A-iPower Inverter Generator Review 2022

This article will discuss the A-ipower SUA2000iv inverter generator’s features, specs, pros and cons and everything you need to know to help decide if this is the right power generator for you.

A-iPower Inverter Generator Review

Today, there are potentially endless brands and models of portable generators. And this simply implies that the prospect of finding the best portable generator can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming experience.

One particular type of small generator that has gained lots of attention in recent years is the A iPower Inverter Generator. Despite being a relatively new brand in the power machines industry, this fantastic product boasts nearly every feature you expect from a top-notch generator.

As a result, the A iPower SUA2000iv is a tremendous device worth paying some attention to if you want to purchase a new portable generator. But before you do, we will provide you with an honest and extensive A iPower portable inverter generator review to help make an informed decision on your next generator purchase.

Product Description

The A-iPower SUA2000 inverter generator delivers super clean, quiet 2,000 watts of starting power as well as 1,600 watts of running power. Moreover, thanks to its robust and powerful 79cc engine, the generator is highly suited to power-hungry outdoor events such as camping trips, concerts, tailgating parties, RVs, Racetracks, among others.

And with a unique technology at its disposal, the portable power generator guarantees clean and safe power for electronics, including televisions, your air conditioner system, laptops, desktops, tablets, and other power-intensive electrical appliances.

The inverter module seamlessly and efficiently converts the raw power from direct current to alternating current for optimal output. The engine speed varies based on electrical on the current electrical demand, which equally substantially minimizes the noise level.

This digital generator features parallel capability. And with two parallel cables at its disposal, this fantastic offers the possibility to link up two generators for nearly double the power output. And what’s encouraging is that you don’t have to purchase any additional parallel kits. Thus, this incredible device brings added convenience while minimizing cost.

Also, the portable power generator comes equipped with a multi-switch the integrates the start and both run and stop capabilities. This switch handles and operates your choke, fuel as well as engine, which offers much-needed convenience.

A built-in fuel gauge on the fuel tank notifies the user when to refill. Simply put, the SUA2000i portable generator is the all-in-one device you simply can’t live without.


  • Affordable
  • The parallel kit included
  • Very good runtime (7 hours at 50% load)
  • Highly energy efficient


  • No electric start
  • Heavy compared to its power class

Features and Specifications

  • 2000 starting Watts/1,600 running Watts.
  • 79cc Senci engine/manual start.
  • 120Hz, 60Hz, single phase.
  • Clean and save energy that is ideal for somewhat sensitive electronics due to its patented inverter technology.
  • Multi-switch that seamlessly integrates start, run as well as stop functions.
  • Easy-pull start recoil featuring ergonomically-designed grip.
  • It features an ultra-lightweight design.
  • The generator weighs 46 Ibs only.
  • It comes with a built-in parallel kit with enough cables.
  • Extremely quiet on eco mode at 58 dBA-50% @ 21’/7, 68 dBA-75% Load @ 21’/7m and perfect for outdoor camping.
  • Low idle mode: Automatically adjusts engine velocity to the optimal level, based on energy demands, leading to somewhat lower fuel usage as well as a reduced noise level.
  • Three-in-one light that perfectly displays output indicator, low oil alarm as well as overload alert.
  • Cast iron cylinder sleeves: guarantee engine durability as well as extended run life.
  • A 1.1-GAL fuel tank that offers up to 7hrs of runtime at 50% load.
  • It features an easy-to-read fuel gauge.
  • Low oil shutdown that protects the engine from potential damage.
  • CARB/EPA 50 States.
  • One NEMA 120VAC 20A Outlets, one NEMA 120VAC 30A, L5-30R Twist-lock output, one 12VDC 8.3A Adapter Plug for charging the battery or with Adapter USB 30 AMP RV Adapter.
  • Warranty: Two-year commercial/residential.

Accessories included in the package:

  • DC charging cables.
  • Parallel cables.
  • Buyer’s manual.
  • Spark plug socket.
  • Oil funnel.
  • 30 Amp RV Adapter.

