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Generator Reviews And Advice

  • What Will a 400 Watt Power Inverter Run?

    A 400-watt power inverter can power a wide range of small electronics and appliances, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, LED lights, small fans, portable heaters, and small TVs. But which devices and appliances a 400-watt power inverter can run depends on how much power they use and how much power they need to run. To …

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  • How to Choose a Generator: All The Essential Factors You Need To Know

    When selecting a generator, keep the following in mind: When choosing a generator, there are a few important things to think about: Ensure the generator can provide enough power to fulfil your needs. Choose a generator with a larger wattage to ensure it can handle the load after taking into account the wattage of the …

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  • 3 Best Power Inverter for Semi Trucks

    If you’re a trucker looking for the best power inverter for your semi truck then I’ve got you covered. I know that you’re looking for… Convenience: An inverter lets you use use home appliances and electronics like a microwave, coffee maker, or laptop in your truck without having to stop at a truck stop or …

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  • 3 Best Power Inverters For Home Use

    So you’ve realised you’d like an uninterrupted power supply to run appliances and tools at home? And that a good power inverter for home use is just what you need…. Not only will it provide clean energy but also save your electricity bills, as a steady and reliable current is provided all day long. With …

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  • Does Owning A Generator Increase Home Value?

    Yes, owning a generator increases your home value. It is best to be ready and prepared in case of any emergencies. Several instances can cost you if you are not alert to deal with them. I take it upon myself to prepare my family for such scenarios. My wife and kids are sure in line …

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  • What Size Generator Is Needed to Run a Furnace?

    A generator can power a furnace and comes in handy when you have power blackouts for extended periods, especially during the cold season. Generators are rated according to the amount of wattage they produce when running. Therefore, the size and power consumption of the furnace determines the size of the generator to pick. Besides, the …

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  • What Happens When A Generator Gets Wet

    When a generator gets wet, it usually poses danger to the user such as electrocution to the user. This is because the generator usually produces sufficient power to cause a serious shock if it gets in contact with water. Additionally, you risk damage to the generator since water can easily ruin the outlets and wiring …

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  • How To Know If Your Generator Is Overloaded (Step by Step Guide)

    A generator is very essential to anyone since it ensures that your life does not come to a standstill in case of a shortage of power. This machine is essential, especially for people who live in areas that experience power failure due to weather conditions such as storms and floods. Therefore overloading a generator can …

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  • How To Adjust Generator for High Altitude (Step by Step Guide)

    A portable generator is an important addition to any home or business property. Generators should remain in perfect condition to come in handy when your area has power-related issues. Even though portable generators are used at an altitude below 1,000 ft., you should take into consideration how higher altitudes can impact your generator’s performance. Experts …

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  • PTO Generator Pros and Cons

    A power take-off (PTO) is a feature that allows power from a larger drive or engine to be transferred to a smaller one. A smaller drive or engine can be connected to a larger one with a PTO. For example, a small engine can be connected to an electric generator to provide power for a …

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  • How To Start Generator Without Battery (Step by Step Guide)

    A generator is a mechanical tool that runs on electricity. It is primarily used to produce electricity when there is no or limited supply of electric supply. Generators come in different types, capacities, and prices. Some of the common types of generators are gas generators, diesel generators, electric generators, and solar generators. This article deals …

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  • How To Start A Generator Without A Pull Cord? (Step by Step Guide)?

    When using a generator pull cord, it is never fun when they pull cord snaps in half which happens a lot. Most of the cords are not of steel. A quality rope is used to make the cord, which rubs against metal constituents and high-pitched corners. Due to that, the cord is most likely to …

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  • What’s The Best Generator for Elderly People?

    Having an elder around you is a blessing as they play an important role in society. Looking after them needs a lot of dedication and attention. Home care is always the best solution for such people as it allows them to stay comfortably and have a faster recovery during sickness. However, if you happen to …

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  • How To Synchronize Generator on Ship (Step by Step Guide)

    Synchronizing a ship generator is one of the most vital things to do before propelling with another generator. Maritime law dictates that any ship should have at least two generators. Ensure you maintain your generators at a regular interval. Therefore, I will focus on generator synchronization when you need to use multiple generators or you …

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  • What To Do If Generator Runs Out Of Gas?

