil sensor that will alert when the oil tank is low to protect the engine from being damaged.


Lastly, you have to know what your budget level is. Generators come with different prices depending on their functionality, size, features, power, and many more. Keep in mind that the more advanced it is, the more money you will pay.

In our review, we have the best generators under $1000. They are worth investing in because they have everything you need in a backup generator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does a Generator Weigh?

Mostly, generators weigh between 5-235 pounds. However, even with the high weight capacity, they are simple to carry anywhere because built-in handles and wheels enhance mobility.

How Much is a Cheap Generator?

Its possible to find generators as low as $200-$400. However, these are just small units that offer power to run small appliances and devices. If you want something that can power large devices, buying a 2000 watt or higher capacity generator will be better. These usually will cost $400+.

What Extension Cord Can I use With a Generator?

You should carefully select an extension cord depending on the type of generator you have and the wattage. This will protect the generator and appliances you want to power. For instance, if your generator has 50 amps, select a 50 amp extension cord. Never be tempted to get a power cord with a higher amp than the generator.

What is the Most Reliable and Best Generator Under 1000 on the Market?

 Champion 4250 Watt Inverter Generator

The generator is user-friendly, has a dual-fuel efficient design, is lightweight, and offers clean power for all your devices, even sensitive ones. This model will provide a good investment for your money.

What is the Best Brand of Portable Generators?

Different manufacturers design the best portable generators under $1000 and some may have similar features. However, their main job is to offer a reliable energy supply during emergencies. So if you are looking for the best portable generator under 1000 from a trusted brand, Champion brand provides quality and performance. 

For years, Jackery has been dominant in the generator industry, thanks to their excellent customer support, high-quality generators, and they offer something that will serve you for years.

In our list, we have a power station from Jackery that is lightweight, compact, suitable for both home and outdoor use, and operates at low noise levels.

How Many Watts Generator do you Need to Run a House?

Using a generator with a power rating over 7500 watts, you can run essential household items, including a freezer, refrigerator, lighting circuit, fan, well pump, and many more.

A 7500+ watt running generator can efficiently run all appliances in your house at once. To know the size needed to run your house, check the exact wattage of the home appliances so that you can be sure.

What is the Most Reliable Home Generator?

The best generator under 1000 for your home should have enough power to run all household items and charge all smart devices. Having a dual fuel 10000-watt unit is the best option for any homeowner.

Westinghouse WGEN7500 is the most powerful and reliable generator in our review. It produces 9500 starting watts and 7500 running watts, and it has a good runtime.

Still, it is user-friendly thanks to its push-button electric start that you can pair with a wireless remote key for easy ignition.

So, Which is Best?

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all best option.. Different generators are designed to meet different needs.. but below are the best for each category:

Champion 4250 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator – Best Overall Generator Under $1000

Yamaha 2000 Watt Inverter Generator- Best Inverter Generator Under $1000

WEN 56200i– Best Quiet Generator Under $1000

Jackery 500- Best Lightweight Generator Under $1000

Westinghouse WGEN7500 Portable Generator-Most Powerful Generator Under $1000


We believe the best overall generator under $1000 is the Champion 4250 Watt generator because of its long run times, solid power output and affordability.

Please feel free to review the list above to see which generator best suits your needs.

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