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I've always been a lover of Mechanics and the engineering that goes on behind it. Naturally had a knack for fixing things and i've had lots of adventures that generators are second nature to me.

Top Best Portable Generators for Marine Use

Are you considering taking a portable generator on board on your next boating trip? A portable generator can be helpful support on your boat by charging your phone, recharging tablets and laptops, or powering lamps, fans, and other small useful devices. With the latest portable generators offering a wide range of features and improved operation, […]

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Champion 6800W Generator Review

Looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution for power outages or other emergencies? The Champion 6800W comes highly recommended. It’s a gasoline-powered portable generator, which is powered by a 338cc Champion single-cylinder, four-stroke OHV engine, producing 5500 running watts as well as 6800 starting watts. The machine, built with a 5.9-gal. fuel tank, can run […]

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Best Indoor Generators 2020

Indoor generators have a lot of benefits over conventional gas-powered generators. They can also be called a Portable Battery Power Station, as the generator stores electricity in one or more batteries and then converts the direct current battery power into alternating current (AC) power using an inverter. This enables us to make use of the […]

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