    Once your generator runs out of gas, the first step is to turn it off. Allowing your generator to run when the fuel has drained is dangerous because it can damage your appliances and your generator. The coils can lose magnetism when the generator is running without fuel. The appliances drain the generator’s residual magnetism …

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  • Is Ozone Generator Bad For Electronics?

    Ozone is a gas that is created when oxygen molecules are split by ultraviolet light or electrical sparks. It is used in the industry to sterilize equipment and kill mold and bacteria. There is a lot of debate on whether or not ozone generators are bad for electronics. If you use an ozone generator for …

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  • How To Secure Generator When Camping (Step by Step Guide)

    Stealing a generator can be easy and, at the same time, hard; it all depends on the size and the security measures that have been put up. Heavy generators are very hard to steal as it will require much time and effort to have them from where they have been stored. The light portable ones …

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  • Is Generator Oil The Same As Car Oil?

    Yes, the generator oil used is the same as that used in a car because synthetic motor oils are the same. The synthetic oil you choose should be high quality; hence you need to choose 5W-30 oil. Your vehicle and generator engine will work properly when using high-quality oil. What Oil Should Be Put in …

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  • How To Wire A Generator And Voltage Regulator (Step by Step Guide)

    Wiring a generator and voltage regulator is very simple. In this guide, I’ll explain the process step-by-step to help you understand how you can wire your generator and voltage regulator. Step-by-step Guide to Wiring A Generator and Voltage Regulator A voltage regulator has a constant voltage output because it doesn’t fluctuate the voltage. Some generators, …

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  • How To Tell If Generator Motor is Seized

    A generator aims to convert a source’s rotational energy like a diesel or gas engine into a steady voltage to power any machine. These motors are designed to perform that task efficiently, with very little energy loss. However, when they are not maintained properly, they can develop problems. Generally, these generator motor engines have a …

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  • Do Generators Have Oil Filters?

    Yes, Generators have filters since the filter in the generator plays a very important role. Mostly, the filter is used to filter away the oil that has impurities, thus ensuring you don’t have to occasionally keep changing the oil from the generator. Though it is always wise for you to change the oil after a …

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  • How Do You Know When to Change a Generator Battery?

    Most people find it hard to determine when to change their generator batteries. This is because the conditions of the battery may limit the amount of time that a battery lasts. However, when all conditions are okay, most battery brands will need to be changed every 24 to 36 months, that is, every two to …

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  • Why Is My Generator Sputtering?

    Carburettor issues make your generator sound like it’s struggling or starting to sputter while it’s operating. It occurs due to fuel clogging and sticking to the carburettor. It’s advisable to have a fuel backup instead of leaving it inside the system for an extended period. Fuel left in the system will eventually evaporate and leave …

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  • What Happens if Generator Rotates in Reverse Direction?

    Because it is filled, an engine does not turn backward. However, due to recent, there are backward motors. The output produced by the generator is proportional to its rotational speed. The engine then pulls current from the load to which it is attached. Backward motion is illogical. Because it is filled, a turbine does not …

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  • 3 Best Tri Fuel Generators

    Tri fuel generators are multi fuel generators that utilize 3 different fuel sources (Gasoline, propane, or natural gas) to produce electricity. The reason for generating electricity using multiple sources becomes useful when one type of fuel source may not be available during an emergency, power outage, severe snow, etc. This article will cover the best …

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  • Dual Fuel Generators: 16 Things You Should Know

      What is a Dual Fuel Generator? A dual fuel generator is a multi-fuel generator that produces electricity from gasoline or propane. They have been specially engineered in a way that their engines can be powered by an alternate source of fuel in the case one is not available.   A dual fuel generator is …

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  • How to Run a Portable Generator Continuously

    In this article you will learn how to run a generator continuously… Generators are among some of the best machines ever made. No one can live without electricity in the civilized world (we need electricity to power our appliance at home and at work), and one of the worst things that whole cities get hit …

