Best Generator for Travel Trailers 2021

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When going for recreation with travel trailers, one of the most important valuables is a power source. Here’s where a generator comes in. Well, if your travel trailer comes with a generator, good news! You have no need to be perturbed.

However, not all travel trailers or RVs have generators manufactured out of the box. So, it’s important to make the right choice when going for the generator. Importantly, some little details have to be looked at before making such a decision.

When attempting to buy the generator, it’s necessary to consider how much power you require for your daily needs. It’s not ideal to purchase a more massive generator that’ll provide too much power that’s unneeded. In that case, a portable generator is what you need.

Even when attempting to buy this generator, you’ll do a close study of what you want to power. Your power needs could be the combination of lights, refrigerator, fan, TV, DVD, smartphone charger, laptop and a router.

A good understanding of your power demands will point you in the right direction when selecting the best Rv generator.

Additionally, the knowledge of this will help in defining the most economical. I mean, you’ll bite your tongue in regret if you unnecessarily purchase beyond budget.

Another critical thing to note is the noise levels. Convenient noise levels make the camping experience filled with a comfortable amount of enthusiasm.

Having considered these, you’ll agree with me that the number of portable generators manufactured these days makes the selection of the right one a tad difficult. Not to worry, that’s why at generators swift, we make sure to get you hooked with the best products in the market. You’ll come across generators which have been picked just for your ease.

Just take a look at the best generators for travel trailers available:

Best Generators For Travel Trailer

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator For Travel Trailers

On our list of the best generators for travel trailers, the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 makes the cut. You’re sure to have a reliable and powerful generator at your fingertips if you have own this generator.

Its operations are dished out by Yamaha single cylinder 79cc OHV engine. The air cooling technology present allows the regulation of the generator’s temperature, thus, preventing extremes of the temperature range. The cast iron cylinder liner and steel camshaft of this 4-stroke engine do well to provide sturdiness to the generator.

You can utilize the two 120V AC outlet and one 8A 12V DC outlets to power your travel trailer / RV. The generator’s peak output is 2000 Watts while its running power output is 1,600 continuous Watts.
Interesting enough, the parallel capability allows the generator to combine with another generator to provide more power.

To access this function, a twin tech cable is used to connect this generator to another Yamaha EF series generator. Where this comes in handy is where more demand for power arises.

Quietness in operation is an important factor that qualifies this generator to be amidst the best generators for travel trailers. It gives out 51.5 – 61 decibels of noise at 25% – 50% load. This is due to the US Forest Service certified spark arrestor and sophisticated muffler. Speaking about certifications, the generator is also EPA and CARB compliant.

A smart throttle gives room for variability in engine speeds based on the amount of load the generator carries at any point in time. This can be likened to the idle control system. On zero load, the generator produces 51.5 dBA as compared to the 61 dBA generated on 50% load. At the feet of the generator, there’s rubber isolation that helps in reducing noise and serving smooth operation. As a plus, the smart throttle plays a role in the fuel economy.

The generator runs for as long as 10.5 hours (25% load) on a single fill of the fuel tank. This tank can take in a maximum of 1.1 gallon. Gasoline, an easy-to-access fuel is the source of power compatible with the generator. The level of gas can be seen without hassles as a result of the fuel gauge’s presence. Also, the auto-decompression system decreases the engine’s compression to aid easy starting of the generator.

Another impressive feature on the generator is the oil watch warning system. This system showcases the oil level to avoid the damage of the engine and expensive repairs.
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is one sleek feature of its inverter technology that puts voltage stability at plus or minus 1%, and frequency stability at positive or negative 1%. As a result, the generator produces very clean and quality power.

Transportation and storage of this generator is pretty easy due to its 44.1 pounds lightweight. Also in line with its portability is its compact and refined design. Once you purchase the generator, you get three years limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Honda EU2200I 2200W Portable Generator

From one of the most popular makers in the industry, the Honda EU2000I portable generator is one of the most trusted generators you can consider for your travel trailer.
One of its top advantages is its super quiet operation while in use.

This can be attributed to the advanced inverter technology used on it. Its noise production is rated at 59dBA that ensures your camping experience is enjoyed with gusto. Even when talking about inverter generators in general, Honda EU2000I also stands out.

This generator can be easily moved from one location to another thanks to its light 45 lbs weight. Its plastic handle makes the generator so easy to move around with a single hand. Also, it’s well designed compact structure gives it lasting duration.

To switch on this generator, an easy to use recoil system is available. The generator provides 1,600 continuous Watts during operation although it produces 2000 Watts upon startup.

The generated Wattage can be used to power your appliances through the following outlets – two 120V AC outlets and one DC outlet. Electrical devices such as fans, smartphone chargers, computers, satellite, coffee pots and more can be powered easily.

Also, this generator is very fuel efficient in its dealings. On a full tank, the generator gives an 8-hour run time at 25% load. Mind you, its fuel tank only needs 1.1 gallons (4.2 liters) to get filled to the brim.

A powerful Honda GX100 98.5cc OHV engine is what controls the powering of this generator. This single cylinder engine does well to infuse proficient operations and less noise production that makes the generator one of the best generators for travel trailers.

Champion 3500W Portable Generator

The Champion 100559 3500W is a very powerful generator, and a good choice for your travel trailer.

Upon starting, the Champion 100559 3500W generator has a Watt amount of 4000, and runs on 3500 Watts. While running, this generator puts out 68 decibels of noise from 23 ft., which is environmental friendly.

This generator comes equipped with a wireless remote control. This wireless remote can be used to start or put off the generator from as far out as 80 feet.

Other than the wireless remote control, an already equipped battery makes the generator have the option to be switched on with the push-button electric start. This makes you have two options to switch on the generator set.

With the generator’s portable nature, it’s a thing of ease to move it around to the most preferred location. The presence of never-flat tires and a single folding handle contribute to its ease of transport. Also, its steel material composition grants it a sturdy and durable nature.

Running on gasoline, this generator can last for as long as 12 hours on full tank at 50% load. Its tank is capable of taking up a maximum of 3.8 gallons of fuel. Furthermore, the generator is CARB approved; thus, air pollution is minimal. The following outlets are available – 120V 20A, 120V 30A RV, and 120V 30A locking. The generator has a 30A RV outlet to power your appliances.

Interestingly, its 30A outlet is enough to power two 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners. As a plus, your appliances are well guarded by Volt Guard Technology in cases of sudden voltage spikes and power surges.

Thanks to Cold Start Technology included in its makeup, the product is not complicated to switch on in cold conditions. In light of this, you can’t be restrained by the cold temperatures of your most suitable camping areas. Powering this generator set is a 196cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine. It can hold up to 0.6 quarts of oil that shuts off in instances of low oil with the aid of an automated shut-off sensor.

The generator has an Intelligauge that tracks output power by monitoring frequency, the electric potential difference (voltage), duration of operation (hours) as well as monitoring maintenance intervals. With the Champion Power Equipment 46539 Portable Generator, you have an affordable solution to power outages as well as emergencies.


From the list above, you can easily decide the best generator for your travel trailer whenever you want to go camping.

As a reminder, your power demands, generator’s portability, and noise production are yardsticks to choosing the right generator for your travel trailer.


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