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Detailed Review

It’s worth mentioning that this particular generator is arguably the most affordable 2000 Watt quiet inverter generator you will find on the market. But despite its relatively more affordable price tag, the SUA2000iV comes equipped will nearly all essential features you would want from a high-end generator.

And this could be great news for RV fanatics and homeowners who are not willing to spend huge amounts on established brands such as the Yamaha engine, CAT, or even Honda.

The A-iPower SUA2000iV has an attractive and lightweight design and looks like any other modern, top-notch inverter generator. The molded plastic casing is in line with the trend for sound-insulated and light power generators.

So what features does this impressive portable inverter generator bring on board?

Power and runtime:

Rated, as well as the maximum output of a portable generator, are two critical factors to take into account when seeking to purchase a portable generator. In this regard, rated output simply refers to the number of watts a particular generator can provide for an indefinite amount of time.

On the other hand, rated output is the number of watts the generator can produce for an unlimited time. Rated watts are also known as running power. The A-iPower SUA2000i’s core is the 79 cc SENCI OHV four-stroke engine, which operates on gasoline.

With a decent output of 120V, the SUA2000iV offers a running wattage of 1600W and a peak wattage of 2000W. The total amount of power a generator can produce is highly vital, but so too is how long the same generator will operate on a single tank of fuel. It is imperative to note that most runtime estimates are based on the generator only operating at half capacity.

In this regard, this particular generator not only guarantees pure, clean power output for all your sensitive electronics. And thanks to its unique low idle technology, it has an extended runtime of 10 hours at 25% load.

Since it is a parallel cable, users can easily double the power output by connecting it to a second compatible generator. It has a fuel capacity of 1.1 gallons, which allows the unit to operate for at least ten hours with a full tank.


A power generator needs to be portable, or you will be unable to transport it from point A to point B. Those that feature wheel kits are your best bet toward enhancing mobility. Still, those with lightweight and compact designs are equally fantastic in that aspect.

The A-iPower SUA2000i is an inverter generator with a closed and compact design. It gives it an aesthetical advantage over its open-frame traditional counterparts.

With a weight of only 48.5 Ibs, this incredible generator is relatively lightweight and highly portable. And this simply implies that you can easily enjoy its power on the go, as you can almost effortlessly move it from one place to another. Moreover, robust handles further enhance this convenience and allow you to carry it with relative ease.


Portable generators have received some commendable technological makeovers in the last few years. Although some are critical to safety, one technology is only tailored toward boosting performance; inverter technology. If you want to purchase a portable generator, this feature should be high on your priority list.

A significant number of portable generators come equipped with a built-in sensor that triggers an automatic shutoff if carbon monoxide builds up to potentially dangerous levels, particularly in an enclosed space.

Some brands feature engines that emit minimal amounts of carbon dioxide in the first place. For example, the SUA2000i offers the CO safety shutoff and guarantees improved noise level reduction, fuel consumption, and efficiency.

An inverter generator automatically throttles its engine up and down to meet demand instead of running full tilt continuously. The resulting improvement in efficiency now implies that users won’t have to regularly fill up the gas tank.

An inverter generator produces relatively lower emissions and is equally quieter. And thanks to its unique technology, it simply means you’ll be getting safe and clean power.

The SUA2000i also boasts numerous light indicators that serve to notify you when the generator is on overload, and its oil levels are below the recommended levels as well as when it’s ready.

The built-in fuel gauge can easily determine the generator’s fuel level. And from a security standpoint, this amazing device features an automatic low oil shutoff and overload protection or circuit breaker. This feature gives you much-needed peace of mind when operating it.

It is also better to consider the number of outlets on your portable inverter generator. Outlets allow you to spread the load, further enhancing the safety of your generator and the connected electrical components.

The load simply refers to the number of appliances connected to the generator itself. Spreading these connections over several outlets makes it relatively easier for the generator to keep the supplied power stable.

The SUA2000i features 2 AC outlets; a 120V 20A receptacle as well as a 120 30A receptacle. What’s more, it has one DC outlet, the 12V 8A receptacle with which you can charge your batteries with minimal fuss.

Usage and safety:

The SUA2000i portable generator is designed to be user-friendly. Some homeowners may be concerned about what is essentially a box of electricity. Still, this particular generator is crafted with both user safety and friendliness in mind.