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  • 3 Best Portable Generator with Low THD

    If you’re looking for a portable generator to power sensitive electronics, you’ll want to consider a portable generator with low THD. Total harmonic distortion (THD) is the amount that a voltage waveform or current is distorted. High THD reduces the efficiency of a portable generator. Low THD is requires for sensitive electronics, look for inverter generators to …

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  • Best Dual Fuel Generator with Low THD

    If you’re looking for a dual fuel generator to power sensitive electronics, you’ll want to consider a dual fuel generator with low THD.   What is THD?  Total harmonic distortion (THD) is the amount that a voltage waveform or current is distorted. High THD reduces the efficiency of a portable generator. Low THD is requires …

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  • Best Dual Fuel Generator with Remote Start

    It’s very rare that a generator manufacturer creates a dual fuel generator with remote start capability. It’s far more common to see gas powered or inverter generators with remote start. Below are a few quality dual fuel generators with remote start.. but first.. What is a dual fuel generator? A dual fuel generator is a …

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  • Best Inverter Generator with 240V Outlet

    Do you need an inverter generator with a 240V outlet? In this article we’ll discuss the best inverter generator with 240V outlets, their pros and cons, and wattage demands.. but first.. What is an Inverter Generator? Consider an inverter generator to be a more sophisticated form of a portable generator. This generator will electrically control …

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  • Best Inverter Generator with Remote Start

    Looking for an inverter generator with remote start capabilities?   In this article we’ll cover the best inverter generators with remote start, their pros and cons as well as wattage demands.. but first.. What is an Inverter Generator? Consider an inverter generator to be a more sophisticated form of a portable generator. This generator will electrically control …

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  • Best Solar Generator with LifePO4 Battery

    Looking for a solar generator with a LifePO4 battery? In this article we’ll discuss the importance of LifePO4 batteries, their pros and cons, and review the best solar generator with LifePO4 battery, but first… What is a Solar Generator? Solar generators convert solar energy to electrical energy, store it in a battery and use the inverter to …

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  • Solar Generators: Things You Must Know Before Buying.

    Solar generators are a great option to power your appliances and sensitive electronic devices. They can be used indoor or outdoor because they operate with little noise, no fumes, and no emissions. But here are a 12 things you must know before buying.. What is a Solar Generator? Solar generators convert solar energy to electrical energy, store …

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  • Power Generator Rules and Laws (13 Things You Should Know)

    Generator rules and laws have been written to protect people from harm and ensure environmental safety. The rules are formal and informal that will help you best operate your generator and protect yourself and others. In this article, you will find out about the essential power generator law and rules that are in place for …

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  • Can a Solar Generator Power a Space Heater

    Can a solar generator power a space heater? In this article we’ll answer this question and review the best solar generator for space heaters, their pros and cons, wattage demands and more.. but first.. What is a Solar Generator? Solar generators convert solar energy to electrical energy, store it in a battery and use the …

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  • Will a Solar Generator Power a Freezer?

    Will a Solar Generator Power a Freezer? This article will answer that question as well as review the best solar generator for freezers, their pros and cons and wattage demands. What is a Solar Generator? Solar generators convert solar energy to electrical energy, store it in a battery and use the inverter to convert the …

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  • Can a Solar Generator Power an Air Conditioner?

    Yes, Solar generators are a great option for powering air conditioners because there’s no fuel, requirements no emissions, and almost no noise. In this article we’ll discuss “can a solar generator power an air conditioner?”, wattage demands, and review the best solar generator for air conditioners as well as pros and cons. What is a …

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  • Can a Solar Generator Power a Well Pump?

    Solar generators are a great option for powering well pumps because there’s no fuel, requirements no emissions, and almost no noise. You can simply charge them from a solar panel or outlet. In this article we’ll answer the question can a solar generator power a well pump? and review the best solar generators for well …

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  • Inverter Generators: 9 Things You Need to Know

     What is an Inverter Generator? Consider an inverter generator to be a more sophisticated form of a portable generator. This generator will electrically control the throttle, therefore conserving gas and avoiding unnecessary energy consumption. This increases the generator’s efficiency and also makes the generator quieter.   The fact that an inverter generator is extremely fuel-efficient and quieter than …

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  • What’s the Inverter Generator Break In Process?

    Congrats, you’ve just bought your first Inverter Generator and you’re keen to take it out into the wild and start using it. But wait… Before you do, it’s time to break your Inverter Generator in first because if you don’t it may not function correctly. And you can seriously reduce the lifespan of what can …

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  • Portable Generators-17 Things You Need to Know

    What is a Portable Generator? A portable generator is a mobile machine that utilizes fuel to turn into electrical power used for appliances and other devices. Portable generators typically come equipped with a grip handle and a wheel kit.   Can a Portable Generator Run Central Air? Yes. You can use a portable generator to …

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  • Tri Fuel Generators: 7 Things You Need to Know

      What is a Tri Fuel Generator? Tri fuel generators are multi fuel generators that utilize 3 different fuel sources (Gasoline, propane, or natural gas) to produce electricity.   The reason for generating electricity using multiple sources becomes useful when one type of fuel source may not be available during an emergency, power outage, severe snow, etc. …

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  • Top 5 Best Furnace Generators

    Find out the ideal portable generator to run a furnace in your home. We cover everything you need to know and the best alternatives.

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Generator Won’t Start

    There is nothing more frustrating thing than a generator not starting. Well, do not panic as you can fix and prevent such issues from happening again. But what would you need to do if your generator won’t start? This article will look at the 8 reasons why your generator will not start and list of …

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  • How to Build a DIY Solar Generator

    Solar generators provide a way to supply numerous devices and equipment electricity without having to rely on a grid, standard batteries, or other external power sources. This can be useful in various scenarios, such as power outages in your area. Although there are currently countless solar generators on the market, it’s not very difficult to …

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  • Best Portable Diesel Generator

    A portable diesel generator can serve as a reliable solution for a temporary home backup and for use on remote sites. Here are the best models on the market.

  • What Will a 6000 Watt Generator Run?

    A common question that comes up when people discuss generators.   What size of generator should I buy?   What will a 6000 watt generator run in a home?   Can it power appliances on a worksite, camping, or RVs?   What’s the best 6000 watt generator?   We’ll discuss these topics now. Let’s dive …

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  • Best 50 Amp Generators

    If you’re looking for a 50 amp generator for different applications that demand power. here are are the best models on the market.

  • 3 Best Quiet Generators

    Have you ever been kept awake at night by the noise coming from a generator? If so, then you’ll understand the importance of finding a quiet generator, which is ideal for nighttime use.   Whether it’s for a campsite or a worksite, one of the most crucial factors to consider when shopping for a generator …

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  • What Can a 3500 Watt Generator Run

     Generators are machines that utilize propane, gasoline or natural gas to provide electricity for appliances and other devices.   A generator will serve as an emergency backup in terms of hazards, on the construction site, home, and about anywhere. I guess you know that already.    But the question begs, what can a 3500 watt …

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  • Generator Silencers and Mufflers: How To Reduce Engine Noise

    In this article, we will show you how to quieten your generator and the best generator silencer. There is no doubt that generators are extremely useful in homes, offices, commercial premises, factories, hospitals and even at construction sites. They come in handy whenever there is a need for mobile power. In case of blackouts and …

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  • 3 Best Indoor Generators

    Indoor generators have a lot of benefits over conventional gas-powered generators. They can also be called a Portable Battery Power Station, as the generator stores electricity in one or more batteries and then converts the direct current battery power into alternating current (AC) power using an inverter.   This enables us to make use of …

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  • Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generator

    If you need a 3000-watt inverter generator for your RV or other outdoor needs, here are are the best models that can help you run your power tools.

  • Goal Zero Yeti 1000X Review 2022

    If you’re interested in purchasing Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Portable Power Station, here’s our in-depth review to help in your buying decision.