From how it is wired to how it is designed to operate, this fantastic portable generator is simply made to be easy to handle and operate. Simply follow the manufacturer’s manual on properly refilling the fuel and oil, and you are ready to go!

Safety is paramount, and ultimately this is why the SUA2000i inverter generator comes equipped with circuit-breaker protection. The circuit breaker ensures that you don’t have to worry about your unit getting overloaded.

Also, it is designed with low-oil security, so when it’s running low on oil. It will automatically shut down to limit the possibility of any damage to both the generator and the connected electrical appliances.


Decibel rating is another essential factor to always take into account when looking to purchase a portable generator. After all, you not only want to prevent hearing for yourself but for your family as well.

You don’t want to disturb your neighbors with unending noise. And if you didn’t know, anything above 85 decibels can easily result in hearing loss. So we highly recommend that you go for a generator with a noise level of no more than 75 decibels.

The SUA2000i performs exemplary well in this aspect. It offers power and is super quiet on only 52 decibels, which is significantly less than the sound produced by an average conversation! And this means you can rest assured you’ll carry out your outdoor activities without the noisy distraction.


Price is always an essential factor to consider when looking to invest in a brand new generator. Depending on your budget, you can purchase cheap equipment or an expensive one that has all the essential features you would want.

Despite its relatively cheaper price tag, this particular inverter generator comes packed with several impressive features that make it head and shoulders above its peers in terms of performance.

At the time of writing, the A-iPower 2000iSUA generator’s price is between $300-$500. Considering that most inverter portable generators with similar features will cost you anything above $1000, this incredible product from the iPower is certainly a bargain!


Let us be honest here; you will certainly be hard on your generator, especially if you reside in an area with frequent power problems. These frequent power outages simply imply you need a piece of equipment that will not suffer multiple breakdowns every month.

The SUA2000 inverter generator boasts a robust and solid design that will surely withstand everyday physical abuse. But, of course, to get the best out of your generator and enhance its longevity, you’ll need to schedule routine professional maintenance. This is the surest way to ensure your device remains in tip-top condition at all times.


Like all A-iPower generators, this device comes with a two-year warranty for residential use and one year for commercial application. In addition, this warranty covers the parts as well as any other faulty components.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A-iPower a good brand?

A-iPower has a reputation for producing high-quality portable generators at relatively affordable prices. And this has led to many people wanting to know more about this new brand. A-iPower is a fairly small company based in Ontario, California.

The company has an engineering facility in Charlotte, North California. And bearing in mind that it was established in 2009, it is comparatively a fresh face in the generator manufacturing industry. But don’t be fooled by the company’s relatively young age.

For the shortest time that the company has been around, it has managed to manufacture and distribute a variety of portable generators. Most of these A-ipower generators have performed exceptionally well in terms of fuel economy and power output. So, yea, we can confidently say that A-iPower is a good brand.

Is an inverter generator worth it?

First and foremost, it is worth noting that the significant technical difference between inverter generators and traditional generators is the type of electricity produced. Whereas conventional generators only produce AC electricity, their inverter counterparts produce electricity in three phases; high-frequency AC to DC, and finally to stable AC.

It’s this stable sinewave that makes inverter generators unique. As a result, it is generally considered a pure, clean source of energy. And this simply technically implies that there is very minimal harmonic distortion, resulting in a somewhat safer electrical power for your sensitive devices such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions, or even desktops.

The inverter generators are relatively energy-efficient not only because of how the final AC is produced but because their engines automatically adjust to the load. And thanks to their much greater energy efficiency, these portable generators generally feature smaller fuel tanks, further enhancing their portability. So, simply put, an inverter generator is worth your money and time.

How do I start my iPower inverter portable generator?

As earlier explained, this particular generator is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features a multi-switch that integrates the start, runs as well as stop functions. What’s more, this switch controls your fuel, choke and engine for added convenience.


In comparing this  A iPower Inverter Generator  with others in its power class, this generator stands out as being one of the most affordable and highest performing option. Not quite as lightweight as others, but it’s worth consideration as a reliable, portable power source.

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