  • Westinghouse WGen7500 Review

    There was a time when portability means a unit would have to shave off a lot of the key features that could have made it a better option over the big machines. With the rate at which technology has advanced, though, that is not the case anymore. Sporting a highly-portable design on top of a …

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  • 3 Best Portable Generator for Construction Site

    It can be a hard decision to buy a portable generator for a construction site. So, we’ve have done the research and selected the best models for contactors.

  • Top 5 Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

    If you need your PC or server up and running 24/7, you might want to invest in quality UPS. With the best uninterruptible power supplies, you will have consistent battery backup even during power loss. Since even the shortest power cuts can lead to debilitating consequences for many, UPS is certainly worth the investment.   …

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  • 3 Best Oil for Portable Generators

    Generators are not simple engines. The engine is the heart of the generator, and the oil is its blood. Find out how do you determine what’s the best oil for generators

  • 3 Best Generator for Travel Trailers

    Find out the best generator for travel trailers (RV) for your next adventure. We have curated the top options only.

  • 3 Best 15000 Watt Generator Review

    Hurricanes, storms, vehicle accidents, and several other weather factors can cause interruptions in your electricity supply. But power outages due to these natural disasters and other issues shouldn’t bring your world to a painful halt. In this article, we’ll cover the best 15000 watt generators, the pros and cons, and help you make a decision …

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  • Duromax XP4400E Portable Generator Review

    The Duromax XP4400E is a among the top mid entry portable generator on the market. Check out the full review, whether it’s worth it or not.

  • Top 5 Best Tailgate Generators

    Tailgating is a lot of fun and the best portable generators for tailgating helps ensure you have the electrical supply to power your event.    In this post, we will dive deep into power needs, safety, fuel options, and we’ll review the best tailgating generators. We will also look at their pros and cons to …

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  • Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Review

    Concerning its overall appearance, the renowned Predator 3500 (Ebay) Super Quiet inverter generator is similar to the highly praised Honda EU3000Is and even the recent IS1AG and IS1AN upgrades. Even better, when we undertake a rigorous investigation and analyze the engine, the resemblance is profound. The Predator 3500 inverter generator comes with a higher wattage …

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  • Top 5 Best Smallest Generators

    If you’re looking for the best small portable generator to power your home, but don’t want the hassle of gasoline or propane, then look no further than small generators! They are easy to transport and lightweight. This article will cover the different types of small generators, how to maintain your generator and we’ll review the …

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  • Goal Zero Yeti 500x Review

    Are you looking for advice on portable battery stations, solar panels, and gas generators? These may come in handy during a power outage, emergencies, outdoor recreation, or maybe for simple convenience.   Due to demand for emergencies after COVID-19, there was an uptick in the sale of battery power stations and solar panels as a …

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  • 3 Best Solar Generators

        Today, we’ll review the some of the best solar generators available, how solar generator work, wattage demands, and more to help you decide which is best for you.   First, let’s walk you through our picks for the best portable solar generators on the market: Top 3 Best Solar Generators Jackery Explorer 500 …

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  • 3 Best 10000 Watt Portable Generator

    We reveal our top best 10000 watt portable generators. Our selection are fuel efficient generators that will last many years of use. Find out more here.

  • 3 Best 7500 Watt Generator

    Find out the best 7500 watt generators that are available on the market. We’ve also added an FAQ to help you make an informed decision.

  • 3 Best Whole House Generators

    If you’re looking for a home generator for maintaining essential functions during a power outage, here are the best picks on the market.

  • 3 Best Dual Fuel Generators

    Dual generators run on two different kinds of fuels. Propane and gasoline happen to be the best kinds of fuel as they are energy efficient. Here are the best models.

  • 3 Best 30 Amp Generators

    If you’re looking for a 30 amp generator for emergency power backup, here are the best portable generators on the market.

  • Best Generators Under $500

    Looking for a power generator that won’t cost a fortune?   Today we discuss the best generators under $500, the pros and cons of each, wattage demands, and what to look for when selecting a generator. The Top 5 Best Generators Under $500 – Our Top Picks Champion 2000 Watt Inverter Generator Features 79 cc 4 …

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  • Best Generators Under $1000

    Looking for a power generator that won’t cost a fortune? Today we discuss the best generators under $1000, the pros and cons of each and what to look for when selecting a generator. Top 5 Best Portable Generator Under $1000 If you are looking for the best portable generators under $1000, the market will provide …

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  • Best Portable Generators [2023]

    Nowadays, it is hard to live without electricity. With the push towards renewable energy becoming apparent and a disruption in traditional energy sources.. a backup source of energy is crucial . A reliable portable generator will save you from all the frustrations in power emergencies by offering reliable backup power.   In the article, we’ll …

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  • A-iPower Inverter Generator Review 2022

    This article will discuss the A-ipower SUA2000iv inverter generator’s features, specs, pros and cons and everything you need to know to help decide if this is the right power generator for you. A-iPower Inverter Generator Review Today, there are potentially endless brands and models of portable generators. And this simply implies that the prospect of …

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  • Yamaha EF2000ISV2 Review 2022: Size Really Doesn’t Matter

    Today, we’ll cover the Yamaha EF2000ISV2  inverter generator.  Yamaha EF2000ISV2  In more ways than one, this Yamaha generator fits into the profile of everything we know to be small. For that size, we are not supposed to expect much from it. When you take a peek under the hood, though, you would find out that Yamaha …

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  • 5 Best Solar Panels for Car Camping

    Spending time outdoors is a relaxing and rewarding experience. It has a wide range of benefits, such as improving your mental health, helping you get in touch with nature, and being a good stress reliever.   A great way to get out of the house, on the road and enjoy the outdoors is car camping. …

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  • What Can a 100 Watt Solar Panel Run?

    Some of the best ways to power our homes is using green energy. Green energy is the energy that comes from renewable sources like the sun. Such renewable energy has many advantages, with the obvious one being that it does not pollute the environment.   Solar power is also free. However, to harness it, you …

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  • What Can a 300 Watt Solar Panel Run?

    The recent rise in using solar energy is to reduce the over reliance on the national grid and the idea to shift towards the use of eco-friendly, renewable energy. For homeowners who are conscious about the environment and want to reduce the amount of carbon footprint, solar panels are an excellent choice. This article will …

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  • Top 5 Best Portable Solar Panels For Camping 2022

    It is always enjoyable to break from the hassle of life and escape to the wilderness to relax. However, if you love camping or hiking, you have to charge all your electronic devices before leaving entirely.   Going with your devices in the wilderness with no power will be a challenge. Because it is hard …

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  • Top 5 Best Open Frame Inverter Generators

    Do you need a reliable, clean power source?   In this article, we will talk about inverter generators, which are pretty standard amongst people in the market for a generator.   Then, we’ll discuss what open frame inverter generators are, how they work, and the review the best open frame inverter generator and their pros …

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  • Top 3 Best Solar Laptop Chargers 2022

    If you love going on camping trips, you know how hard it is to charge electrical devices, especially laptops and smartphones. Finding power sources in the middle of nowhere can be impossible. Luckily, with a portable solar charger, it will be your life-saver in situations like these. You don’t have to depend on conventional power …

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  • Inverter Generator vs Conventional Generator: Which is Best?

    So you’ve decided to buy a generator. Great, generators are fantastic! But which one do you need? What’s the difference between an inverter and a conventional generator? And how much power do you need for your home or business needs? This blog post is all about helping you make that decision. Inverter Generator vs Conventional …

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  • Will an EMP Destroy Solar Panels? (Electromagnetic Pulse)

    No, an EMP does not destroy solar panels, making it a great power added to your home. However… …there are other vital things to consider so keep reading to understand the full picture. Many factors do not affect solar panels compared to other electrical devices. Solar panels have incredible durability, with some lasting up to …

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  • Titan Solar Generator Review

    People are increasingly investing in portable power stations for a good reason. They realize that electricity or power is not something to take for granted.   Even if you have a connection to the national grid, a portable power source like the Titan Solar Generator can come in handy in specific situations. These include natural …

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  • Surviving a Power Outage: Everything You Need To Know

    If you mainly depend on electrical power from the grid, there are chances that you may have experienced a power outage. Temporary power grid failures in main grids are common and result from electromagnetic pulses, cyber-attacks, hurricanes, and solar flares. Although the local authorities and power companies sometimes may warn you, power outages are, in …

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  • How to Connect Solar Panels to Battery

    The sun is a reliable source of solar energy. With the current global warming, it makes sense to shift towards renewable sources of energy. While there are many sources of renewable energy, solar power remains the most affordable. However, we have not used the solar energy potential to its full potential.   Today, the best …

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  • DuroStar DS4850EH Generator Review [2022]

    At some point in our lives, there has been a situation where we all wished we had a generator like the DuroStar DS4850EH Dual Fuel Generator . If you have experienced one too many cases where you wished you had a generator, then chances are you are ready to bite the bullet and purchase one for …

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  • Home Geothermal Energy: Everything You Need to Know

    While many people associate renewable energy with solar and wind energy, other renewable energy sources like geothermal energy are increasingly popular. Home geothermal energy is becoming a popular energy source for heating and cooling homes. This article will cover what is geothermal energy, how geothermal energy works, home geothermal energy for heating and cooling. We’ll also …

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  • Clean Energy: Is Solar Energy Renewable?

    The need to move from over-reliance on electricity from the national grid and save the environment has forced people to shift towards renewable energy. Nowadays, governments and people want reliable sources of clean energy that they can control. Such sources include wind energy, geothermal, and solar energy. While each of these sources has its advantages, …

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  • What is an Inverter Generator?

    Inverter generators can be a complex topic to discuss, many generators are available in the market, and most experts have different opinions on which generator one should get. The best way to decide which generator will be suitable for your needs is to learn about generators and conclude by yourself. Let’s talk about what is …

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  • Best Solar Generators For Camping [2022]

    Using solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, and solar generators for camping are the best way to power your appliances. If you are an eco-minded person or a traveler, a solar generator is necessary. They are quiet, portable, provide enough power, effective, have multiple outlets and are mostly hassle-free. .   In this post we’ll …

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  • 3 Best Standby Generator For Power Outages

    Power outages are something most people have dealt with. When this happens we often resort to doing other things that don’t require power like going outdoors or participating in activities. Since we rely on electricity to power or computer, TVs, and the internet, most people can’t afford to live in a power shortage which is …

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  • Best All-in-One Portable Solar Power Systems

    A portable solar power system is increasingly becoming the new way of powering various devices at home, off-grid applications, and in-office settings. One major reason solar energy has been adopted is because of continued efforts to adopt renewable power sources combined with its potential to offset utility bills. This article will cover “how do solar …

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  • Generator Buying Guide-Best Power Generators

    In this article we’ll briefly cover what is a power generator, the different types of generators, wattage demand needs, pricing, safety, and review the best power generators and generator buying guide.   We will also look at their pros and cons to help you decide on the right generator for your specific needs. What is …

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  • Generac Generator Oil-What Type of Oil is Best?

    If you didn’t know, a low oil level could potentially cause significant damage to your Generac generator, leading to costly and unwanted repairs. Also, using a low-quality Generac generator oil risks damaging the vital components of your device. Generac has cemented its reputation as the manufacturer of some of the highest quality portable or standby …

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  • WEN GN400i Generator Review

    In an era where everything is connected, power outages can present a considerable problem. They can not only force you to endure the winter cold, make you unable to work, but can also risk your health, especially if you rely on a device such as CPAP.  Thankfully, a portable generator like the  Wen GN400i  generator …

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  • Pulsar 12000 Generator Review [2022]

    In this article we’ll discuss the Pulsar 12000 Watt Dual Fuel generator.    Here are all the specifications and some helpful information to help you make an informed decision on this product. Pulsar 12000 Generator Overview The Pulsar G12KBN is a solid option amongst people in the market for a powerful portable generator. This generator …

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  • Should I Buy a Portable Generator?

    A portable generator is a terrific alternative for protecting your house and family, powering a job site, or powering your camping. These generators are a dependable source of energy that is both compact and easy to operate, providing steady power and performance regardless of the task at hand. They create electricity by using a gas-powered …

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